Local Spotlight: Bendooley Estate Luxury Cottages + GIVEAWAY!

This giveaway has now closed and the winner announced: Kristianne won with this comment: “Hi Beth, I would LOVE to be able to take my daughter Annabelle for a night at Bendooley. As I sit here at Westmead Childrens watching her sleep, after having a biopsy on a spot on her brain this morning, scrolling through beautiful images like yours keep me distracted from the worry. Thankyou for the beauty that you bring to the world. Kristianne”


I was SO excited to get the opportunity to go and check out the brand spanking new Bendooley Estate Luxury Cottages that it literally took me 2 seconds to say YES! SHUT UP. I’ll be there in 23 minutes. I have long loved everything about Bendooley Estate  in Berrima here in the Southern Highlands of NSW. It’s a winery done properly. It looks great, the gardens are gorgeous and the design of the buildings are all like something out of New Zealand or overseas. The restaurant and Book barn are unique in style and the food and wine is delicious every time. The new cellar door is stylish and cool, I feel very lucky that we have it here to bring visitors too and to enjoy ourselves – I have many fond memories of the place over the years.

They host a LOT of weddings here and you can see why! Just trawl through their Instagram to see some of the amazing events that they host here every weekend. Because brides and their parties were always looking for accomodation, these 1, 2 & 3 bedroom luxury cottages were born…but fear not! They are not just for brides! A mid week escape, just like the one I was lucky to enjoy could be just the ticket for a Mum or girlfriend escape. Just 90 minutes south of Sydney or Canberra, you will literally feel like you have escaped to a High end New Zealand lodge.

Let me show you guys around!

I was staying in Patrick White, a 1 bedroom cottage that was picture perfect and the most amazing treat for a tried and cranky Mum like me. There’s 3 x 1 bedroom cottages, a 2 and 3 bedroom all with the most amazing interiors, soft furnishings and perfectly chopped pillows. I literally gasped when I walked in and knew that this was ALL MINE and JUST MINE for the night.

These cottages are set away from the winery, restaurant and cellar door and are very private and secluded. And they are HUGE. So big with lots of space to sit in the lounge, or oversized bathroom and there’s also a great outdoor terrace with views up to the surrounding hills with cows.

I got to check out some of the other cottages (the 2 and 3 bedroom places) as the rest were full. Again, HUGE with beautiful styling and personal touches. It’s not a sterile hotel room, but a stylish home you feel like you are visiting, just for you. It’s luxury and it makes you feel very special.

One thing you HAVE to be aware of, is that the restaurant is not open at night, and once you are here, you will have to drive to have a sit down dinner (if that’s what you want). They do have a great selection of charcuterie for you to choose from though. Once you are in your room you can order platters, cheeses and salads that will be delivered to your room by 4pm. Believe me, once you are here you will want to stay so take advantage of this option, book in the food and wine, your future self will thank you. Of course Berrima is a 3 minute drive away (with lots of great restaurants to choose from) and Bowral just 10 minutes away – but again – you will have to drive to get there and you will NOT want to leave once you get here.

During the day the restaurant is open though, and Cellar Door until the afternoon. And an delicious breakfast is delivered to your room for the next morning: granola, juice, baguettes, fruit and there’s plenty of tea and coffee in your kitchen too.

I enjoyed the Charcuterie platter in my room with a bottle of bubbles. Dead set heaven, and a far cry from Dance in the local School of Arts which usually goes down on a Wednesday afternoon.

Before a late wander around the estate.

I felt a million miles away from home. For dinner I picked up some take away in Bowral before Rob came to join me for dinner and we sat and watched the most amazing sunset.

Before taking in a long bath, some trashy TV on my laptop FROM THE BATH and collapsing into those chopped pillows for a long uninterrupted slumber.

In the morning there was a delicious breakfast in the sunshine listening to the cows (a nice change from my children who are equally as noisy) before reluctantly leaving.

I can’t recommend this place highly enough for a mid week stay. An escape with your partner, your Mum, a girlfriend, or by yourself, just to take in some peace and SPACE for your busy mind. And it’s so well priced (mid week) it’s a no brainer – especially the stay 2 get one night free.

1 bedroom cottage from $295
2 bedroom cottage from $375
3 bedroom cottage from $595

15% discount for any 5-nights stay

Stay 2 nights and get the 3rd night free.
(Valid from Sunday to Thursday in any of our 1 bedroom cottages. Subject to availability)

2 night minimum stay from Thursday to Sunday.

Check out their website for more details or call 0427 318 007 for more information.

And in the spirit of PAYING it forward this year with random acts of kindness I am offering you guys a chance to come and stay in a 1 bedroom mid week (Sunday-Thursday) ON ME. I want you guys to enjoy the chance to come and enjoy a night in solitude or with someone that you love.

This giveaway is open to Australian residents only from 9am 1st March 2018 and closes Thursday 8th March 2018. You have to be able to MAKE YOUR OWN WAY HERE and the prize is for ONE NIGHT ONLY MID WEEK in a 1 bedroom cottage. You give me the date and if it’s free, I will book it for you. It’s on me and is not being donated by Bendooley Estate. Just leave me a comment in this post, letting me know why you need a night away. You can check out the rest of the T&Cs here.

Thank you Bendooley for this taste of paradise…I will be back! And for the rest of you, leave a comment for a chance to live this for yourself…ON ME x

Bendooley Estate
3020 Old Hume Highway
Berrima NSW 2577


  1. Hi Beth, I would love this for my lovely mother-in-law, Karen. She lives in the highlands and so would be able to visit and still get to work or even have a day off. Gasp! She works ridiculously hard, always has, and is one of those women who always put other people first, her children, neighbors, a stranger in need, not because she feels she has to, but because it honestly brings her joy. I would love to send some unexpected joy her way. Thanks for the chance. Fleur.

  2. Within the spirit of ‘paying it forward’ I would love to win a night at the Bendooley Estate for my sensational parents. My father has very recently joined my mum in retirement and so the time has arrived for them to sit on that verandah with a charcuterie platter and take it all in. They are so giving in their parenting style to my sister and I and often forgo little getaways to be available to us for babysitting, assisting with help around our homes and general parental support. Not only would a night at Bendooley Estate be a luxurious opportunity but I know they would love to experience all the regional delights that your beautiful part of the world offers.
    Thanks for ‘paying it forward’.

  3. Hi Beth
    I would love this for myself! I’m a mum, work full time and am generally exhausted pretty much all the time. Your night away sounds like heaven!

  4. You are a fabulous and super generous soul. It looks amazing and I am sure there are many more deserving people than me that should win this amazing prize. Give it to them x

  5. Karen McGuire says

    I would love to win a night at Bendooley Estate as it’s my birthday in March (11th) and I am due to have our second child in June. My husband and I don’t get away very often so this would serve a double purpose of celebrating my birthday and a mini baby moon. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. 💕

  6. This looks soooo good! My sister lives in Bowral and is a teacher (coming up to 30yrs in classrooms) she’s getting a bit dispirited with it this year and is thinking of a new challenge – this might be just the thinking space she needs!

  7. Oh wow what a superior place to stay. AMAZING. And such a kind gesture to give a night away to someone. Well who doesn’t need time out as a busy mum of 3 boys. A true gift that would be forever remembered and grateful for. Xoox

  8. Zoe Wilde says

    This is amazing! I would love this for my little sister, who works full time in Sydney as a nurse and is always way too strapped for cash to do anything like this!

  9. Three deaths in two months one being a much adored fur baby very suddenly, enough sadness and enough said.

    Your generosity not only in what you share of your world via your blog but also now ‘paying it forward’ is remarkable. Thank you Beth x

  10. Hi Beth – beautiful photography! Love your blog and have followed since Gerringong days so feel like I know you! I would love to win this for my amazing mum and dad. Mum was a ”stay at home’ mum to us 4 children and then took on the role of Nanny (grandma and an actual baby sitter) when I had my daughter as a teenager. Not an easy thing for her to have done but enabled me to finish my studies which I will always be thankful for. She then looked after my son and my sisters children while we worked part time. Recently she has been such a support to me when my youngest son was diagnosed with autism. She is so selfless (as all mothers are I guess!) but I would just love to be able to treat her for once. She and my dad rarely take holidays and she’s not really a “traveller” but she would definitely love bendooley! Xx

  11. No special reason from me … it just sounds heavenly and since I’ve never visited your town it sounds like a perfect way to explore it! Good luck to everyone

  12. Bec Rooimans says

    I would love to stay at Bendooley. We honeymooned in that area & have missed it everyday since (its been 8 long years since – ha). I also, like you, feel like a Mum who just needs a years worth of sleep. And although its one night away – in such a beautiful location – I am sure it will be rejuvenating.
    Even if we dont win, I think this is the motivation to get back down south!

  13. Patriece Murphy says

    I would absolutely love this for me and my hubby ❤️ He’s been traveling so much this yr and I feel like I haven’t seen him this would be perfect. A night to rekindle , without the kids is exactly what we need. Thank you for this chance xx

  14. I had a fight with my husband last night over what fruit to put in the kids lunchbox!!! After an interstate move and new job in the last 3 months (all with 3 kids under 5), I think we need some time to reconnect! Thanks Beth x

  15. Alison Glendining says

    Loved the photos! Such a beautiful place.
    I’d love a night here for hubby & I to re – celebrate our 12 year anniversary.
    It was on the 18/02 and we had our eldest daughters soccer trials first up. Right at the end of the session, my daughter went down & my husband and I wandered over to see if she was ok. It turned int to be a broken femur. It turned into a very traumatic day with ambulance trip to Westmead children’s hospital, traction, surgery on the Monday and 3 nights in hospital.
    We never quite got the anniversary celebration bit!!!!
    Love to surprise hunny with this and take some time out after this hectic, emotional time! Xxxxx

  16. Hi Beth!
    Looved watching this insta story! Loving the interior design and the stunning grounds!
    Soo I would like this for my mama. She is currently going through chemo for two separate cancers and would really love for this prize to be the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a tough few months. I also had a baby girl (Ruby Mae) right when she was as diagnosed so we could have a little girls night xx
    What a lovely thing to do Beth xx

  17. Oh Beth how my husband Albert and I would love this. 25 years married, 5 children, and a separation last year due to an affair. Luckily we realised that we have too much history (30 years) to throw it away. The Southern Highlands is one of our favourite spots and hope to retire there happily in the future !

  18. This would be absolute heaven for my hubby and I, we could drop our 4 year old off at his grandparents in Bowral and spend a night together just talking about adult things which we haven’t been able to do forever due to our night time disturber / bed ninja. We’re also trying for our 2nd buggalugs, which is proving to be harder than we ever anticipated, so this stay might just be the trick *wink*

  19. Nicole Allsopp says

    Would love to win it for my parents as they are granny care for my child when i am working and do it for free out of the kindness of their heart. I think they need a refreshing night to be able to take on my 18mth again!

  20. Oh wow Beth! This looks like heaven!! I’m so jealous of your time there!! I’m a SAHM to a 3 year old and 1 year old and life is hectic. My husband and I haven’t had a ‘date night’ or time away since my eldest was born. I’ve been feeling a little bit the way you have of late – angry, tired, worn out and flat!! We’ve been trying to get to the Southern Highlands for years now and haven’t been able to. A mid-week trio away would be perfection and the pick me up I / we / our marriage / my sanity needs! Super generous of you, thank you so much, whoever wins Will be so deserving and so lucky! xo

  21. Oh wow Beth! This looks like heaven!! I’m so jealous of your time there!! I’m a SAHM to a 3 year old and 1 year old and life is hectic. My husband and I haven’t had a ‘date night’ or time away since my eldest was born. I’ve been feeling a little bit the way you have of late – angry, tired, worn out and flat!! We’ve been trying to get to the Southern Highlands for years now and haven’t been able to. A mid-week trip away would be perfection and the pick me up I / we / our marriage / my sanity needs! Super generous of you, thank you so much, whoever wins will be so deserving and so lucky! xo

  22. Caroline Neild says

    Beth I would love this to say thank you to my bestie who has been angel on earth in the lead up to my wedding, she deserves some serious spoiling and lushness with her hubby! And this seems just like the treat!
    Listening to me rattle on about mundane stupid details for my wedding for the last 12 months earns her some serious peace and quiet!

  23. Hi Beth, I would love to win this amazing competition for my older sister who is expecting her third baby girl. She is always running around and putting others first, I would love to give her and her husband some quality time together as he works away a lot. Thanks for this amazing competition xx

  24. Would you believe Beth that 16 years ago my now hubby (then boyfriend and I) had our very first weekend away in Berrima. We were living in Wagga at the time and it was our first romantic weekend away. The owner of the B&B where we stayed took a photo of us (no selfies back then) on a camera and I took it to the camera shop to have it printed. It’s now in a photo album and I can still see the picture in my mind now.
    Wow, all those years ago and now a mortgage, jobs and two little girls later, we’re still very much in love. We were rugged up for the weekend and we loved our little visit to Berrima and the Southern Highlands. Anyway, hope it’s a fabulous night away for someone special and it looks like you had a fabulous night away. It’s a stunning property. Thanks for that little blast from the past.

  25. Would love to win this for husband and I! With an 18 month old and another on the way in three months, plus both currently working, it’s hard to find a moment to spend together, though we sorely need it. But it’s hard to justify the cost when another unpaid maternity leave looms and Sydney cost of living and BLAH BLAH BLAH forever! In short: I am always tired and frazzled- this would be the perfect reset!

  26. Hi Beth
    My parents are forever giving their everything to help my family out. To be able to gift them back a night away would be fabulous. They both turn 70 this year and never take time out for themselves. Always helping, giving, taking in family and friends at just a moments notice because “We can help so why shouldn’t we?” Absolutely selfless xoxo
    P.S My dad is a super handy man. Will probably ask what you need done when he comes to visit!! 🤣 His life is get that one thing done everyday of the year.

  27. Julie-Anne says

    Oh goodness I could just imagine it now. Showering without hearing them killing each other. Going to the toilet solo. Sleeping in. Sleeping! No one touching me. No one yelling MUM! The SILENCE! Someone bringing ME food (and wine) when I holler. No recorder practice, no hungry little humans, no school lunches, no swimming lessons, no ‘Hon where is?’…closing all browser tabs in my head and be alone just me, myself and I for just. one. night. (What? you seriously didn’t think I’d bring the Hubbie did you?)
    Now back to reality…..

  28. Beth this is such a lovely generous offer on your behalf, I truly hope whoever wins has the most wonderful relaxing stay!

  29. I need the night away to make my husband have a night away from feeding sheep and watching the skies. We haven’t seen decent rain since this time last year. He’s tired and needs a little joy, peace and beauty.

  30. Hi, This is just what my girlfriend needs. This coming Monday is the 1 year anniversary of her marriage separation and she is having a horrible time. Working a very stressful full time job with a 1.25 hour commute each way. 2 young children in primary school, a huge mortgage and an ex husband that isn’t around much at all for the kids and doesn’t contribute much financially. She pretty much has he kids full time and is absolutely exhausted. I would add another night to this and send her away for a 2 night break, child free.
    This is such a thoughtful offer from you xx

  31. Amanda Stapleton says

    Hi Beth, I would love to win a night away for my best friend Robyn. She has a very busy full time job, plus is studying at Uni after work to get a degree. Robyn is an amazing friend who would do anything for me and her friends and family and winning this overnight stay for her would be my way of showing her how fabulous she is! Not to mention she really deserves some pampering!

  32. Oh Beth, what a great and kind idea.
    My youngest son turns 2 next week and I realised the other day that my partner and I haven’t had a night alone together since he was born. It would be so lovely to have a special night away together and a mini holiday from the kids. They are glorious but exhausting as you well know!
    There are so many people who would love your generous gift, it’s going to be a tough choice for you!

  33. A night away sounds like heaven. I’m the mum of two extremely traumatised children through permanent foster care (more than six years) and will be going to court in two weeks time as part of a contested adoption application. It has been extremely stressful, and only this morning I said to my bestie that I will need a girls night away once the hearing is done!

  34. You are one lucky lady Beth! So glad you were able to be spoilt with a full night’s sleep and experiencing this new local accommodation. As much as I would love to have an outing for myself, I would like the opportunity to gift my Mum. Just because she is awesome and without her constant love and support I don’t think I would and will be able to get through a most difficult time. So a “just because” gift.

  35. Stacey jarrett says

    Hi Beth! I would love to win this for my sister and I. We are best buds but don’t get the quiet time we need to gossip with both of us working, her having 2 kids and me a toddler!! A night away with champas and some MAFS reruns, would be ideal!! Thanks xx

  36. Stacey Daveson says

    Wow, how generous! I’d love a cheeky getaway midweek because the tantrums from a term 1 kindy kid are totes doing my head in 😖

  37. Katrina D says

    Omg dying! How amazing are these cottages.
    Needing a kid free night away to chill and recharge the batteries!
    Uninterrupted sleep ✔️
    Cheese board and prosecco ✔️
    Hang over without children roaring in my head✔️
    Please pick me!!!!

  38. I will need a night away very soon – I’ve just returned to work after 7(!) years off and of course this is the week I have been struck down with the worst head-cold (maybe verging on the actual flu). And I can’t take a day off because I just started, but I am a shadow of my normal self and I’m worried my colleagues are all going to get sick and hate me. And my kids had happy meals for dinner last night and spaghetti on toast tonight because I just can’t deal. And then my husband is going to the US for work and then it’s school holidays so yeah – after that I will totes need a night off. Thanks Beth!

  39. Oh Beth this looks amazing! I’m so happy you got the chance to reset and recharge!

    I would love to book this for myself. I am in the midst of my 5th egg collection (ivf) trying for a second child after cancer treatment ruined my fertiliy. I am mentally struggling as this will be our last cycle. I don’t know if I’ll be able to close the door on it if it doesn’t work. I would love the chance just to be on my own and rest my body. Thank you for the chance to win and the chance to dream about this xxx

  40. This places looks AH-MA-ZING! If I was to win, I would meet my girlfriend there for a good old fashioned catch up with prosecco and cheese 🙂
    Pick me please!

  41. Lisa Aherne says

    Oh, oh, oh! Can I win this please? For 18 April which will be my 69th birthday! My man Les and I would love this so much. Eat, sleep, read, walk the property, dare I say craft, enjoy that bath and relax our older muscles. Bliss! I have been busting to get down your way for the past three years, heaps of local southern highlands places to visit and enjoy. I see a two week holiday. Just need a big excuse! Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  42. Hi Beth, what a generous offer! I’d love to win this for my husband and myself 🙂 My husband lives and works in Sydney through the week while I am in Port Stephens with the family, so we only see him for the weekends. It would be so nice to pick him up in Sydney on the way through and have some much needed couple time! I know absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz, but still….. it’s hard.

  43. I would love to win this and l would make any night work!!! I was married here 3 years ago this year and have always wanted to go back and stay but was never able to because the cottage is always booked for weddings, we always go to Bendooley for our anniversary and any other special occasions!

  44. Anne-Maree Selmo says

    Hi Beth – I was smitten by your photos – that fabric, those views and the platter with the bubbles – I was imagining myself there but no I’m still sitting at my desk going cross-eyed & it’s now 2.15am! I’m a Victorian & never been to the Highlands and this would be the perfect excuse to make it happen rather than keep talking about taking a trip & never getting it organised. Anyhoo thank you for your generous competition – I’m sure whoever wins will have a wonderful time 🙂

  45. I would love to gift this to my mum. She recently had her 2nd knee replaced and it has bwen a long road of recovery and she needed to have another procedure to help recovery further.
    She would take my Aunty who has until recently been the full time carer of my uncle who is blind, has bipolar, alzimas and now has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She was able to secure him a bed in a nursing home last week and now needs some time for herself.
    Thanks for this amazing opportunity

  46. Beth this is so kind of you.
    After quite possibly the worst 2017, a series of unfortunate events snowballing and ending up with my poor husband in hospital for 5 weeks, it nearly sent us to the brink of insanity. Now we have baby number 3 on the way and would DIE for a night away before the craziness all begins again. PS you made 3 children look so appealing so much of this decision can be blamed on you 🤣

  47. Wow so many great comments & deserving people! You’re very generous Beth. I would equally love to win this as a night off from adulting, parenting & being woken up several times a night would be bliss!

  48. Oh man, this place is GORGEOUS! What I wouldn’t give for a night… ALONE… there! Glad you had such a wonderful mini break Beth. Damn well earned I say.

  49. I can’t remember the last time I commented on something to be in the draw to win, so this must be seriously tempting. Also, as a shift working Nurse mid week getaways suit me down to a tee!

  50. I can’t remember the last time I commented on anything to be in to win so this must be seriously tempting!

  51. Hi Beth, what a delightful opportunity! I would love a Bendooley Estate get away just to escape from the kids and family responsibilities for an evening. x

  52. Sonia South says

    Just surviving in a household of 3 boys(12,15,17) and a husband(going through his umpteenth midlife crisis-I know you hear me Beth. I would love this for ME!!

  53. Hi Beth, my husband has just stated a new job in Wollongong hospital as a staff specialist in Oncology, and yes whilst we can totally afford to go to the beautiful Bendooley Estate I would love to treat him to say congratulations on making it this far after a long hard slog of studying for over 15 years and completing (hopefully this year) a PhD whilst having three kids too. I would love for him to feel spoilt and also make sure that he can relax and know that his job is so worthwhile. I have also gone back to work two days a week teaching kids who are high support needs with Autism and it has been exhausting. I am in awe of the parents who have these gorgeous kids all the time. Thanks for the chance to win Beth 😙😙

  54. My partner has recently become a shift worker and it makes him terribly cranky – maybe some Bendooley Estate magic will calm his farm (and mine, too)!

  55. Hi Beth. This place looks incredible.
    I lost my husband unexpectedly at the start of this year and haven’t had time to process it all, looking after our 4 gorgeous kids. (As a side I have blogged about it if you’d like a read. Isn’t writing therapeutic.) It would be amazing to spend a night away with my beautiful friend who lives in Sydney to have some time to just “be”.
    Thank you for sharing this place with us all. Might have to put it on the “to go” list anyway ❤

  56. Hi Beth, its our 10 year wedding anniversary this June, we didn’t have a honeymoon as after flying back from Scotland to Oz my dad passed away suddenly so back on the plane I went (had only been back 5 days) hence no honeymoon. This looks like a fab place to celebrate 10 years and honeymoon!


  57. i would love to gift this to my parents, it’s so beautiful

  58. Hi Beth, Love your blog with all your ups and downs and fun and challenges !
    I’m not a busy young mum ,but I am a very busy modern Grandma who loves
    all blogs from modern mums who keep me in touch with raising a family in 2018, hoping it makes me a better Grandma!
    I think these cottages look devine and after reading so much about your beautiful local area
    I would love to win your very generous offer.
    Oh and when you get to your 60’s you have to be careful not to keep saying “one day….”
    but start making these great experiences happen!!
    Thanks Jackie

  59. To be able to stay in this lovely place and to enjoy the surroundings. But most importantly to enjoy and soak up the beautiful interiors, the feel of it all. I would just sit and dream of how to do it all to my house. And the added bonus of the beautiful food and wine from the local area.

  60. Lets be totally real…I am being selfish! I want to lounge in one of their rooms and snap for Instagram 😊
    My partner just needs the rest but I will be sure to snap around him!
    We love our travel but life is just getting in the way. I have always been a doer but at the moment we are both ‘all-talk’ purely because it is all in the too hard basket.

  61. Hi Beth,
    I would love to surprise Stephen, my husband for our 25th weddding anniversary on the 27th March. We had our 1st anniversary in Berrima and it would be lovely to go back to where it all began. It’s rare we get a break mid week to recharge as a couple as life is so busy. Bendooley estate looks amazing.

  62. Hannah filsell says

    My husband and I celebrate our 10years of married this month. Would be lovely to relax and enjoy a mini break together

  63. I need to escape my clingy, whingy 2 year old. I want to eat in peace, poo alone and sleep for 8 hours straight. I want to exist for 24 hours as me, and not mum. Dear God I love her more than life itself, but I’m so goddamn tired!

  64. I would love to win this for my husband. Having four boys aged 7 and under and working for himself, he literally spends every waking hour devoting himself to his business or to being a terrific husband and father. I don’t let him know enough how wonderful he is and how appreciated he is (because too busy, too tired, too moody) The likelihood of someone looking after our 4 boys overnight is zero to none so we both couldn’t stay but I’d love for him to have a night away from it all after an upcoming meeting in Sydney, it looks stunning!

  65. Kelsey Poole says

    I was like yes, I totally want to win this for me, me, me…and maybe my partner to escape the kids and reality. But then I thought, no, my Mum deserves this! So I totally want to win it for my Mum. My Dad might be lucky and get to join her, if he’s a good boy. My Mum is amazing. She has 4 children. 2 of whom still live at home, one being my 19 year old brother – typical teenage boy. Mum is still cleaning up after him, organising his life for him, cooking for him, etc etc etc, whilst being spoken to like crap most of the time by him because he is a typical teenage boy who doesn’t appreciate his Mumma enough yet; he will learn. The other, being my 22 year old sister. She has a disability and to put it lightly, is hard work. My Mum does an amazing job with her. But I can see that she is getting very tired lately. It would be exhausting being sworn at, and physically hurt, just for saying good morning. And that’s just the start of my Mum’s typical day. Mum then finds time to look after her 4 grand kids, work part time and just be an all round legend.
    I would love for her to be able to escape this; even if just for 1 night and day because in my eyes, she truly deserves it.

  66. Beth, you generous soul! Bendooley looks like a slice of heaven….those rooms 😍👌

    I’m 30wks pregnant with our first bub, working 50hr weeks and generally a cranky emotional basket case. I’d love a night away with my partner to relax and reconnect before life changes forever. I can’t think of a better place for some contemplation than the Highlands.

  67. Hi Beth, what a lovely thing you are doing with paying it forward with this giveaway. I would love to win it, pretty much for the exact reasons you needed it also – kids plus a busy lifestyle. This would be a dream for me!

  68. The bliss! Twenty years of marriage, two fantastic kids but lord help me we have never had a night away from our kids together! Time to fix that! Plus bubbles and charcuterie! What’s not to love?

  69. Every mumma needs a break from time to time and I am definitely feeling the need for some rejuvenation in a beautiful part of the world so I can again be the best version of myself. 3 kids under the age of 8. Perimenopausal and have honestly never had a break away from the kids on my own. Bring it on Bendooley!!!

  70. Annaliese Taylor says

    I’m due with #3 in 3 weeks time. Need I say more? But seriously, my husband and I never have time to ourselves as we’ve always got one of the other children trying to squeeze into bed with us and the last “date” we went to was probably walking down the isles of Coles while one child was at school and the other was asleep in the pram. We love bendooley and would love a good night’s sleep too!

  71. I wound love to win this and gift it to my sister as a baby shower present. Her and her partner have been trying to go away for their anniversary that was a few months ago. But with preparing for a baby and the costs that come with that, plus two other kids to look after, one with autism, they havnt been able too. I would love to give her a nice relaxing night away before life gets more busy!

  72. My husband … he needs some wife time, and boy do I need some wine time! And of course husband time. Living on the south coast we rarely venture up the mountain if not for a sporting activity involving one of our 4 children which only involves the luxuries such as maccas in the car.
    Honestly we just need a bloody rest ..alone . in beautiful beds … with gorgeous linens!! Where we can watch married at first site at 730 in peace.

  73. Susan Ravenhall says

    Just throwing my hat into the ring, so to speak.
    We had a big move 6 weeks ago, from the country to the city. It’s been a big adjustment for our family. I’d love a night away with my husband here. It would be amazing.

  74. Hi Beth

    I would love love love to win a night at this beautiful retreat for my 2 sisters and me. They both work sooo hard with full time jobs in different cities supporting their beautiful families … and just spending time together and enjoying this gorgeous space would be the best birthday gift for me this year. I met you ‘At the Kitchen Bench’ in May last year and fell heavily in love with this special part of the world.. thankyou for the opportunity.

  75. Oh what a fabulous review! You have covered it all. The photos make me want to jump right into those pictures and stay there forever. Love reading your blog and seeing your insta posts. So glad you got to get away and recharge 👌🏻

  76. Kristianne says

    Hi Beth, I would LOVE to be able to take my daughter Annabelle for a night at Bendooley. As I sit here at Westmead Childrens watching her sleep, after having a biopsy on a spot on her brain this morning, scrolling through beautiful images like yours keep me distracted from the worry. Thankyou for the beauty that you bring to the world. Kristianne

    • Congrats! You are the winner of this giveaway! I just sent you an email – please reply when you get a chance so we can lock it in. Thanks!

  77. Because I want to be you. This is the closest I would get to being you so I need to win. And report on the food and wine and linen. Thats it.

  78. Kristina says

    Hi Beth,
    I’d love to win this for my sister. She is a super mum(like you!). Three kids, works (and works), and is always there to help everyone else.
    She takes everything in her stride and says yes to everyone even though I’m sure she would rather sleep for a million years!

  79. I would love to clap eyes on a chopped pillow in real life. Then focus on my husband to be and for the love of god forget about being a bride to be for a southern highland minute. Time we stopped and smelled the roses instead of bickering over who Uncle Chris should sit with and if an Elvis impersonator is going to make our wedding memorable or horrible. Maybe magicians are the better entertainment option?!

  80. Mel Louth says

    A mid week trip the Highlands is definitely in order. It looks beautiful. Pretty inexpensive too! Maybe once mum leaves us – she is currently convalescing with us post-surgery we could head up. We are currently sharing our 2 bedroom house amongst 5 people and could do with a night sofa bed free!!!

  81. Hi Beth here’s hoping I’m the lucky one . Thanks for the competition . Megan .

  82. Megan Cuff says

    Hi Beth thanks for the opportunity to win . Megan .

  83. My reason is a simple one. I just want to spend time with my mum. I live away from her and I miss her all the time. Not to mention the fact she deserves to know she’s loved! Very generous of you Beth. What a lucky winner this person will be.

  84. Beth, I would love to put down the 83 juggling balls that I feel like I am keeping up in the air every minute of the day. Being forced to take some time out just for me, would probably help me be a better Mum, better wife, better teacher, better friend.

  85. Rebecca Roberts says

    Hi Beth, this place looks like heaven. I’d like to take my sister there for the night…her husband is a quadriplegic so she doesn’t get many breaks and one night away would be her limit…thankyou for considering us…love your feed and blog x

  86. Wow wow wow! Pick me pretty pretty please. I’d like to take my girlfriend away as a treat. She’s a super hero, literally donated section of her lover to her little boy, works full time, and is totally selfless. She lives in Bris Vegas so in the spirit of paying it forward is book at least an extra night so she can totally relax. Loved your review and good luck with picking your winner!

  87. Kylie Gray says

    A daughter in Year 12 who is a major stress head and a son who had just started Year 7 (baby girl is in Year 3 but that makes three schools to mange this year..). Add full time work for me and a hubby who travels to Singapore every 2nd week and this year is just utter madness! Oh for some tranquility and a little spoiling luxury if even for one night xx

  88. Bubble bath!

  89. Nikki Hamer says

    How wonderful, I am a firm believer in random acts of kindness and paying forward so in that spirit I would very much like to be able to gift your very generous night in this beautiful establishment to a dear friend who has lost her only child to suicide and has recently had to undergo the coroners inquest process which is painful on top of the already horrendous. I cannot think of a more restful place to sooth a very tired soul or a person more deserving. Many thanks 🙂

  90. Hi Beth

    I would love you to sing this to the tune of White Christmas 🙂

    I’m dreaming of a peaceful night away
    Just like the ones I had years ago
    Where Autumn leaves turn
    And a beautiful fire burns
    Far from the demanding children I know

    I’m dreaming of a comfy night away
    To a place that loves a pillow chop
    Where the dinner served is cheese
    And I don’t have to ask for a please
    I might even go to Bowral for a shop

    What a fantastic giveaway, thank you for considering my entry.

  91. That looks so lovely Beth!
    I would very much like to win a night for my husband, Dave, who is about to turn the big “4-0”.
    After an absolutely crazy 12 months, he has been an absolute life saver. During the worlds craziest pregnancy that had me on bed rest for much of the time, he had to become chief kid wrangler, chef, shopper and all round go to guy for all of us and never complained.
    We are just about to emerge from the newborn fog and those pillows look like just what he needs.

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