Big Ben, Parliament

Today we comprehensively and exhaustingly tackled sight seeing, London style. Say what you will about a tourist open topped double decker hop on, hop off bus situation but today, we embraced it. The girls were happy. I was happy! Got to see so much stuff and we could jump off and back on whenever we wanted – not to mention feel the sun on our backs, the plane trees within reach. The weather was perfection and as Daisy said at Oxford Circus “Oh my goodness Mum it feels like we are in London SO much”.

And it did.

IMG_9093 IMG_9082 IMG_9091 IMG_9083 IMG_9094 IMG_9087 IMG_9086 IMG_9103 IMG_9106 IMG_9129 IMG_9120 IMG_9125 IMG_9136 IMG_9142 IMG_9144 IMG_9143

Tonight we have one of Rob’s old friends over for dinner, and last night I caught up with one of my dear old friends. This weekend will be much more of that – Daisy’s beautiful Godmother and her family, some more of Rob’s friends on Sunday and incidentally, Rob gets to enjoy Fathers Day on Sunday. Well played Rob, well played.


  1. Your photos are fantastic and make me feel like I had a day out in London, without the blisters, queues and getting lost!

  2. Wow your photos are amazing Beth. Love them and LOVE London – have the best time and enjoy the sunshine you lucky things. If you get a chance would you mind telling me what kind of camera you use please? Thanks

    • Thanks Bel – it’s nothing fancy. An old Canon EOS 500D with a 1.8 50mm Prime lens. My viewing screen is cracked but it sure can take a photo. Thanks!

  3. These look absolutely amazing!

  4. Am loving these posts. We are heading to Europe next week on the same early morning flight as you and every time I see a post or instagram pic from you I get so excited I can barely speak!

  5. Takes me right back – thank-you x

  6. The hop on, hop off bus is the best way to get a quick snap shot of a city. Your photos are great. XT

  7. Don’t knock the hop on hop off bus! I love it as an introduction to a city. Feeling the London love and so happy you are sharing it all with us!

    • I will always embrace them from now on – perfect way to get your bearings.

    • You took the words out of my mouth! I am a big fan of the Hop On Hop Off bus. When my husband and I did a flying round-the-world trip last year the Hop On Hop Off buses were sought out in every city. There is one here in Perth and I keep thinking we should give it a try now we’re back home

  8. One goal of mine is to return to London, loved it when I was there many years ago. Your photos are terrific!! I can’t wait to see more of your trip!

  9. Oh London. What a gem of a historical playground. I miss it. Keep lapping it up.

    Love too that you’ve got a place where you can cook and have dinner parties! Super coolio.

  10. I love the hop on hop off buses. Just did the Paris one in May. It’s a great way to see all the touristy sites. The best one was Los Angeles as they have three bus routes all for the same price. Takes you all the way to Santa Monica. Looks like the weather is being kind in London. Enjoy.

  11. Absolutely nothing wrong with a hop-on hop-off bus. I imagine it would be perfect with kids because it gives you a chance to rest those tired little legs in between getting off occasionally. Even if you don’t get off at all it’s a lovely relaxing way to have a little look around.

    The itchy feet and pounding heart though in looking at your photos! Instead of being in no great hurry to take the kids to Europe, it’s making me want to do it immediately! So many wonderful things to show them. To see it through their wide, excited eyes.

  12. It’s funny, all my hardcore traveller friends (the kind who tried so hard not to be tourists) have embraced the hop on:hop off bus now they have kids and that’s because they’re a great intro to a city.

    Have fun, Griswalds, looks fab!! X

  13. Love the London look Beth! Keep the pics coming.

  14. It feels a bit like I’m in London too, all the way from Melbs! Wonderful photos. That lion’s face seems so sad, but still beautiful.

  15. We spend a bit of time in London each year – and every time I cross that river from the south I have European Vacation running through my head. Thank you for your photos!! My kids are hanging for their next trip – double decker buses rule!

  16. It has been sometime since I embarked on my travel to England and boy am I enjoying your reflection. Enjoy! V x

  17. I’ve never been to London and have always wondered if it’s the type of place I like. Looking at your photos, I really want to go now!

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