The Burger Joint

I have eaten some pretty amazing food this trip – been to some great bars and restaurants and fast food places but tonight I think I had my favourite meal of the whole trip – The Burger Joint. Eden and her man Dave took Mrs W and I out to a little hidden gem not far from or hotel.

You head to this place. A fancy hotel right in the thick of mid town action.

You soak up the warm summer’s evening just as the sun goes down.

You walk into the lobby and you “take an immediate left” at the red curtains. There is usually a line.

You see that sign there? That’s a burger, and that’s when you know you are at the right place. You line up, and chat.

Once you get in it’s dark and dingy and fabulous and there is awesome music pumping away.

There are people in booths, eating their burgers and fries and sipping on their soda’s.

You line up, and you make sure as shit that you get your order ready and said in the correct way. If you stuff it up, or don’t know what you want, or want something else, or changed? It’s to the back of the line for you. I memorised and practised it over and over in my head.

1. Cheeseburger
2. Medium rare
3. The works
4. With coke

You take a seat, if you can find one. And you wait for your name to be called out. You do not leave them waiting.

A little paper wrapped burger is handed to you. If you ordered fries, they come in a brown paper bag. Just so.

It’s nothing fancy. The bun is squished, the cheese is oozing and the holy trinity of sauces – ketchup, mustard and mayo are dripping down the side. The patty is well seasoned, juicy and tasty. It is quite simply DELICIOUS.

It’s one of the coolest dining experiences I have ever had. A little like these two, some of the coolest people I know. They go together like mayo and ketchup, burger and fries and it’s a pure joy to behold.


  1. Thanks- my salmon and salad sandwich that I was going to have for lunch just will NOT do now!! Note to self- read New York posts AFTER meals, not before!

  2. Oooh…I had forgotten about The Burger Joint…it is a great place!

    I just love how it is such a basic burger place smack in the middle of such a fancy pants hotel.
    And of course the burgers are amongst the best!

    My mouth is now watering.

  3. The last pic. My very favourite. xx

  4. I think I might hate you right now. You just made this pregnant woman want a burger so bad!

  5. My friend Blackbird told me about this place a few years back. It’s on the list.

  6. It feels like I was just there with you. I hear the buzz, smell the aroma and almost taste those mouthwatering burgers.

  7. You already had a place in my blog loving heart Beth but this post just gave you a bigger part. I want this food now!!!

  8. Oh my

  9. So Soup Nazi. So New York. Love it.

    PS: My love and admiration for Eden was already there, but that Dave….what a man. Man bag and all. SUCH a great couple.

    Gabs x

  10. And brunch at Norma’s which is to the right of the red curtains is AMAZING!!!!!

  11. Oh sweet heavens….

  12. Oh BETHANIEL. You really have a photographers eye. Mixed in with a bloggers eye. Absolutely gorgeous photos, and story.

    I had JUST finished crying a bad cry when I came here and read this and so then I had a good cry. A really good one.

    Thanks lady. Was a treasure to just bump into you on the street yesterday too. What were the chances. XXXX

  13. oh that burger place changed burgers for me forever – now they MUST be juicy and squishy, right ? and amazingly melbourne is currently enjoying a bit of an NY-style burger trend. thank goodness.

  14. Loving your photos, Beth.

  15. Beautiful. Now I’m jealous!
    Enjoy for all of us! 😀

  16. Fabulous lady, just fabulous! I would get along real well with that Burger joint… so much like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi. Love the pics xo

  17. Oh my, I have read all your other exciting NYC dining outs, and just realized I stayed at this place a few years back. I actually didn’t think I was a burger person till I ate one here! Wow, not sure how it slipped my mind. If u at all have time and a decent appetite, check out their breakfast/lunch especially the pancakes!

  18. Love you tarts. Brilliant – I feel like i am with you all X

  19. Food looks great, and you know I’m a foodie – however, I’ve also been an AVID Ramones fan since the age of 13, seen them three times way back in Olde Worlde 1980s. If that poster doesnt come home in your suitcase, I will be damaged for a long, long time.
    Love your work
    T xx

  20. I would kill to be there with you all and now I’m salivating after your description of the burger. Wonderful…

  21. My goodness. What a delightful secret place! I felt like I was there with you guys, though of course now I am just hungry 🙂

  22. Wow, eating greasy burgers after having your gallbladder removed just a few weeks earlier. Mine is coming out on Monday – look forward to handling the grease and living it up like you. Inspirational…

  23. I am hungry now. And so jealous!

  24. Dave and I are propped up in bed and I just read this post out to you.

    1) We need to take you to Marys Newtown.
    2) Dave is sad you faded his tattoo out in one of the pics (lol)
    3) You need to go to Mr Crackles also that chicken place in Chinatown?

    It’s agreed – Dave and I love you.

    Night Grandma Josephine xxxx

  25. *Post out to HIM fucksake

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