Weekend wonderland

Man, we had one of those picture perfect weekends. Some time away with friends at their family farm up near Smith Lake. Sensational weather. Magnificent surrounds. Kids playing well. Great food and booze and even some outdoors activity. I went for a kayak! AND PLAYED TENNIS. Positively sporty! The sun rose early and set in all its purple glory and I feel refreshed and filled with happiness after 2 fabulous days – what a sensational way to start the School hollies!

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Rob and I are off fishing for a few days tomorrow. Heading off on our annual trip with his Dad and Step Mum this year we are off to Darwin for some Barra fishing. See? SPORTY! I know that there is no phone coverage but there may be some online action so be sure to check out Facebook and Instagram for some updates.

How’s School holidays treating you thus far?


  1. Corrie Sebire says

    I should not have read this post now that I am home from holidays and dreaming of living outside of sydney! too many fabulous photos and great country living!!!!! I love how comfy hubby is looking on that outdoor couch 🙂

  2. Goals but you know some lucky people, Beth. What a gorgeous spot. x

  3. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    I have a dam that now looks kind of like a lake after the rain…… just need me a comfy couch. Good times

  4. Reannon Hope says

    I used to live at Smiths Lake!!! I miss that place. It’s bloody heaven!

  5. Emma Steendam says

    Lady, if you catch a barra I will be bummed. I spent a good SIX BLOODY MONTHS trying. We went to some very far flung places in search…ho hum.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Wow what beautiful pictures Beth it looks heavenly there ,and enjoy your Barra fishing in Darwin xx

  7. Amazing – where are you actually staying? I’d love to make a trip there with our friends and little ones in toe

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