Saturday in the city

Yesterday we checked out of our hotel and moved a little further uptown to The Arlo NoMad. The weather was FOUL, it actually was sleeting when we left The Ludlow and so when we arrived at our new hotel and waited to check in, we found ourselves perched in the bar for many hours. By the time we got to our room, a little worse for wear we both had a nanna nap and promptly fell into a deep sleep. We woke a few hours later in the dark, very disorientated and a little hungover. We tried to find somewhere to eat locally as the weather was SO bad, ended up at a Japanese that was good, but full of MSG so I spent the rest of the night in some kind of hungover, anxiety ridden panic state from the MSG. Worried about the kids, feeling out of sorts, and not enough sleep. Needless to say this morning I was feeling tired and a little bluergh. But after picking unnecessary fights with my husband we hit the pavement to try and clear the air.

Not far down the road we ended up at the Flatiron Building on a cold and grey Saturday morning. What an iconic spot that is.

Popped into Eataly and then down to ABC Carpet & Home for some shopping and onto a Farmer’s market in Union Square.

From there we walked back uptown to drop bags off at the hotel, then onto Grand Central Station where we had a quick bite to eat at the Oyster Bar.

I love how you all sit in squivel chairs across the way from the other patrons…we were watching a couple and then the next thing we know he is down on one knee proposing to the lady! Oh my STARS. Of course I started to cry…what a joy it was to see a lovely couple starting their married life. I of course got up and took their picture and then snapped one of them too. Yes lady, I AM taking your snap. I loved watching her sit there and look at her ring. Look at it go darls! You are getting MARRIED.

Then we wandered further uptown to the park as the sun tried to break through the clouds. Still so cold, but so beautiful. What a place that park is.

Across Central Park West to see a whole new neighbourhood again on the upper West side. It’s amazing how the neighbourhoods all have such different vibes and styles.

We’re now back in our hotel resting the feet that clocked up about another 15kms before catching up with some friends…one of Rob’s for a drink and then my sister’s friend who lives here for drinks and dinner in the West Village. As you do!

The MSG and angst has passed, the sun is meant to be shining tomorrow and before we know it, it will be time to leave. The kids are fine. Time to slap myself and enjoy every last minute.

We are staying at the Arlo NoMad.
We checked out Eataly.
We went into ABC Carpet & Home.
I loved Fishs Eddy.
We had lunch at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station.
Checked out the MoMa design store.
Walked through Strawberry Fields.


  1. Enjoy your remaining days Beth, and thank you for taking us all on this journey with you xx

  2. Soak it all in Beth! Loving your N.Y blog posts, living vicariously through you, as no holidays for us in the near future. So it’s lovely to see your fab pics here and on Insta. Thanks for sharing!
    Luv Liz XO

  3. Gosh I am loving holidaying with you Beth. No more MSG for you Darls. How many more nights do you have? Enjoy.

  4. all interesting thanks beth!
    aunty m says no more hangovers hun!;)) … a waste of time!
    enjoy the rest of it!
    much love m:)X

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