New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 5

I’ve just sat down to trot out a blog post after another full day’s fishing. I’m sitting here, listening to some music, in our ridiculous room, looking at a view with chubby tears falling down my cheeks. I just spoke with my sister who is minding the girls – who are happy and content and well looked after – and I just feel so content and lucky. How did I get here? I’m pinching myself I tell you.Our day looked like this today. A day on Diamond Lake for some quiet drift fishing. I needed I tell you…I am STUFFED.

We headed out onto the lake to drift and cast. Drift and cast. It was dead calm. And so beautiful.

Quiet moments on that lake for me. Thinking. And practising. Tic Tok. Tic Tok. Strip. 10 to 1. 10 to 1. Not too fast. Slower. Tic Toc. PUNCH. And all the stuff in between. All this time with just me and my thoughts. It’s been some time since I’ve had…all this time.

I was quiet today. Taking in all kinds of stuff and just pinching myself. All the damn time. Lucky DUCK.

I’ve had a really special time. Learnt so much. Spent some truly precious moments with people that I dearly love. Started a quiet passion and fire in my belly for something that I know will be with me all my life. Created more of those memories that will flash before my eyes one day.

The real deal. The business.


  1. Gorgeous pics. I’m going to sort out some time away for just us. Maybe not quite the level that you’ve pitched but time. For us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. fishing meditation 🙂 Why not? Beautiful scenery.

  3. “Started a quiet passion and fire in my belly for something that I know will be with me all my life” – staying in fancy pant lodges? The whole trip looked amazing Beth, I was holidaying vicariously through your words and photos.

  4. Wow! So there comes a day when you can do something wonderful, just the two of you again! 🙂 The photographs are simply brilliant – really capture the essence of your trip!

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