No apologies for my love of Anthropologie

I think it was when I first moved to the country that I discovered Anthropologie. I saw something sweet in a magazine from them, went online and BAM!

I would often find myself up early with a small child watching Dora trawling their website and filling my “basket” with as many delightful, quirky goods as I could from their fine store. A few times I actually hit “purchase” and nearly had a small heart attack when I realised that the cost of shipping was the same as the amount I had bought. I believe that that has now improved (but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t done any shopping from them for years. See Rob? Good girl Pookie!)

When I walked into their Flagship Store at the Rockefeller Centre on my first day here, I won’t lie, I was a little overcome.  The sweet manager who calmly stroked my arm as I spoke to him about their outrageous shipping didn’t help either. And Tans? THIS SONG was playing. I was beside myself. It was a NY moment for me. I’ve been back twice since. Just looking, stroking, gasping, trying on, and of course, buying.

Last night we went to their store at Chelsea Market and I thought it was superior to the flagship. Because I know these sorts of things.

Look at the pretty!


Mum, look at the tea towels. I KNOW, right?

And then mixed in between are some amazing clothes. Mrs Woog would call them “statements pieces”. I now own several “statement pieces” both in clothes and bijoux.

Needless to say, today I had to go back down to Century 21 to purchase myself another suitcase. To get all this stuff home.

My work here is done.


  1. Love Anthro, love you, love your green eyes XXX

  2. Envy. On. A. Whole. Other. Level.

  3. Now I feel like I should go online & have a look…

  4. Oh man I love Anthro too! Good work, photos please of all your purchases!

  5. Sure hope you will be doing a “what I bought in NY” post for our viewing pleasure when you get home. Some of us are still sitting at home with screaming toddlers you see and have to live vicariously…at least for now….:)

  6. OMG!!!! I have been dying to see these photos!!! I want all of it!!! I hope you did some real damage!! I am convinced to do an online shop…have been umming and ahhing for ages but I am now sold!! Jx

  7. And will you need to re-mortgage the home to pay excess baggage to get those extra cases home? I do share your love of the store.

  8. … Oh … sorry … just coming to after fainting at the sight of those tea towels.

    What fun you are having – NYC will miss you!


  9. Can you pick me up a table cloth? Pretty please?

  10. I second a “what I bought in NYC” post!
    I would love to see what made the cut!

    And now I too must check out Anthropolgie online…there have been some bath towels that I have had my eye on for far too long…today might be the day!

    NYC…and Anthropologie…will definitely miss you!

  11. I feel giddy!

  12. I would faint

  13. Wonderful lady! Gorgeous stuff and go you purchasing another suit case. That’s what it’s all about! xo

  14. If you are flying Qantas you can pre-pay a per bag charge on-line for excess baggage up to just before you go to the airport. Cheaper than being slugged by the kilo….

    Can I ask how expensive the luggage is at Century 21 BabyMac? we are heading to NYC next month and think we will take one bag each and buy an extra one (or two) over there. We will be in the USA for a month so have waayyyy too much time to accumulate and usually post stuff back as well…

    this is from the woman who went to live in Virginia for 2 years extended it to almost 4 years – went with 50 boxes of basic assorted household items, lived in a house with rented furniture and returned to Australia with 1 1/2 x 20 foot containers filled with ‘treasures’, sheets, towels shoes etc and NO furniture

    • Because I am a LUCKY DUCK I am flying Business Class and am allowed 3 x 32 KILOS. I know! The luggage was a great price – I got a great bag that was reduced from $260 to $55! BANG. Defo buy it when you get here – leave the old ones behind.

  15. So jealous right now.Em and I have just finished up a 3 day trip in Melbourne and had a ball but no Anthro here 🙁


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