Girls on Tour: NSW Drought awareness road & shopping trip!

It’s been a few months now since the media attention for the drought that has hit so many parts of our country. We were inundated with information on how to help farmers and businesses doing it tough, and after we have seen some rainfall and can believe that Haz and Megs stopped the drought with their visit for people in the know, well it’s far from over.

You might remember this post I wrote about ways people can help.
And you may remember this post that Styling You wrote about rural businesses you can shop online.

A group of fabulous business women (Lou King, Karlyn Jackson, Liz Nable and Georgia Charles) that I know who work in retail & business and sell their own goods to some businesses in regional areas decided that we needed to hit the road and visit these areas ourselves. Put the spotlight on these areas and show some of the amazing shops and areas that there are to visit not far from Sydney. To get you guys online to do your Christmas shopping at some of these boutiques in areas that have been struggling and support small business.

And that’s where I come into it. I wanted to share the story with YOU ALL, take some photos and share the stories and images that we meet along the way. Maybe show you guys that even though the media attention has died down, that the drought is still very much a real thing, affecting people daily.

So this weekend we are hitting the road!

NSW Drought Awareness & regional shopping Trip

Friday 16th November

10.30am: arrive Bathurst and check out La Mode, Galleria & Gorgeousness
12.30pm: head to Orange
1.30pm – 3.30pm: lunch at Agrestic Grocer and wander around Hawkes General Store, The Sonic, The White Place
Staying in Orange

Saturday 17th November

8am: breakfast Byng St Cafe
9am: head to Cowra & Carcoar to visit Unearthed, The Closet, Ginger & Gelato, Tomolly
12pm: head to Young to visit Cint Store
4pm: head back to Orange

Sunday 18th November

Wander around Orange then home via Millthorpe

It’s going to be a great trip with new friends checking out some great businesses, meeting some wonderful people and spreading the word. I’d love to be able to meet some of you along the way too if we happen to be passing through. Do let me know if we can catch up for a hug, a cuppa, a drink, whatever it may be. Just let me know!

This is going to be special, I just know it. And I am so glad that these smart chicks decided to bring me along for the ride. Bathurst, Orange, Cowra, Carcoar & Young we are coming for you!


  1. Polly McDougall says

    Yay! I’ll be in the central west this weekend so will have to come shop/stalk you in Carcoar and Milthorpe. What a great idea!!

  2. I absolutely love what you are doing x

  3. Ooh might have to pop in he frog and toad and pop into The Sonic for a cuppa- great to see you shedding the spotlight on regional NSW. Next trip you’ll have to head further west – we have some spectacular stores and small businesses here!

  4. What a great idea Beth…anything that involves The Sonic is always going to be a winner! x

  5. I’m so excited!!!!

  6. Katie Kelly says

    What a great idea!! As you pass through Canowindra would you have time to call in to Finns Store/The Ducks Back Gallery and maybe the other wonderful shops? We have a beautiful town and as you will be coming through it is worth driving down our bendy main street (Gaskill Street). Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

    – I don’t own these businesses 😉

  7. Sophie campbell says

    Make sure you pop into Millthorpe Providore as their coffee is the best in the district. Stroll down the street and visit the beautiful boutique stores we have on offer like Millthorpe Blue and Eclectic and many more stores. Cold wine waiting at SlowWine Co and Angullong Cellar Door. Have you got time for lunch? Tonic is the place to have a long lunch on Sunday. If you want to know more please contact me as I’m a have fan.

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