Tuesday night has never been so good

Last Tuesday night I was at Mrs Woog’s place getting ready to leave for our trip. Next Tuesday night I will be home, with my beautiful family, in the freezing cold sitting next to the fire drinking a wine. Tonight? Well, tonight I was in New York.

And what better to do than go out to a fabulous restaurant {Empellon} in Greenwich Village that is managed by a dear friend of my little sister and her husband the Chef. Who better to catch up with than the fabulous Sarah from a Beach Cottage and the hottest agent that ever there was, Lorraine. Mrs W bought out her fancy kaftan for the occasion too.

The place was fancy. And fabulous. And Mexican. And PERFECT for my new found penchant for a fancy short and heels. SNAP.

There were margarita’s to be had to start. And fancy Guacamole. Rob, you would have LOVED this place. I wish you could have been here x

Because we were being looked after by the hot manager Cory, we didn’t have to order a thing, he took care of things for us. Which meant that amazing oysters came out, which I incidentally realised that NO ONE ate except me, so I ate the lot.  4 of two different kinds. BAM! I ate the lot. Greedy.

Ceviches. Clean, crisp salads, tuna. DELICIOUS. And did I mention the two French Sancerre’s that we rolled? Amazing.

The place was cool. And filled with handsome people. And fabulous tequila. Look at them!

We talked. And laughed. And caught up. It was SO good to see some familiar faces in this big city. Look at us! In NY! ON A TUESDAY NIGHT IN GREENWICH.

I know Lorraine. Shut up!

This? Well this right here was a fish taco. I’ve only ever wanted to have a fish taco MY ENTIRE LIFE.

This was me and hot Cory talking. And see over my shoulder? That was Hayden from Masterchef. BAM. We chatted about food blogging. And stuff. He needs to pull his hat on the right way and PULL HIS PANTS UP ALREADY. Cory, you’re alright.

This was dessert. Just a tart. A passion fruit tart that we didn’t even have to order because we were being looked after my Cory. And some hot perky chick called Piper who was asked to look after her by Cory.
Those were some toasted marshmallows on the side and they were DELICIOUS. Mrs W muttered something under her breath about angels shitting on her tonsils. Classy.

Tomorrow we leave our apartment and check into the hotel for the conference where we are staying until Sunday when we fly out. I’m having to check my lists, work out the last of the shopping because…EEEEK…this is coming to an end.

I can’t even…


  1. OMG that looks so….drool worthy? Just divine. No such thing as greed when it comes to oysters, I say go for it. How lucky where you that no one else ate them? Bonus!

  2. Anonymous says

    Love it love it love it…love all your words
    I love NY

  3. Gosh I almost dont want it to end either. I’ve loved visiting NY with you & Mrs Woog threough my computer….

  4. I want to die of jealousy but man, I’m so happy to see you guys having such fun. X

  5. OH MY GOD. I’m loving the sights and sounds you describe, but the FOOD is something else! Yum yum! Your photos are fantastic!!

    Glad you’re having a blast with the Aussie girls – it’s been so awesome sharing it right along with you xx

  6. This trip has been awesome, the food is gorgeous, the sights are AMAZING -I’ve had such a good time! Hold on a minute, I just remembered I’m not actually there with you! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. This sounds strange – yes, even for me – but, I’ve somehow felt lighter this week. And because I’ve been devouring yours and Mrs Woogs blogs posts religously (sometimes even re-reading them) my spirit has taken flight right along with yours over there in NYC.
    I’ve loved visiting museums and dining at lovely restaurants and loved even more that I saw it all without the jet lag.
    Again – thanks for sharing it with us all.
    I kinda don’t want you to leave either….
    Gab x

  8. Anonymous says

    i am loving you and Mrs Woog in NYC sounds like so much fun

  9. I don’t want you to leave either! I want to discover more of NYC with you!
    Thank you so much for sharing every minute of your trip with us!

  10. Look at you fabulous ladies on a Tuesday night in New York Friggen City!!!!!!!!
    I get a very happy heart when I log on to find a new post has launched by you Beth! LOVING every single one of em’.

  11. OMG that restaurant. I WANT TO GO THERE NOW.

  12. Yum! Ha am right now watching Hayden on the stars Masterchef- Ha that boy gets around!


  14. Amazing… Doesn’t that food look just the best presented food I have ever seen!

  15. Tuesday night I cooked lasange… and I had to wash the dishes. Bugger.

  16. Tuesday night the Baby and I had fevers of 39 and Mr FF was inconveniently on circuit and unavailable to assist!

    Really enjoying your travel snaps.


  17. Proof that you can infact get decent food in the USA.

  18. Gee thanks Babymac, I am so enjoying you and Mrs woog on tour in NYC….love your photos and descriptions of places and food…how will you ever be able to cook again!!
    Like the other reader said, its been a fun week reading your blogs (maybe we need to get a life huh…..)
    Looking forward to more dinners, art galleries, hot NY men…

  19. Anonymous says

    Oh my God… Eating A FISH TACO?!?! Snort. Soooo many bad connotations there. I know, I’m all class too. Love Woogsy’s red lippy and thongs, made me smile.

  20. Hilarious lady! LOVED this post too. I must admit, I get a bit excited to read your posts at the end of my day here. They’re filled with so much happiness and excitement and just plain PRETTY!
    And hey, I’ve been watching that Hayden guy on MasterChef Allstars this week… he certainly gets around doesn’t he!? Hope you enjoy your last night in the apartment xo

  21. 1. who the FUCK doesn’t eat oysters?
    2. Fish tacos only come in one sort and they’re only eaten by men and lesbians. THE END.


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