Saturday afternoon High Tea @ Milton Park

This morning when we woke up, the mists had rolled in, the temperature had dropped and it well and truly felt like Autumn was not very far away. Such a lovely break from this relentlessly hot summer. I spent the morning running around dropping off to parties, getting bits and pieces and answering Maggie’s 34 million requests to “see Cows Mummy?” before getting another break in the weather…except a break from all that for a chance to have afternoon tea with Mum, my sister, cousin and Aunty who were down staying at Mum’s to celebrate my Aunty’s 70th.

Grandpa and Daise were left in charge of the kids, and we hightailed it to the gorgeous local Milton Park for a spot of high tea. Thank you VERY much!

I love this hotel so much – the grounds and gardens are off the charts old school romantic and stunning and always make me feel like Mr Carson will come and meet us for tea in the drawing room. Deeply pleasing and comforting.

We walked past lucky guests enjoying the crackling fire and Saturday papers as the unseasonable cool afternoon passed by outside and enjoyed High Tea…delicious sandwiches and cakes, scones and tea (for me) champagne for the others. That hurt, I’m not going to lie.

After tea, we enjoyed walking around the grounds and watching a glorious wedding on the lawns, the sounds of the 6 piece strings floating around the gardens as we walked…so magical.

And as we headed back down the mountain towards home again, the bubble burst when we arrived home to toddlers and kids. Wishing I was soaking in a hot bath there right now!

You can enjoy High Tea at The Orangerie details found online here.

Have you been to visit Milton Park before?
Had a nice Saturday today?


  1. That sounds completely gorgeous. Your part of the world just sounds so magical. And High Tea is one of my most favourite things ever.

    We’ve spent a stinking hot Perth day hitting IKEA, moving, selling and delivering furniture, and preparing walls to be painted. Good times!

  2. Isn’t it magical there? My parents took us there about 30 odd years ago, and the memory of a patch of bluebells under a tree is the memory I think of when I need to calm down. Pure heaven.

  3. A little bit of the UK right there Beth! Your sis suits pregnancy, she’s beautiful. Best wishes to her for a comfortable 3rd trimester 🙂
    Liz XO

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful Beth Xx

  5. Love Milton Park my niece was married there late last year. Best wedding ever, like you said magical. Bride, groom, wedding party and some guests which may have included her crazy aunt ? Jumped in the pool fully clothed. So much fun.

  6. Khali Whatley says

    My family used to stay at Milton Park all the time when we were kids. I have so many fond memories and you’ve just inspired me to book a trip there soon.

  7. it all looks lovely beth!
    what a magnificent venue … gorgeous grounds/gardens!
    some lovely photos of the day!
    much love m:)X

  8. must put that on my bucket list ! ahaha I love the fact your sister is running her hand along the hedge yep I would be stroking the hedge too. Looks fab

  9. Looks lovely. You were a very colour coordinated bunch too! Great group photo.

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