Road trippin’: Gundagai

There’s no question, I’m a country girl at heart. Growing up I spent all my holidays at my Grandparents house in Branxton and  Greta in the upper Hunter of NSW. My Grandfather was the Station Msaster of these train stations and their house was always alongside these country stations. I have memories of being in bed, feeling the freight trains rattle the walls as they passed through in the night . My cousin’s lived on the outskirts of Lithgow and we spent most School holidays at their place, catching yabbies, picking blackberries and generally running wild.

In Highschool I went to an all girls private Catholic highschool. My friend were borders and I spent my holidays travelling to country towns in NSW – Wee Waa, Quirindi, Gunnedah, Narrabri and my love for the country town grew stronger still. These towns keep the country going. Supporting the farmers that provide so much that we consume without even realising.

While our home town these days is a mere ode to these ‘proper’ country towns in NSW, the spirit remains strong. The town. The centre. The shops – bringing the community together for amenities, and ceremonies, meals and drinks. We stopped off in Gundagai last night and this morning as I wandered around, I fell in love with this old town all over again. You get snippets of the town that it used to be: the thriving boutiques and cafes. The beautiful signage. The decorated awnings. The hotels. The wide streets. The parallel parking. This town would have been “it”. I happen to think it still is. We stayed in a fabulous, clean and cheap motel. Free wifi. Comfy beds. Hilton could a take a leaf out of their book. We ate at the club, we had breakfast at a cafe, we had a drive around and soaked up the sights.

And I loved it all.

If you can ever stay in Gundagai, I suggest you do. It’s VERY good. And I reckon that the people that live and work there would appreciate it.

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  1. Really loving your photography of late, Beth! It captures the essence of wherever you are.

  2. shoppegirls says

    Good old Gundagai. I have had many road trips through that town in my child hood and it will always have a special place in my heart. Many road trips with my now passed away father. Memories I will cherish forever.

  3. Fi @ My Mummy Daze says

    I love country towns too. There’s something real and honest about them. And you can see the way they would have looked 100 years ago too. I’ve only ever bipassed Gundagai on our way down to Albury, but I feel insprired now to take a closer look. Hope you enjoyed your break, Fi xx

  4. Beautiful photos of a beautiful little town. The country town we live in is even smaller and we just love it. There is nothing like it in this world. Thanks for making me smile and making me feel thankful for the place my family calls home:)

  5. daddownunder says

    You are talking my language Beth, I am a country boy stuck in the city. The country is where extraordinary things happen and memories are made, the city is where you go to spend money. I look forward to getting a nice place in the country complete with chooks, veggie garden, fruit trees and a claw foot bath under the stars. I hope your enjoying the trip, sounds like an adventure.

  6. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Gorgeous pictures! I especially love the rickety bridge and the war memorial. We have a war memorial. And a memorial for the policemen killed by Ned Kelly. Such history.

  7. Such a nice blog to read and beautiful photography. I also grew up in a small country town in NSW called Corowa. I couldn’t wait to leave growing up but not as an adult I see it with different eyes. I look forward to going back each Christmas.

  8. Sarah - Style Unearthed says

    Gorgeous! I love a good road trip and visiting little country towns. It brings back memories of my childhood.

  9. A Farmer's Wife says

    Gundagai does look lovely – love the facades and the pub verandahs.

    Stopping, staying and eating, even having a cup of coffee and buying the paper all helps a small town.

    Glad you had such a wonderful experience.

  10. This post makes me homesick! I love Aussie country towns – a meal & a schooner at the club, a counter meal at the pub, buying a jar of tomato relish from an old lady doing some fundraising, a meat raffle. Nowhere else in the world.

    10 years ago, Clint and I did a 12-month round Australia drive and it’s the best travel I’ve ever done.

  11. Hey Beth beautiful stories. Makes me miss Aussie towns too. Here I am it’s nearly 6am still in Patagonia, southern Argentina but actually was talking about Aussie towns to my partner last night. He was born and bred in the upper hunter too Scone and misses it so, he was saying how he even misses Newcastle. Well we all miss Scone and small Aussie towns. My kids have all their cousins back there and we will be back in June to spend a month, to play in the paddock, ride motorbikes, get fresh chook eggs, hear the coal trains pass through out the night, have a walk and picnic at burning mountain, maybe visit Barrington tops when there is snow and have a hot chook roll with hot chips. Thanks for the beautiful post about Australia, and an Australian essence: humble, small hardworking picturesque towns!

  12. JoCountrylifeexperiment says

    Our town is tiny compared to Gundagai, but the essence is the same. Wide streets, buildings that hark back to a less rushed time when the town was the centre of the universe. These days, our little town is having a little revival with cafes, an antique shop, craft shops, and even an art gallery. The main street has been done up, and it looks prosperous and inviting. It makes me glad to see it have a new lease on life!

  13. I LOVE that you’re championing small Australian towns and the country. I’m a city girl living in Canberra, married to a country boy. My heart is so torn between country living and city life. Canberra is a good compromise for the time being.
    We are so lucky to have farmers and the families who keep these small towns alive. We need to get out in the car, visit these beautiful towns and understand the beautiful souls who toil to grow the food we eat. Perhaps it would even go a little bit to helping us make better choices in the supermarkets – Australian grown and owned.

    • We sure are…I would love to be able to travel further around NSW and highlight the amazing towns and farmers that there are…a dream job maybe one I can figure out how to do!

  14. We stayed in Gundagai for a night in the school holidays on our way to Sydney. It really is the most gorgeous place. In hindsight we should’ve stayed longer. 🙂


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