Maintenance Monday

What better to do on a Monday morning OTHER than doing the School run and clean the house? Oh, let me see. A run in my fancy new Nikes down the Hudson River as the city woke up. A mani/pedi, an eyebrow wax, some shopping and lunch In NY? Alrighty then!

I named today “Maintenance Monday” and first stop along the way was a Manicure & pedicure. I was a little frightened that it would have been like the scene from Seinfeld when Elaine had all the Korean ladies laughing at the state of her feet, but Esther was delightful and pummeled, scraped, rubbed, shined  and painted my feet and hands like it was nobodies business. And cheap too! And SO good. I now have a neon shellac on my nails which I have no idea what that is, but it looks fresh and as Esther said “a nice summery colour Miss Beth”. It is too. She knows what she’s talking about. Except she didn’t know what she was talking about when it came to Kangaroo’s. She said “they attack people yes Miss Beth?”. These Americans are a little obsessed with our roo’s. The Doorman at our apartment asked if we eat anything other than Kangaroo. He was quite impressed that we have beef too!

Next stop was an eyebrow wax. But seeing we walked past this place, we decided to give threading a go. I now have the BEST eyebrows I have ever had in my life. Best. Ever. I never want the hair to grow back. And? It was SEVEN bucks. 7. It also hurt quite a lot.

With our shiny hands, feet and brows we headed downtown to ABC Carpet & Homes. Terrible name, fabulous store. I had another Anthropologie moment where I became short of breath, a little red in the face and clutching my pearls. Oh. My. Stars.

Go on, come and have a look with me.

Yuh. HUH. SO much stuff. So much beautiful stuff. Thank goodness this place does not exist in Australia. Rob that will make you happy.

I just couldn’t focus.


It was all too much for this little lady. I wished that my Mum and sister’s were with me. They would have DIED.

These lights were thousand’s of dollars. Imagine having a NY loft to decorate with an unlimited budget? I would head here. The people shopping in there were pretty fancy too.

Then I turned a corner and landed in THIS section. How can something even be 90% off? Isn’s that just free? I was in a red hot state. Nothing fitted me, but I gave it all a go. I did get some amazing black tailored shorts.

Are you ready for this?

They were $228. I know, right? Who would pay that for shorts.? Well I did. BECAUSE THEY WERE REDUCED TO $25. 25. 2. 5. Bam! My sister in law Jo, who is fabulous and thin would have gone mad there. Mad. I wish I could have teleported her into that clothes sale section.

Mrs Woog was hungry by now, and when she gets hungry, she gets cranky and can’t focus on anything except food. So food it was! I needed a little sugar and carbs to calm my nerves and mind post ABC anyway.

We stumbled across Good Burger. Which is apparently like Shake Shack, but with air conditioning. We need airconditioning right now, it’s hot. Fresh, delicious burgers made to order?


It was even better than it looked.

Next stop? Sephora. SEPHORA. Mrs Woog took charge of the situation, which she does quite often. She is a can DO woman. There’s not much she can’t do. She grabbed me a basket, whacked it in my hands walked around briskly throwing things into it with gay abandon. There was nothing for me to do but nod, close my eyes and pucker up when the gorgeous girl called Annie that Mrs W arranged for me applied something called Boing to me eyes. I now have Boing. And a whole lot of other stuff that I never knew I needed until now. The highlight for me (because I know NOTHING about make up) was when a hot salesman in there told me ” I love your necklace – the colour is SO on trend”. This was the ultimate show pony approval for me. I almost shed a little tear. But instead I just fist pumped and said BANG! Look at me! ON TREND IN NYC. Yes I did actually say that stuff out loud. I told the cashier too, who incidentally asked me where I got my hot necklace so she could go get one too. Me? Giving style tips to stylish young things in Sephora? BTW you can get it at Century 21.

Homeward bound for a rest before heading out for dinner I have fresh nails on feet and hands, new brows, bags full of wonderful shopping and a tasty burger thrown onto my thighs for good measure.

It’s hard to take a selfie on manual on the digital SLR. But look! New brows. And that hot necklace. And those shellacy nail things.

BANG indeed.


  1. You look effing fabulous. Isn’t Sephora TO.DIE.FOR. We neeeeeeed them in Aus. I’m a Shake Shack tragic but am officially pinning Good Burger. These posts are getting me through a shitty, full-on week. Bless your cotton, Century 21 socks xxx

  2. Anonymous says

    You look fantastic and beautifully groomed.
    Thank you for the lovely photos,

  3. Beth, you crack me up! I have my brows threaded and would never go back to waxing. BTW mine never hurt either … it’s in the technique.

  4. Anonymous says

    The word you are after to describe Mrs Woog is HANGRY. Anger caused through hunger. Happens to me all the time. Btw, absolutely loving reading both your updates, feel like I’m there.

  5. Beth, I can literally *feel* the excitement and sheer joy you’re experiencing in every post! Keep it up, girlfriend!

  6. Carly Findlay says

    Sounds like a lovely day!
    We went to century 21 and i was unimpressed. Must shop at saks. Loved anthro yesterday. If you get a chance go to Chelsea market –
    There is an anthro there too!

  7. Carly Findlay says

    The food at Chelsa Market is amazing and there are some nice book, cookware and gift shops. Plus a really good Anthropologie!

    Hope to see you soon x

  8. Anonymous says

    I love, love, love reading your blog, amazing stories and beautiful photos, keep them coming! Makes me feel like i am right there with you!

  9. STOP!! Just stop!!! You’re making us Mummas back here in Australian-Suburbia very VERY jealous right now!!!
    Ok….no, don’t stop! We love it….and are so living through you right now!!!!
    Live it up Beth….for us 🙂
    P.S. Hot nails….i love.

  10. You look gorgeous, love those nails. And DAMN that burger looks good!

  11. Interesting to read about the eyebrow threading, I’ve been wanting to have this done for years but no one does it here in Newcastle. Last week I saw it was everywhere in the UK, but didn’t have time to have it done, wish I’d made time now! xToni

  12. Loving all your adventures! Keep up the good work! Mx

  13. loving the updates! esp with photos!

  14. Wow.

    This is like the Best day EVER!

    Nice work with the neon pink.

  15. Sounds like a wonderful day!! Did the lady at the mani/pedi place tell you how to get the shellac off? I heard it was a bitch and most ladies say never again!? Maybe they just don’t know how?

  16. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    Sephora = Makeup Mecca

  17. Seriously what I am going to do when you two come home? I love these updates!
    I love waking up every morning, wondering what you two have been up to while I have been asleep and then finding out via all these wonderful descriptions and pictures!

    And PS, eyebrow threading is the best…they do it here in Brisbane at the Farmers Markets…nine bucks…and it doesn’t hurt…you just have to get over the fact that you are getting your eyebrows done next to a pile of eggplants and while everyone looks on!

  18. Bit of shopping envy going on here! WTF is threading? I’ve never heard of it but it sounds painful! Sounds like you ladies are having a blast. What conference? 😉

  19. Ive always wanted to try threading but I dont know of anywhere in the ‘berra that does it.

    On a scale of 1-10, what’s the pain like?

  20. Heidi Fitz says

    You are living my dream holiday … the eyebrows are THE icing! I love an eyebrow jush! Keep it coming … so fantastic! Hx

  21. Fabulous everything!!! What a terrific day! Sephora is DANGEROUS!!! Everything seems so cheap so you keep adding and adding to your basket and then you get to the checkout and the final total makes you nearly pass out!!!…
    Your nails and eyebrows look terrific…I can’t wait for my eyebrow maintenance tomorrow – I will finally get rid of this big fat caterpillar above my eyes…trade it in for two smaller ones!! I am loving living vicariously through you on this trip. Jx

  22. Another post where we feel like we’ve walked right there along side you both – thanks for sharing am loving every minute of this adventure, even from the otherside of the world and computer screen!

  23. That all sounded rather delightful lady. Your nails are looking fabulouso! And that homewares store… WOW! Great pics xo

  24. Ah so jealous! NY looks awesome, woo! X

  25. Sitting outside having a cigarette reading your post. Husband watching two kids. 1 year old falls off chair starts screaming. Dad picks up to comfort. 1 yo vomits all over suited dad and kitchen floor. 3 yo goes out in sympathy. So wish I was in NYC with you right now.

  26. What the hell is threading?


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