Giveaway! The Capital Cookbook 3

The winners have been chosen & emailed! Congrats to Jacq & Sam!

Have you guys been to Canberra lately? And by lately, I mean since your year 6 camp trip there in 1990. It’s had quite the renaissance of cool places to stay and eat. REALLY! You can see a couple of times we have been there in the last few years.

Our visit a few months ago
East Hotel Canberra
Hotel Hotel Canberra

And for those of you still not convinced to go, I wanted to share with you a brand spanking new cookbook from the creators of the Southern Highlands cookbook that I shared with you a little while ago. Capital Cookbook 3 has just been released from Quicksand Food and it’s a cracker!

Featuring recipes from 50 of Canberra’s best chefs and producers, the Capital Cookbook 3 is a journey across the region’s rapidly modernising food scene.

It’s just $39.95 and thou can buy it online here. But the very best bit? I have two copies to giveaway to you guys! Just leave me a comment below telling me about why you’d like to visit Canberra, or get your mitts on a copy, or a good secret you have about the Nation’s Capital food scene.

Giveaway open until Friday 16th December (9pm AEST) so get in quick to get your hands on a free copy! You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

So leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of this great new book!


  1. I love Canberra! We actually bought a house in Canberra and then due to a change in circumstances, have never lived there.
    I have always wanted to stay at the Jamala Wildlife Lodge, it looks amazing! Questacon sounds fun too. Maybe we need to book a family holiday.

  2. Back in the dark ages when I was in year 6 they didn’t take us to Canberra. They took us to a lake area experiencing the worst drought in history where we squelched through knee deep mud or tiptoed across cracked dried mud trying to find a lake to canoe on. I need this book to feed my cookbook addiction & if they are really lucky, my family 🙂

  3. Our son studies at ANU Canberra, and the cookbook would enable us, his family in Sydney to share his food experiences! Visits every now and then can’t really achieve this!

  4. I want to eat like the politicians and see what happens

  5. I only ever seem to be n Canberra for work & ended up eating n dodgy hotel/motel dining rooms – this book would get me out a there!

  6. You know what I want to do most when I finally get to visit Canberra? I want to hear how the locals say “Canberra”…….being a Queenslander, my version sounds much like “Cambra”, however my husbands grandmother originated from there, and always told us to say CanBERRA”, with the emphasis on the “Berra” part. It always seemed a bit weird saying it that way. Cookbook looks gorgeous too, especially that fried chicken and pickles picture!!!

  7. Jacq Lives Here says

    We have JUST settled on our first home yesterday… in Canberra! After pinging aroung the east coast of Australia for a number of years, it feels SO GOOD to put down some roots in the COOL capital 🙂 And now that we have spent all our money buying said house, we’ve no money for dining out, so i would love to win a copy of The Capital Cookbook so we can recreate some amazing meals at home 🙂

    • We left Canberra 35 years ago (for work reasons) and I still miss it a lot. Ask my A.C.T. friends and they will verify my Canberra addiction. So I think Jacq Lives Here deserves the prize because she seems to appreciate my favourite place.

      • Jacq Lives Here says

        Haha thanks Julie! I’m a QUeenslander originally, but spent .5 years in The Berra before moving at the beginning of the year to Melbourne… I cried when we left! And we missed it so much we just had to come back! Great weather (cold but sunny), no traffic, easy to get around, spectacular food/wine/coffee, and close to both the beach and the snow… what more could you want?

    • Congrats! You have won a copy of Capital Cookbook 3. Ive sent you an email!
      Merry Christmas!

  8. My last and only trip to Canberra was when I was in Grade 6 but am actually heading there in January for my son’s sport comp. Would love this book to give me a sneak peek as to what I can expect when I get there and where I should head for a meal.

  9. Hey that is a photo of our lamb guy Vince who is loved in our household. Any cookbook is loved!!

  10. I’m missing the foodie scene in Canberra – it is just so accessible in comparison to Sydney.

  11. 2 of our 4 children had been on the year 6 camp to Canberra, but the oldest because we moved to Sydney from Melbourne when he was in year 6 missed out. We promised him that before the youngest (15 year gap) went this year we would take him and go to all the attractions. So in April this year at 25 he visited the capital. He loved it so much to see and do, the was food amazing and also a lot better than camp food! He also is a big foodie and I would love to win this for him as a reminder of his “Year 6 Camp”.

  12. I love how orderly the city is laid out. And the foodie scene is so great, people are so passionate about good food.

  13. It’s unAustralian I guess but I’ve never visited Canberra and never had an inkling to either. Perhaps flicking through the cookbook will whet my appetite to schedule a much overdue visit and show the kids our nation’s capital. Thanks!

  14. I have booked a night at Hotel Hotel for the upcoming festive holiday. I need insider info on all the great spots to eat. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. Canberra has alot of hidden gems to dine out! culturally diverse city that is reflected in the flavours that each restaurant has to offer!

  16. Susannah Hodson says

    I live in Canberra and love it! The food and restaurant scene has improved so much over the last few years. My fave foodie outing is the Epic markets – the Bombolini donuts, Bredbo fermented garlic and winter truffles are all amazing! It’s such a great way to spend Saturday mornings.

  17. Alyce Skinner says

    I would love this book! I didn’t realise how amazing Canberra was for food, my husband and l spent the weekend in Canberra for our 1st wedding anniversary, we also stayed at Hotel Realm after seeing you stayed in the adjoining apartments! We would love to go back down for the weekend and have a amazing food guide to go by!

  18. Julia Pollok says

    I moved to Canberra 6 years ago from Sydney and haven’t looked back. I love showing off our town to the stuck up sydneysider mates of mine. This cookbook would be my handbook to making their short breaks to the capital even better!

  19. I would love to win this book for my mum . I was married at Pialligo estate a year ago and my reason for choosing the estate was because I wanted my guests to experience the amazing food that Canberra has to offer . I would be thrilled to give this gift to my mum to share some dishes as a family which will not only recreate memories but will enable us to create new ones together .Thank you for the opportunity .

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