Such sweet sorrow

: I’m going to miss being greeted “Hello Mr Robert, Hello Ms Beth” every time we walk past one of the amazingly friendly staff.

: I’m going to miss swimming in our pool. Looking out at that view.

: I’m going to miss coming back inside after breakfast and seeing the bed all made up, sheets changed, room cleaned. And then after dinner coming in to see the BED TURNED DOWN and little chocolates left on our table. I’m going to miss that blast of cold air that you get when you come in from the hot, humid day or night. I’m going to miss someone doing something for me all the time and not having to think about anything.

: I’m going to miss our ginormous bathroom/slash dressing room. It’s smooth stone floors and it’s ridiculously large bath and fabulous outdoor shower.

: I’m going to miss reading on our day bed. For hours and hours at a time. Occasionally talking, or drinking, but mostly just reading. Just being.

: I’m going to miss sunset cocktails on that lounge. Drinks under the stars on that lounge. Chatting on that lounge. Laughing on that lounge.

: I’m going to miss that view. Those amazing buildings and gardens. The fabulous architecture.

: I’ll never forget Rob’s birthday dinner set up just for us, in front of the beach, candles all around and a menu designed just for us all whilst sipping french champagne (thanks Dave!).

If you are ever looking for somewhere a little isolated (it’s an hour away from airport and any real action) for complete relaxation I cannot recommend highly enough Alila Villa Soori. Honestly, hands down best service I have experienced in a hotel. Great food. Amazing staff. Beautiful architecture, gardens, Shhh stones. You want it? They have it. Promise. Tell them Miss Beth sent you.

Now off to Seminyak to catch up with Rob’s Dad for a few days before we head, ahem, home.


  1. oh. my. gosh. wowdifreakinwow. *swoon*

  2. It can’t be over so soon — wait, I just got there! I’m so not ready to leave, not even virtually.

    You certainly made me stop, smell the roses and remember just how good it is to be alive! Thanks for that, and for being young and in love!

  3. Oh Beth, I’m going to miss it and I haven’t even been there!

  4. Dear God I need that slice of heaven! Looks DIVINE!

  5. I’m a little concerned about the post bloody beyond amazing trip blues that may just be in store for you. I hope your gorgeous girls are particularly gorgeous for at least the first week you are, ahem, home. Thank you for sharing – like for real – not just from the brochure!!

  6. My heart bleeds for you… you cow

  7. I am SO emailing this to Hubby. Stat.

  8. See Jodie’s comment above. Ditto. That was after thrusting my iPad in husband’s face to lead him through your post!

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