Local Spotlight: Solar Springs Health Retreat

An invitation to come and spend the night at a local health retreat here in the Highlands could not have come at a better time for me. I’ve been sick, looking after sick kids and just generally feeling very meh as we tend to in late winter. I was thrilled to check out a local institution, as well as sample the odd treatment and healthy meal (not cooked by me woo hoo!) and to spend 24 hours with my Mum who even though she has moved down here too, we rarely get to catch up one on one.

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Solar Springs was born in the 1930’s as an original Country Club for visitors arriving from Sydney for a weekend retreat of bush walking, horse riding and cycling and was opened to the general public not long after that. Since then it’s been a place of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation overlooking the beautiful Morton National Park surrounded by gorgeous old rambling cold climate gardens.

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Whilst Mum and I were only there for less than 24 hours, we still managed to enjoy all that there was on offer: a mixture of planned group activities (like aqua classes, bush walks, yoga) as well as some treatments that are on offer from their extensive spa menu and of course enjoy the healthy meals on offer for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We checked in and were taken to our lovely twin share room with amazing views over the valley and then straight into a leisurely lunch. Oh the joy of not having to be anywhere, or do anything for anyone. Such a rare treat.

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All of activities you can opt in or out of, plenty of people just go to sleep, or read – it’s a complete change of pace as there’s no technology/TV/screens. There’s a couple of common rooms that you can sit and read and chat with the other guests: a quiet room for meditation, puzzles, games, reading or writing, and another larger room with tea for sitting and chatting or waiting in your robe for a treatment.

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The dining room is a beautiful space where you can either sit by yourself, or join larger tables filled with the guests (think lots of women).

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One of my favourite parts of the experience was chatting with the fellow guests over tea or dinner, women that were escaping their busy work lives for a few days, Mum’s and daughters enjoying a few days together away from kids, pregnant ladies having a pamper and quiet time before the baby comes, a very overtired Mum who had a baby that did NOT sleep so was having a week away so her husband could sort of the sleeping and she could get some rest. Give women a room and tea to sit around and you will always get a wonderful connection: especially when they have no where to be.

We had a good walk around the gardens that were spectacular rambling old cold climate beds of bulbs and pines and well trimmed hedges.

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There’s a gym and a 25 metre heated pool with a fabulous spa in it with a lovely view that we hopped into in the late afternoon for a gentle aqua session and relaxing soak in before dinner.


We booked in for a couple of treatments: Mum had a Swedish massage and I had a facial, both were lovely (but always the way over too quickly!).

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Dinner was at 6.30pm where we joined a large table of women who were such great company. I loved that you could have wine if you wanted (not completely strict on that) and the food was sensational – perfect portion sizes and healthy that filled you up but made you feel happy on the inside. I ate so much broccoli, I think it was the fact that someone else had made it and no one was going to roll their eyes at it on the table. We lasted there for a few hours chatting and laughing with new friends, sharing stories and connecting, honestly just so lovely.

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Without TV or any distractions, and the prospect of no one waking me up, I happily hopped into my single bed and didn’t move until the morning where I got up and punched out a 5km walk through the bush. I swear I would be fit if I didn’t have so many people to look after: the luxury of time! We had a lovely hot breakfast and before we knew it, our visit was over. Insert sad face HERE.

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It was such a lovely visit and from the sounds of all the happy returning customers who I met I would highly recommend this place for an escape from the world for a few days. Bring some girlfriends, go by yourself, and completely disconnect and unwind from the world. The place is not brand spanking or cutting edge but it’s comfortable and charming and filled with such lovely staff members and guests that you can’t help but enjoy yourself. There are some good packages available which you can check out here. Mid week specials are definitely worth a look if you can manage it and I think that by the looks of the people that had been there for 2 nights or more that the longer you stay, the more relaxed you can be. There are cheaper rooms available with shared bathroom facilities that leave more money for treatments that are also a great option. All accommodation can be seen here.

So now I’m back home with a good nights sleep under my belt, a tummy filled with healthy food and a soul warmed with meeting some lovely women and connecting with my Mum without a baby in sight. The perfect remedy for these late winter blues.

Solar Springs Health Retreat
96 Osborn Avenue
Bundanoon NSW 2578
1800 044 944

Have you ever been to a health retreat before?
Been to Solar Springs?

I was a guest of Solar Springs and was treated to a complimentary treatment. I paid for Mum’s treatment and our wine at dinner (how could I NOT have wine I ask you?!)


  1. My best friend and I had a weekend together there about 20 years ago! Before husbands and kids – she was about to move to Edinburgh with her now-husband and I was about to move to Adelaide. Was a great place to spend some time together – might see if we can re-visit together next time she’s here – thanks for the reminder!

  2. My mum and aunt escape here at least once a year (sometimes twice). I’ve always wanted to join them, now I want to even more!!

  3. Looks lovely!
    Can you pop in for their spa treatments (facial, wax, tints) or do you need to be a staying guest? My Mum is about to move to Bundanoon and i’d love to know that she (and I, when I visit) can just book in and swing by for a facial or pedicure etc.

  4. Have been to Golden door hunter valley about 3 times which is also good, but no wine at that retreat – love to try solar springs, the food looks less strict and more choice, and hey, wine is nice when you need to chill. Looks great and just what you needed !

  5. I loved my stay at Solar Springs last November. I found it to be sort of like stepping back into the 90’s a bit, in a good way! Nothing super try hard fancy, just classic. I went solo for a couple of nights stay and really enjoyed meeting other women of different ages and going for the walks in the beautiful bush (which I found different from the bush surrounding Melbourne). The food was great like you say, healthy but not health nut restrictive. Oh to have some one else cook for me – sublime!! No little people or work for a few days was SO lovely. I did stay in the budget share a bathroom accomodation and it was comfortable, but I do wish I’d spent that little bit extra for my own ensuite and a bit of a view, as the views surrounding property are just gorgeous! I also stopped at Bowral on my way back to the airport as I’d always wanted to visit there, lovely big country town. I have to say the Southern Highlands are divine and could easily have stayed for weeks exploring. Great that you’ve enjoyed the time there with your Mum, memories to treasure in the future! Liz XX

  6. Looks lovely! Hope that you are feeling better now – although seems a good solid week would have been a sure cure.

  7. I have to tell you a good Solar Springs fart story.
    My friend went there with his wife for a few days, they did a bit of a detox.
    One evening after dinner he was feeling a bit gaseous so he went for a private walk in the garden. When he thought he was in safe place he let out a huge fart. He felt much better and turned around to find he had let it out right next to the lounge window, and the lounge was full of people, sitting there relaxing with the window wide open !!
    So I always have a bit of a giggle when I hear of Solar Springs…

  8. Oh man, as I sit here reading this with a swollen face from a sinus infection – this sounds like heaven. I think I might see if Mum and I can some how work out a night that the two of us can get away together here for a little R’n’R before baby number three arrives.

  9. I’m reading this drooling with envy. What a beautiful spot. So glad you got the chance to unwind and connect with your mum Beth. I must make this a priority very soon xx

  10. I started going to Solar Spring about 10 years ago and yes in 6 weeks it will be my 10 visit. I will be there for 5 night as l have a 6 hour drive from North East Victoria. Just LOVE the PEOPLE and the PLACE.

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