Big smoke action

Sheesh. It’s been DAYS since I’ve been in here. I had a not one but two trips to Sydney in the space of a few days. Throw in some work, some entertaining Friday night, a hockey match, a family reunion today and we are all a little weary!

Rob had a fishing trip planned this weekend and I had the Kidspot Voices soiree to attend on Saturday night so I had my Mum lined up for some babysitting. Rob’s trip was cancelled at the last minute which meant that I took advantage of planned babysitting and organised a lightning overnight stay in the city for his Birthday which was earlier in the week. I got to go briefly to the cocktail party, the girls got a night with Grandma and Papa and we got some time alone – everyone was a winner!

We had a drink at a fab bar – the Gowings Bar and Grill which reminded me of something from NY. VERY cool. Would highly recommend it if you are in the city looking for somewhere to eat/drink. I missed out on going to the Gilt Bar which is also in the building and apparently even better! I have a post coming on the hotel itself…just blew my mind!


I even did a spot of shopping in the afternoon, I always get a bit excited when there’s actually a variety of shops to chose from rather than our pretty slim selection down here. So many people shopping in the city but not a lot to choose from. I got a great kimono style jacket at Zara and a French Connection black frock and some red tights too! My pop of colour that usually is just on my lips has now extended down to my legs.



Here’s the whole thing together with me doing my best Styling You post at the end of the evening. Rob thought the leather dress was hot. I thought it was comfortable. How gorgeous is that little jacket? It will get thrashed I just know it.


Although my time at the Kidspot party was VERY brief due to being on a quick leave pass during a hot date with Roberto, it was great to catch up with old friends and meet some bloggers I have admired for ages. I wish I could have met more…those events always fly by. Apparently I DID have time for a stretch against All Consuming and Gourmet Girlfriend…lord only knows WHY?!


I then bootscooted back to Bert, caught up briefly with some friends at their apartment in Potts Point and then walked across the road to The Apollo for dinner. We managed to score a very late seat at the bar and had the most delicious meal I’ve had in a long time. As you would know, I’m a swearer from way back. When one simple but oh-so-good side dish came out of shredded iceberg, white balsamic, olive oil and a shitload of pecorino over it’s back I told the waitress that they should rename the dish SHUT THE FUCK UP. Yes, it was all that good. Some greek white wine, good people watching, fabulous company with Rob talking about work and the girls and goals and plans and having a good old laugh too – we had just the best time.

Now we’re home, the fire is on and the girls in bed. I’m ready to go on a strict diet of water, air and water for the week ahead and get through the very last bit of BEVERLEY before it gets sent off into the iTunes ether. Time to get focused and get started on some of those timetables I talked about with Rob.

What did you guys do this weekend?
What’s the last piece of clothing you’ve bought yourself?
Been to The Apollo? HOW GOOD IS IT?


  1. Hello new outfit. I like. A. Lot. x

  2. MotherDownUnder says

    I love that entire look. Hot.
    There is nothing better that a great weekend…especially one that is a bit of a surprise.

  3. shoppegirls says

    You look fabulous.

  4. Red tights! I love them!

  5. Was so good to feel you up again, sistah x

  6. Maria Biggart says

    Well I had a fantastic and crazy girls night out at the Bristol Arms Retro bar!! – followed by an overnight stay at the Intercontinental Hotel 🙂 It has been YEARS since I’ve had so much fun and it was made so much better by not getting woken up by little people at 5.30am!! xx

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love your new outfit,It is stunning ,I love the red tights,HOT HOT I am so glad you had a lovely weekend with your lovely hubby it is nice to do stuff like that,eat nice food and just people watch and chat (I love people watching) one of my fave sports,and one I am good at!
    Lets see I went to Trade Secret on Friday and got me some new taupe leather boots and 2 knits and a new bag,they just had so much nice stuff atm and now they have Country Road and Trenery ,I am more in love with the store and the bag is Charlie Brown,really nice Black with orange handles and and trim and orange pocket on the front for keys,I love it!
    Please don’t just live on air and water you need food hon XX

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