QT Gold Coast Buffet Brekkie: BEST in town

I have a very particular way of tackling a hotel buffet breakfast. It’s the same pretty much every time and it involves gluttony and indulgence unprecedented in my normal breakfast routine.

  1. I order a PROPER coffee from a barista if there is one there. Drip coffee will not cut it. EVER.
  2. It’s straight to the fruit/muesli/yoghurt area and if there’s bircher I will grab that. If this looks bad I will sometimes go for the bagel cream cheese/salmon/capers/red onion instead.
  3. After that it’s time to take on the big guns: hot food. I will skip bread because I don’t want to waste valuable stomach space. Bacon. Eggs. Heavy on the hash browns. If there is an egg station I will get an omelette with everything on it. Sausages. Mushrooms. Tomatoes. Spinach. There’s no point being half-hearted about this. It breakfast buffet probably cost you $40.
  4. Pause. Grab a juice.
  5. Time for breakfast dessert. I’m talking pancakes. Waffles. JAM DONUTS. Danishes.
  6. Roll out of there and you are good to go until a club sambo takes your fancy around 2pm.


This past weekend I had the pleasure of staying at the QT Gold Coast hotel and tackling their version of hotel buffet breakfast. I have NEVER seen the likes of it before. Styled beautifully. Great quality food, juices, condiments. Cool design of chairs, tables, serving areas, juices. Not a bain marie in sight – think huge pots of le crusset overflowing with delicious stuff. An egg station better than I had ever seen before. Jam Donuts filled with jam and MOFO rhubarb! Good coffee. A cool looking toast machine. Friendly staff. Delicious food. Hands down the best hotel breakfast I have ever had in Australia. Maybe even anywhere.

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I even snuck in to have a look at their dinner version and it was like if Whole Foods had a restaurant, then this would be it. Absolutely amazing! THIS is a buffet dinner scenario you would want to be a part of and how rare is that?! If you are in the area, and not even staying here, get yourself here just once.

QT Hotel Goldcoast Bazaar restaurant

So, tell me, how do you tackle the hotel buffet breakfast?


  1. Gail Virgona says

    Hah! You crack me up. The thing I look forward to MOST about travelling for work (apart from time away from my gorgeous children) is the buffet breakfast and the room service dinner and trash TV with no one around to try and change it to a bloody footy show. My only alteration to your routine is .. embarassing. I add a bagel to my handbag for lunch. My mumma taught me when I was in year 12 and we stayed at the Hilton in Perth for my dad’s work.

  2. Bree Di Mattina says

    I go straight to the hot food. Loadsa bacon. Mushies. Egg ( pref fried or poached) baked beans. Hash browns. Then if I can squeeze it in – bit of fruit. And always save room for danishes etc. Fresh juice. Proper coffee. Absolutely no cereal. And even some ham and cheese if it’s a bit European 😉

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I like your method – especially leaving fruit at the end, silly to waste space when there are hashbrowns to eat right?

  3. STOP SHOWING OFF!!!! I just had toast and marmalade it’s all I can be bothered to whip up after night feeds. I hate you right now for making me want a donut.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Sorry! If it’s any consolation I have two kids home from School sick and I’ll be eating leftover toast this morning x

      • I forsee a long day ahead for you. Hope the bubs are better soon and the toast isn’t too chewy. Still want a donut though…

  4. MotherDownUnder says

    I fully plan to go back to the QT with my family so they can all enjoy that breakfast.
    Hands down the best breakfast buffet I have ever been too.
    And the bacon station! So much bacon. My little guy would be in heaven! He could eat his fill and there would still be bacon left over for me!

  5. Chelsea Sutherland says

    Ok, they win. I’ll admit I was dubious of the “best breakfast buffet” claim but omg @ those little glass bottles of juice, the produce, the big tray of bacon. That is some amazing styling.

  6. Yep it’s pretty darned nice there! We often drive the hour just for breakfast!

  7. I rolled a buffet breakfast yesterday morning after an overnighter in Sydney. It’s my favourite part of a getaway. This particular one was impressive. They even had a cheese area with all sorts of fancy cheeses and accoutrement, which I couldn’t fit in. I wished I could have a have snuck the whole plate in my bag because by 4pm yesterday I wanted it so bad!

  8. Yes, I have a system when it comes to these kinds of breakfast feasts. Really I need one as I don’t like to miss anything! Try the Grand Hyatt next time you are in Melbourne, their breakfast is also an experience. xT

  9. Reannon Hope says

    We have been known to choose accommodation purely on their buffet breakfast such is our love of them….my morning weetbix, bran & chia just ain’t cutting it now 🙁

  10. My breakfast this morning looked nothing like yesterday’s!

  11. Jay - Moodie Foodie says

    The best I’ve had was at a resort in Fiji – as it would be. Lovely, warm, outside and the kids had a ball – as you do in Fiji. The QT looks lovely though xo

  12. Bek @ Just For Daisy says

    Okay so I saw this on facebook and was kinda like… meh I don’t need to read a breakfast post… but OH MY!! I’m glad I did!! And after having cold porridge for breakfast with two smalls harrassing me for something or other I think i NEED to go there and have this buffet breakfast! That place looks magical!! Great photos!

  13. http://www.mandarinoriental.com/singapore/fine-dining/melt-the-world-cafe/

    Hands down, the best buffet I’ve ever had. I often dream about it….


  14. It’s lunch time and with a crazy 5 month old I haven’t even had time for breakfast… Super jealous of your awesome time away (reading posts/commenting whilst breast feeding)

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Sounds like most mothers Shari! Thanks, we had a great time – learnt lots and had LOTS of fun in between. Hope you have some lunch x

  15. Fuck yeah those jam donuts.

  16. Bazaaar is like some enchanted kitchen, it’s just magical.

  17. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Wow that is some kind of awesome Beth!

  18. Simone- honeyandfizz says

    Oh looks fab. We’re staying there next week. Will give your breakfast routine a go! x

  19. Dinner at Bazaar QT Port Douglas is fantastic. Those people sure know how to put out a buffet!

  20. Best breakfast buffet in the world. Oh my.

  21. Tres Fancy. I luff me a buffet.

  22. bah! I typed up a hilarious reply about my high jinx and foolery with the breakfast buffet and them putting pineapple in pancakes and it disappeared.

    Just know that if you ever put pineapple in a pancake and serve it to me, you may just well end up wearing it.

  23. Judi McCowen says

    Yep. QT resorts are the way to go.. Had the pleasure of staying at QT Resort in Port Douglas for Mothers Day this year and it was the best buffet breakfast EVER! The resort rooms are spectacular with all the little things that count. I wrote about it here:
    Enjoy Beth!

  24. You speak my language Beth! This is exactly how I attack breakfast buffets! Nothing worse though than the back to reality home cooked porridge but!

  25. I now need to go have a second breakfast after this post. That honey toast didn’t cut it, this morning. Bring on an omelette! xx Is the QT in Sydney any similar??

  26. Are you me? Because that is totally what I would do at a buffet brekkie.
    And if you are me, how did I not remember that? Food coma maybe?
    Love it all!

  27. no freaking way!! looks amazing! I have to go there!

  28. Imagine my glee to have landed myself there pre-marathon with 2 whole days of carb-loading. I will compare every has brown I ever eat ever again to those little babies. I cannot imagine that there is a breakfast buffet to rival it anywhere 🙂

  29. We were there a few weeks ago for breakfast AND dinner and we loved it. Can’t say we felt the same way about the way our waistline widened over the 2 days stay, though! I tackle the breakfast buffet with fruit, followed by the egg station but I always save room for DOUGHNUTS!


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