Beach daze

Oh how good is it to be on holidays? THE BEST. While I have started to do a little work, check emails and chase this and that, it’s still very much holiday mode around these parts. Most afternoons look like this:

See? Rinse. Repeat.

La Dolce Vita. It’s been HOT with lots of swimming and rock pool exploring. Late nights and no sleep ins. Ever.

Nikki and her family arrived on Saturday afternoon and we have been doing pretty much the same day in, day out with the dogs and kids, Dads and of course US getting along very well. Last night Nikki and I managed to escape to Bells at Killcare for Aperitivo Hour while they stayed with the kids and cooked dinner. It was absolute HEAVEN just to not put Maggie to bed. A huge victory with a toddler. We sat and drank cocktails (and then Prosecco) in the late afternoon  sunshine while grazing on antipasto platters. Same same, but different. The lack of children was definitely a plus during school holidays.

SO happy not dealing with overtired 2 year olds.

Today we managed to escape AGAIN for a spot of shopping. We had Daisy along with us for some grown up girl action.

First stop was the every gorgeous Moochinside in Hardys Bay. Superior shopping and the most beautiful Margie who looks after us so well.

And then it was off to Bohemian Traders in Erina for a spot of shopping.

There were some stand outs for me that I loved and had to share with you guys.

LOVED this frock so much – Poet dress in Navy. This is the large (you’d know I am around 174cms so it’s a good length). LOVE this and it’s on sale now for $149.

Add to cart here.

And can we discuss these MAGICAL shorts that I also fell in love with HARD? They are a dead set trackie pant in a denim short. I would never have tried these on because of the model and how they look but I put them on and LOVED LOVED LOVED them. Size down (I am in a 30) and usually wear a 32.

I also bought this top. Size XL in Navy. Photo will come no doubt when I wear it next. It’s on the small size so round up (especially if you have boobs like me).

So the days are going too quickly and before I know it we will be back home, buying school shoes and putting out fights between the kids (again). Until then, there’s the odd platter for us to consume.

What have you been up to?


  1. Damn girl! Nice work! How good are holidays. Kiss Nickers for me x

  2. It’s been lovely seeing you all enjoy the beach at Killcare!

  3. Swimming and hanging with my mum – love all the photos

  4. Brooke Newstead says

    I got the navy Poet dress for xmas! I’ve flogged it already! Enjoy!

  5. Kathry Ewart says

    Hardys Bay Beth – one of my favourite places we have a holiday house there hope you’ve had breakfast at the Fat Goose x

  6. Kathryn Ewart says

    Hardys Bay Beth – one of my favourite places we have a holiday house there hope you’ve had breakfast at the Fat Goose x

  7. Oh what fun. Enjoy you two!!!

  8. Have discovered a new cocktail, French 75. It’s gin, champagne and lemon juice. Delicious and not sweet.

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