New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 1

When we flew into Queenstown and I kept saying “Oh my GOD Rob! LOOK AT THAT! No! LOOK AT THOSE MOUNTAINS!” I knew we were in for a treat. What a place! Seriously. Beautiful.We landed and headed around the lake to our lodge and I spent the entire time asking people to stop. So I could take a picture. I think that’s going to be pretty standard over the next few days.

BUT LOOK! You’d ask to stop right?!

The lake was as still as it could be. Not a breeze. Not a zephyr.

Rob got it. That’s why we are married.

SNOW CAPPED MOUNTAINS PEOPLE! A better result than I could have hoped for.

We arrived at the lodge around 7pm. We unpacked and high tailed it to pre dinner drinks.

And why wouldn’t you?!

Things served on plates. WITH ADDED VIEWS.

This place is amazingly beautiful. View a go-go and SNOW CAPPED MOFO MOUNTAINS to boot.

And dinners. By the fire. THAT’S DELICIOUS. For reals.

I think we are going to be VERY happy here. Tomorrow? A FULL day of fishing. I just about can’t wait!


  1. Good LORD BabyMac – that’s just it and a bit isn’t it?!
    Have a WONDERFUL time. xxx

  2. Queenstown is my most fave place. Try a fergburger and just wander around the lake, its the most divine place on earth x

  3. Looks wonderful…I must say I am more than a little bit jealous!

    I can’t wait to see photos of all the huge fish you are going to catch!

  4. Perfect! Just perfect.

  5. Oh Beth

    that. is. all.

  6. Oh one more thing

    FIL looks quite the groover…. ciggie in hand and all

  7. I think yes, you will be very, very happy. You’re not even looking pensive x

  8. Beth, seriously.

    Your photos need to feature in Gourmet Traveller or some mag of that ilk – STAT!

    PS: Queenstown? Stunning.

    Gabs x

  9. Oh, New Zealand….. I never knew! So beautiful xx

  10. Rad. And I’ll bet the photos don’t even do it justice!!
    You’re gonna have a ball!
    Rach x

  11. I was in Queenstown about a month ago. Stunning. It was rather chilly and the gondola was closed for maintenance and I don’t bungee jump and I’m not a fisherwoman (yet)… so a lot of wine was drunk by warming fires. It was heaven. Have the best time!

  12. Queenstown is beautiful. Make sure you do a bungy jump while you are there!

  13. I love the south island of NZ!! Queenstown is just beautiful. I spent five days chasing the perfect sunset over the lake. Have a wonderful time 🙂

  14. Queenstown has good looks in spades, most definitely.

    Have just the most wonderful time, won’t you?
    x Laura

  15. My first trip to NZ to meet the new BFs family included a trip to Queenstown to stay in the family holiday house. YEP!
    So I know what you mean. It. is. stunning!
    15 years later and I am living in Auckland with the aforementioned BF, now hubbster, with 2 boys! Can’t quite believe I have lived here now for 8 years, I fell in love with NZ and it’s amazing beauty.
    But Australia will always be home.

  16. These images make me homesick! What a sensational view!

  17. oh my…it looks absolutely stunning!!!! I hope you enjoy your day of fishing!!

  18. Oh I miss my old stomping ground! Enjoy Beth.

  19. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    Beth I think you could be the new ambassador for New Zealand. Who knew it was so amazing?!….certainly not me. Can’t wait for more updates! tx ps am secretly hoping for some hilar fishing stories! Do you get to wear those sexy pants?

  20. Make sure you visit the Cardrona Hotel on the Crown Range Road…and since you’ll be almost there you might as well check out Wanaka 🙂

    I am feeling all homesick all of a sudden lol…lucky I get to visit home for two weeks at Christmas time…counting down!

    xx Karen

  21. Yes we do need a quality ambassador for our country and Babymac wold be awesome! Welcome to Godzone!

  22. I’m without speech really. The mountains, the red wine, the roaring fire. Can we swap lives please?!

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