Sun? Set.

The trouble with photographing the sunset is that the light, it changes, every second. So you think “ohmyGOD would you look at that”, so you snap. And then? It changes. Again. And it’s “ohmyGOD would you look at that”, so you snap.

Rinse and repeat.

But seriously? OHMYGOD would you look at that!


  1. Ahem….I do believe you guys paid us out for the many sunset shots we took on the honeymoon. And here we are…I told you it was hard not to keep taking them!!

  2. It is truly beautiful! Each perfect nanosecond of each perfect sunset is glorious to behold. Thanks for sharing. (and keep the pix coming please)

  3. Oh honey, that is bliss right there. I hope you are totally zen and living in the moment. You’re living the dream, baby!!! x

  4. That is just magical Beth. All these photos are stunning, and it looks like you’re having such a tranquil time. It’s making me even more excited for my Fijian holiday in July!

    Enjoy every second of it!! 🙂

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