Lazy villa days

Well time has well and truly slowed down and we are in the hot, summery daze of life in the villa. And boy is it good. La Dolce vita…

IMG_1759 IMG_1776 IMG_1772 IMG_1770 IMG_1777 IMG_1788 IMG_1803 IMG_1820 IMG_1827 IMG_1806 IMG_1782 IMG_1807 IMG_1832 IMG_1815 IMG_1811 IMG_1813


  1. Buon giorno
    Beth, these photos are so beautiful and I imagine will become great memories. It still looks like summer over there and I am sure your girls will never forget these adventures with family. I love it how they are learning italian with their grandparents. So sweet!
    Have a great time!

  2. I know you are in a house. But this so looks like the Villa Marte that we stayed in outside of Lucca in fall of 2010.

    I love Lucca. Been there three times and going back next fall. Have fun, but I don’t have to tell you that! Far niente, or something like that.

  3. Lorelle Coates says

    Just gorgeous Beth! Can’t wait to visit Italy again one day, and visit my family. Loving all of the pictures too ? Enjoy the rest of your trip and precious family time, creating wonderful memories

    Lorelle x

  4. Love these photos. Looks like you are having a lovely, laid back time

  5. Good to hear and see you’ve all found your groove. It looks just beautiful! Happy days x

  6. Swoon. Gorgeously summer-ish.. Gorgeously Italian-ish. Gorgeous.

  7. How do you say jealous in Italian?

  8. Thank you Beth for sharing your family with us. Sharing your precious moments with us all. You are melting my heart, with each photo – THANK YOU and enjoy xoxox

  9. buon giorno … beth … grazie!
    come stai?
    la dolca vita indeed!
    ciao baby! … con affetto m:))X

  10. Looks divine and relaxing!

  11. Oh my gosh so jealous! You have the best family. Reunions in Italy wowsers! Love the pics

  12. Italy dreaming … x

  13. beautiful. I’m dreaming of a holiday yet again x

  14. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Beautiful post Beth!

  15. Wow. The light in every single photo is absolutely magical. I can literally feel those warm languid days! The best of the sun, the taste of those ripe tomatoes and the cool water in the pool. You’ll never want to come home! Enjoy every moment Beth xx

  16. Is that Roberto’s dad in the pink polo with a popped collar? I want to hug him. He looks huggable.

  17. Oh that Villa. How wonderful.

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