Date night: QT Hotel Sydney

Saturday night Rob and I were lucky enough nab an overnighter away from the girls. I made hasty plans on Wednesday and found a pretty good last minute rate online for the Sydney QT hotel which opened last year. I’d been hoping to get there at some stage…I knew that the styling and quirky, fun nature of the place would appeal to me greatly and I was thrilled to see when we got there that it did NOT disappoint one bit. Located in the old Gowings building right in the centre of the CBD in Sydney, the hotel is quite different to many other 5 stars that are in town – it’s not an ode to the views out the windows, or catching a glimpse of that harbour that Sydney siders adore and worship, it’s about the inside. And filling it with interesting, artistic, design pieces and style that are unique and just plain fabulous. It frankly doesn’t matter whats out there when there is so much good stuff going on inside.

I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I should have. I was too busy enjoying it, and ahem, the time with my husband. The main areas of the hotel are a fabulous eclectic mixture of vintage stuff, new stuff, different colours and textures and styles. The Gowings Bar and Grill where we ate lunch on the Saturday afternoon and had a pre dinner drink at in the evening were pure NYC or London. Buzzing with people, and atmosphere, great quality food and booze all reasonably priced I felt like I could have been in Balthazar or some chic London butcher type restaurant. Every time you hopped into a lift, the music would change depending on how many people were in. And let me say, the tunes were FAB. Did someone say Warren G Regulator? YUH HUH. I hopped in a few times by myself…once I got a little Air Supply “I’m lying alone, with my head on the phone, thinking of you till it hurts” and then another time The Beatles “Ah, look at all the lonely people” and some Elvis ‘I’ve been so lonely, I could die”. Hilarious! To me, that summed this place up. Quirky. Fun. Cool.

Our room was amazing. Again, not about the small window view to a next door building, but time to focus on superior cushioning, textures, fabrics and styles all thrown together and yet somehow work. Actual bits! As in objects that are missing from so many hotels…it was like staying in a cool friend’s apartment, and it just made you want to get your party ON. A welcoming cocktail for you to whip up on your own with instructions too! For us it was an espresso martini which you could make with your Nespresso Machine. Free wifi. Free movies. I’m not sure why so many hotels in our capital cities don’t get this basic stuff right – but they did here.

Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Q7 Q6 Q9 Q8 Q11 Q10 Q12

We crashed late, rose late and enjoyed every minute in between, forgetting for a few hours at least that we were some country bumpkins in our late thirties with some kids at Grandma’s. We could have been at least 27 again. And somewhere a bit further away than Sydney. And I liked that very much. Indeed.

Have you been here?
Did you love it as much as me?
Tell me what we missed!


  1. Ooooh…. this looks fabulous! Love the not so matchy-matchy of things. Love that A LOT!

    Also like the rabbit in the bathroom. Very cute!

    Oh to feel 27 again… Sigh… I was living further afield then… back in the day…

  2. I have been BUSTING to check out the QT! Friends stayed at the QT on the Goldy and loved it. Glad you think it lives up to the hype, I live in Sydney and have had a few opportunities to pop in and look around but I want to STAY and get the whole experience!

  3. I think I’ll be checking in for a night there while I’m in town….

  4. Prue Gilfillan says

    This reminds me of the hotel we stayed at in Athens called the New Hotel. It was amazing – all designed by architecture students and the attention to detail was incredible

  5. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Nice. Looks just like a (very stylish) friend’s apartment

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    It looks Awesome, nope I have never been there but I will put it on my list of fab places to stay,I like this hotel very much it looks like a trendy apartment that someone has lent you and I love the lift idea with the music,you could play musical lifts and have a ball.So glad it was lovely and you had an amazing time!

  7. Sarah - Style Unearthed says

    It looks fantastic! I think I might have to book a visit in. The lift music sounds like a great change from the standard clanky Muzak!

  8. MotherDownUnder says

    I want to go to there!

  9. I have been there. By myself! Nowhere near as much fun. Bring on the Gold Coast in September.

  10. I like the bits I did the best 😉

  11. Betsy McConnell says

    Thank you, hubby and I are staying in the City for our 40th birthdays. I’ve been wondering where to book for ages. Now I am truly excited about our weekend. I didn’t even know the Gowings Building had been made into a Hotel and I work in the City – hiding under a rock as usual… can’t wait.


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