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Come on in guys, I’ve got the kettle on and we can sit and have a natter about what I’ve been up to…it’s been a busy week! It’s also why my pants don’t fit, I had a very large hangover yesterday but why I am happy…lots of good times with great people.

Come and have a sit at my kitchen bench.

Did I tell you about my trip to Brisbane last week? It was whirlwind but very good. And warm! Plus on the first day back at school I got to get dressed properly with make up and everything!

Those Frankie4 iZZY boots are certainly getting a work out this winter.

The weather was warm and the seeing Nikki’s happy face at the airport even warmer! Plus as soon as we got to her house it was time for apertivo and a Spritz…her skills in this area developed well over her recent European adventure.

If you need any help with platter construction this post from Nikki will be sure to send you in the right direction. She really is a master in the area. There’s no one else I’d rather sit on a couch with and scroll through our phones next to…

The next day bought more gorgeous sunshine and warmth before the wind kicked in and reminded us all that it is indeed actually winter. I have spent a bit of time in Brisbane over the past few months and have loved it…it’s quite the city now…you should definitely visit in winter or spring too the weather is deadset perfect!

It was home for a few more days before heading back up to Sydney on the weekend for one of my oldest friend’s 40th birthday lunches. This birthday was bitter sweet for her – her beautiful Mum died a year ago on the day after her birthday…she wasn’t going to do anything to celebrate but decided at the last minute that she would…she chose happiness rather than sadness and it was our job to make sure there were more smiles than tears.

I helped out with her birthday present…given the connection to her Mum’s anniversary I turned to the ever clever UberKate and her Your Script  getting the words of a loved one engraved into beautiful jewellery pieces. Such a beautiful and special idea. I chose some words her Mum had written to her daughters put onto a necklace that she can always have close to her heart. That Kate truly is so clever.

So Saturday morning I hightailed it up the highway for my very favourite thing….a ladies lunch! Even went past our old street on the way to lunch in the uber…seems like a bloody lifetime ago now.

Lunch was at Nour in Surry Hills – a lebanese place with THE most delicious lunch. Platters and platters arrived filled with all kinds of delights, while I drank rose like my life depended on it.

These are some of my oldest friends from High school. And the birthday girl was my friend from primary School – 35 years of friendship! They have seen the LOT. the awkward chubby stages, emo teenage years with pimples and boy troubles, uni, trying to get jobs, engagements, marriage, babies…the LOT. No one can make me laugh like old friends that just plain get you. So special.

And I think we managed to get that more smiles than tears for the day too. Tick!

Her husband also said we had to make sure she was out on the loose. A mother of 4 with a baby under one has to let loose especially on her 40th right?


And then you know what? It was onto ANOTHER soiree at Rob’s brothers place for a fancy dress. My dress was less than fancy (I went straight from lunch so didn’t dress up I am afraid to say) but the brothers made up for that.

And I can report that my hangover yesterday was a 9.8 out of 10. Apparently I will never learn. It’s the child free thing I tell you…I get overexcited like a puppy!

So today it is #maintenancemonday. I have 3 loads of washing on, active wear on in the hope that I will do some exercise while Maggie is asleep and some soup to be made. I need to stop eating! And drinking! But you know what? I have a happy heart filled with so much goodness from the last week. I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life, near and far that always make me laugh.

More memories made, that’s the stuff that counts I think.

How was your weekend?
Did anyone else get a little overexcited?


  1. Looks like you had a fab weekend. Sorry to hear about the hangover. Hope you’re recovered now.

  2. Hangover Schmangover … a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Loved having you on my verandah. It will be cooler when you arrive this weekend but we’re turning on the days again. x

  3. Your weekend looks amazing and what a beautiful present to give your friend. You look great and love seeing this posts about what you get up to. I know what you mean drinking when one is sans-children! That was me last week in Perth, childenfree, partner free at a conference with other mad mammal scientists who love to drink and eat!
    Today I made chicken soup too as we are feeling a bit under the weather around these parts.
    Have a great week!

  4. all sounds ab/fab to me beth!
    yours is a celebratory type of year!
    we have been busy of late with my sister’s move and heading to sunshine coast for 6 weeks
    visiting my daughter, so there will be good food and lots of laughs too!
    couple of days! … can’t wait!!! … bit excited!!!
    much love m:)X

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