East Hotel Canberra

Last time we stayed in Canberra we found ourselves in a serviced apartment in the suburb of Kingston which I had been given the run down on was a good place to stay for convenience as well as a selection of good cafes to eat it. The apartment was fine, just fine, and very much stuck in 1993. But it was a place to rest our heads and we were happy to check out a couple of good local spots like Silo Bakery & Cafe.

Fast forward 2 years we had a 7th birthday weekend camping trip cancelled due to wet weather and a 7 year old requesting a weekend in our Nation’s Capital to go to Questacon and Parliament House. A quick search of Trip Adviser led me to a reasonably new hotel that has opened up in the same suburb of Kingston but is very much 2014, not 1994. East Hotel.

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The hotel was created to serve a gap in the market – providing stylish apartment accommodation for people who want to stay in this area, have the convenience of being in your own apartment with cooking/washing facilities but who don’t want to sacrifice style. While the rooms are apartments, the whole place is a hotel experience – guest services, gym, restaurant & bar.

We stayed in a 2 bedroom kids studio that was completely geared for a family. While Rob and I had our own adult space that was stylish, cool and filled with everything you would expect in a 5 star hotel (not to mention a completely decked out kitchen) the girls had their own space: an apartment styled for kids. Bunk bed, fun bright rugs and lego artwork on the walls and kids size chairs/tables/bean bags/melamine cups and crockery not to mention fabulous patterned cushions. A drawing table with pencils and a personalised message just for them, games, Xbox and TWO chocolates on their beds. There was Microwave popcorn in the kitchen ready to be cooked and a free movie to watch. They were quite beside themselves when they discovered it…and quite frankly so was I!

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It’s pretty rare to get impressed with service and hotels these days I think….you end up paying a lot of money for not much. Sure you get the good bed and linen and block out blinds but that’s about IT. Especially when you have kids. This place made a family feel like the most important people in the place…it felt good. Sure, you are paying for that with a package costing a bit, but the extras: wine for the parents, all the things for the kids, breakfast, cool space, entry to Questcaon which can cost $70 its money well spent.

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The rest of the hotel was pretty cool too: great interiors, smart use of social media, a great restaurant that serves PORK CRACKLE as a pre dinner snack, like nuts! You can imagine how happy I was…

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We ate at Ox on Friday night and in Kingston on Saturday night. There were plenty of new places that had popped up since we were there last like Me and Mrs Jones and Penny University and probably a lot more that you would see if you weren’t going out to dinner with your two kids at 5.30pm on a Saturday night!

Comfortable beds, a superior gin list in the bar, amazing apartments, good gym (I cannot believe this is even a factor for me to mention WHO AM I?) outstanding interiors and a sense of fun meant we had a bloody fabulous weekend. We’ll be back.

Have you stayed here? Did you love it?
Got any other great recommendations that are kid friendly/designed for kids in mind?

This is not a sponsored post…just a recommendation similar to the raving I have been doing in the playground to the School Mums today. I paid full freight for everything, didn’t mention I was a blogger, request anything or in any way make us out to be anything other than what we are: a normal family of 4 away for the weekend. I just wanted to share a great hotel experience & service. Because it was THAT good.


  1. This looks really cool Beth, after almost 8 years of travelling with children I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this. Great recommendation!

  2. Oh wow, I want to pack my bags and go to Canberra and those are words I thought I’d never type! We totally struggle to find good accommodation with three kids, it’s nigh impossible and if we can find it it’s damned expensive (and not that good). This definitely fills a gap.

    Normally we get holiday apartments but there are times when you want a hotel. To get that extra service and feel like you’re on a holiday, not just staying in someone’s house.

    Looks tops!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      I know right? I was raving on the phone to my Mum and sister about it – you will have to check it out next visit to Oz x

  3. Almost tempted to have a weekend away in my home town … Although taking the kids along would surely be a wasted opportunity 😉

  4. Madeleine Morris says

    We’ve been twice and would go back any day of the wk! Did you eat at Me and Mrs J? The brekky dog. TO. DIE. FOR.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      That place was pumping every single time we went past. I’ll be sure to have that next time – thanks for the tip!

  5. Sounds amazing Beth!! x

  6. It is REALLY hard to find something like this in Canberra and I’m bookmarking this for our next trip. Love the old Questacon, on our last trip one of the little travellers managed to vomit on just about every floor – fond memories 🙂

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Ah lovely! We got an emergency evacuation on Saturday morning….in the rain…I must say it took the shine off it all somewhat!

  7. Lisa Berriman says

    We live in Canberra but I want to go there now 🙂

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Surely a cheeky night wouldn’t go astray? We used to stay at a hotel in the city when we lived just 5 mins away…do it!

  8. Canberra is our nearest ‘big’ town. Occasionally we go stay the night there just to avoid the long drive both ways on the same day. Definitely putting it on the list now!

  9. Sounds like fun and something we can do as a family. Wish the hotels we are staying tonight and tomorrow night in Sydney and Buenos Aires would be kid friendly. The only kid friendly item in one of the hotels is a bath. Might have to visit Canberra and Questacon next year. My kids would love it. Have you been to powerhouse and Australian museum in Sydney both great museums I recommend for kids and adults ( there is a computer games exhibit at powerhouse and wiggles one too).
    Take care

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      My Mum has taken the girls to the Powerhouse – they loved it! We also went to the Australian Museum in Sydney which is a winner.

  10. I have a 21 year old, we could take him away! Xbox, popcorn, he would be there like a shot!

  11. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Canberra is on our wish list for this year – so many things to do. Looks great. Shall be bookmarking the hotel

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Well worth doing. I’m going to do another post on the Museum down there…we had the best time there too. Watch this space!

  12. My parents live just in Manuka! I’m a huge Kingston rat! Love it.

  13. Kylie Merritt says

    Hey Beth, Dan (the owner) is a good mate of mine. I sincerely hope you had the beef rotisserie, if not you have to go back x

  14. The most perfectly timed post! I’m heading to Canberra for the March long weekend with my lovely man (no kids), but will be sure to check out all the foodie recommendations.
    I’m actually a little sad though that he’s already booked our accommodation as I’d love to check this place out. I guess it’s an excuse to come back again! x

  15. Wish this post was a few weeks ago – stayed in an ok but slightly disappointing serviced apartment for the Australia Day long weekend. Next time I’m booking this hotel!

  16. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Looks lovely and great for parents and children you can’t ask for more than that can you,and bunks YOU don’t have to make double win!


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