Days like this

You know when you plan a holiday, you kind of imagine days? You day dream them when you are tired and cranky and dealing with the same old stuff, you think about them when you are stressed out from working towards them, you fantasise about them playing out scenes in your head from what you have seem online, in movies, read in books.

And then you get there. And sometimes it can be nothing like you imagine. Kids are whinging. Food is shit. You feel tired. And then other times, it’s even better than you imagined.

Today was the latter. A dream day of travel.

We picked up a car in Edinburgh. A sweet as fancy arse brand new car that they gave us and we drove north to a wee little village called Fort Augustus on Loch Ness. The sun was shining. The fighting was at a minimum. The scenery was AMAZING. And I was literally squealing with delight every step of the way. A walk around the loch. A drink and ice cream in the afternoon sun while we watched the locks being lowered and raised. Dinner at our hotel that included boiled eggs and soldiers for the girls (THANK YOU CLEVER HOTEL). My first taste of haggis. A wee bit of whisky and a spot of monopoly with the girls after dinner and now 3 sleeping people next to me in our room at 9.15pm at night.

Today feels like holidays. And I like it.

Very much.

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  1. I am so jealous right now…sharing all these special experiences with your family must be totally amazing! Loving the beautiful photos too. What did you think of Haggis? I’ve yet to try.

    • It was a little bit delicious! I didn’t think about what it was and just tried to enjoy it for what it was and that worked!

  2. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous happy family snaps! I was born in Scotland but left as a tot. For the 30 years until I went back for a visit, I was unaware of what a beautiful place it was….

  3. I love Loch Ness, the black water is mesmerising. No wonder Nessie can’t be seen.
    I look forward to your photos from Skye and hope you will visit my ancestral home Dunvegen Castle (even though the Mcdonalds and the Macleods were known for trying to kill each other)
    There’s also a sweet art gallery on Skye:
    Your photos are lovely.

  4. Ah, you take me back 15 years ago when we were in Scotland. Beautiful pix, Beth. Thanks for the trip down memory lane xo

  5. Christie says

    We always find it better to hire a car. The kids seem calmer, not so much constant stimulation by being with people all the time and not so much drama about getting on and off public transport. They generally are quieter in the car and we pretty much all relax and enjoy the ride.

  6. Thanks Beth, I love reliving my travels through Scotland, and you are braver than me, I wouldn’t tough haggis!
    My dad is from Kirkintilloch near Glasgow so I have strong Scottish roots (you know the type I mean….) and when I was in Scotland I understood for the first time the sense of connection to land that our aborigines talk about. I really felt connected to the place, especially the highlands and the border areas. And loch ness, surely it’s big enough for the monster to hide away in, isn’t it massive.
    Speed bonnie boat to you all as you continue your travels, ‘ over the sea to Skye ‘ you must listen to that song before you head off to Skye so you can sing it as you travel (yes I am a big dag) xx

  7. Looks beautiful Beth- thanks for my virtual holiday:)

  8. Annie Maurer says

    Beautiful photos Beth…..just love coming along for the ride with you. I visited Loch Ness as a young twenty something back in the 80’s…..SOOO long ago now but your lovely photos bring back all the memories…..We had to hitch hike there…no trains to use our Britrail passes… scary! I would kill my kids if they did it! Thanks for the memories and sharing your holiday…..the Internet is a wonderful thing.

  9. Yvonne Duke says

    Am so loving all your photos and feeling soooo homesick ! How lucky you have been with the weather ! Yes you need to learn the ‘Skye Boat Song’ for the trip to Skye. And great that you are going to Glasgow, I come from just south of there

  10. Just after reading this I flicked to my big sister’s FB page and she had posted photos of Edinburgh. Who knows you might have just visited some of the same places! Lovely photos

  11. looks perfect xx enjoy every moment!

  12. Oh i’m just loving your posts right now, Scotland is my favourite place ever. We were there a month ago, travelled from Edinburgh to Glasgow then boarded a tiny little plane to spend a few days on a little Island called Islay. 8 whisky distilleries on one Island, my husband was a very happy man!! I just love those magical days when travelling feels like a dream. Enjoy!! Oh and how good is Haggis 🙂

  13. That was the perfect escape for me sitting at my desk at work right now. x

  14. Lovely shots – and the Daisy and MacDonald photos didn’t escape my attention!
    What’s the secret to an awesome day, do you think? Is it letting go of the little things?

    • I think so. Focus on the big picture stuff because you just don’t remember the rest really, so don’t even let it get in your way at the time 🙂

  15. Edinburgh is majestic but the highlands steal your heart! Like your macdonalds, my mclennans hale from Skye. Breathtakingly beautiful. I bet you won’t put your camera down!

  16. Lisa Aherne says

    A part of the world I have not seen. Love your photos! Your girls are growing up fast. Wonderful too share your holiday with you. Thanks.

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