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It was Saturday morning when I was sitting at our dining room table tapping away on the laptop when Mum’s face appeared at my front door in front of me. I was treated to a proper surprise (and I never get surprises) with an unexpected visit (with chocolate cake AND presents) and even better being told that I was to pack a bag and leave for the night with Rob for my birthday. An hour or so later we were on the highway headed south towards the Nation’s capital. And while that might not seem like the ideal location, I am here to tell you that Canberra has grown up and is now a great place to visit for a touch of culture (various museum’s and galleries to visit) a huge selection of great places to eat and drink and now with the arrival of Hotel Hotel on the scene one HOT place to stay.

You might remember that earlier in the year we took the girls for Daisy’s birthday and stayed at the amazing kid’s apartments at East Hotel which was so good with the girls and I must say when we were driving down and I was trying to guess where we were staying I was thinking that there wasn’t anywhere that would match up to that place. That was until we arrived at Hotel Hotel. I still had no idea where we were headed when we parked underground and then took the lift upstairs and we were greeted with hot interiors a go-go.

IMG_2470 IMG_2478 IMG_2494 IMG_2493

The whole place was warm, quiet and nested with an instant feeling of comfort…a cross between feeling like you had arrived at a 1970’s ski lodge, your Grandparents and Mr Brady’s den. The contrasting cements with wood, soft furnishings and interesting things to look at all around. The main reception area was around a huge modern fireplace that was cranking with couples and groups of friends sitting around having a drink on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Even the reception area was cool with wooden keyboards and mouses and chic looking staff….this was not the Canberra I was used to Toto!

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We checked in and headed upstairs to our meandering room. The hallways were dark and quiet, lined with carpet and wood…and our room was spectacular. A huge winding quiet, dark and warm room filled with some great pieces: artwork, chairs, amazing cushions, and a huge stone bath that took me approximately 3 minutes to turn on. Again the place was familiar and comforting…in a cool bunker kind of way. We settled into an afternoon of reading, bathing and um, TV watching.

IMG_2465 IMG_2456 IMG_2451 IMG_2445 IMG_2453 IMG_2450 IMG_2439 IMG_2435 IMG_2438 IMG_2442 IMG_2455

We headed downstairs for a cocktail before jumping in a cab and heading to Sage Restaurant for a really amazing 3 course dinner and then heading straight back to the hotel where my flu got the better of me and I collapsed into that comfy toppery hotel bed. The next morning we grabbed a quick breakfast just across the road at A Baker which served a delicious selection of local produce and amazing breads with VERY good coffee. What more could a gal ask for her birthday?

This place is really worth a look and if you can…a stay! Amazing interiors and style oozing out of every single corner – I loved it.  You can find out more about the hotel on their website here.

Hotel Hotel
NewActon Nishi
25 Edinburgh Ave Canberra
+61 2 6287 6287 — T

Sage Restaurant
Sage Restaurant & Mint Garden Bar,
Gorman House Arts Centre, Batman St, Braddon – Canberra 2612

A Baker
NewActon Pavilion Unit 2, 15 Edinburgh Ave
Canberra ACT
(02) 6287 6150

Have you been to Canberra lately?
Got any good local tips for us?


  1. Visited Canberra for the first time last year and realised there’s so much to see and do there!
    I’ll be back for more.
    So glad you had an ace birthday surprise, “TV watching” and all.

    • Ha! Thanks Annette. I also LOVED the National Museum when we went down in Feb. There is some pretty amazing architecture down there and it seems more and more places to eat and drink every time we go down. Go Berra!

  2. So glad you enjoyed your surprise stay in our wee city, Beth! Hotel Hotel, Sage and A.Baker are all great spots – Rob chose very well indeed. We’re spoilt for choice now with all the lovely new places opening up in the fair capital. Happy days 🙂

  3. I agree Beth! Canberra has come a long way and there are some pretty cool places to visit. I particularly like the Braddon precinct for great shopping. A great Trattoria to dine in is Italian @& Sons. They have had fantastic write ups.

  4. I like the look of that place very much indeed. Is it kid friendly as I figure if I am going to have to be dragged through science museums I should at the very least get to stay in style. Glad you had an awesome weekend hun xx

    • I was trying to work out whether it would be or not…I still can’t decide…maybe try the East Hotel which was great for kids. This place was HOT x

  5. Wow, that place looks amazing! And in CANBERRA? Who’d a thunk it?!

  6. K was convinced you’d spend the afternoon at the War Memorial. I’d opt for some TV watching too 😉 x

  7. Very, very lucky! x

  8. I love surprises, well done Rob! That hotel looks amazing, I’m putting Canberra back on the travel list x

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says

    It looks beautiful Beth I’m glad that bath got some use and you watched some TV *wink Xx

  10. MR BRADYS DEN QUADRANT. Omg I love surprises too and they hardly EVER happen, that is so cool. And you’ve just done the impossible Beth – made me want to visit Canberra. I was born in Canberra, spent the first four years of my life there. I HATE CANBERRA.

    But I’d like to visit Mr Bradys den. Mr Brady was always so knowledgable and understanding.

    I published my post today in HORROR but your vid – I had a mouthful of cold prawn pasta in my mouth when I watched your vid and I couldn’t swallow like, it just sat there for AGES while I composed myself so thank you for sending me your vid. And MAYBE I’ll visit Canberra but first thing’s first I’m the realest drop this and let the whole world feel it (let them feel it)


  11. Oh my Beth…get me there. So grown up, so sophisticated, so good for child free tv watching…and the like. Love it x

  12. just lovely for you!!!

  13. My husband has stayed there for work and insists he hated it – I suspect he is trying to spare me being envious as the left at home spouse.

  14. I was in Canberra a few weeks ago visitng friends. It’s a great little city full of funky bars and restaurants. I was really pleasantly surprised by Canberra and will definitely make a trip there each time I come back home to visit. The Portrait Gallery is a MUST for anyone visiting.

    • You know I have never been to the portrait gallery in all my visits down there…next time! And there most definitely WILL be a next time.

  15. Have I missed something? Has Canberra previously had a reputation of being a crap place to visit? I’ve been a resident here for 10 years and happen to think it’s always been pretty wonderful. All the backhanded compliments in the article (and the more direct barbs in the comments) make me feel a little alienated!

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