Stitch & Bitch 2012 style

There’s something about the coming together of a group of women that’s special. Especially the coming together of women from the same family. Women who share a history. Who share bloodlines. It’s like secret women’s business.

This weekend I spent time with 12 of the immediate females from my Mother’s side of the family. It was our annual get together under the guise of “craft” but really it’s just a chance to drink, eat, chat, laugh and share. And dance. There’s always a little dancing.

Oh, and some readings from my Mum and her cards.

This is the 5th year that we have done this and I must say I was looking forward to it more than ever. For the break from my girls, to spend some time with my sister’s and my Mum, and just to stop and do nothing, read, draw, write, paint, drink, sleep and catch up. It’s just plain good for your soul.

This year we also celebrated my Mum’s 60th Birthday which was last weekend. Any excuse to eat numerous pieces of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and I’m in.

I’m already looking forward to the next one!


  1. what a fantastic idea, if only my family got on that well. OR maybe we need this so that we do. I love how you tell a story thru pictures. THANKS for sharing x

  2. Oh amazing!! Love your images, just beautiful. A weekend with just the women in my life sounds divine, and so incredibly nourishing. One day I will make it happen too xx

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful, cosy, Autumn weekend. Xx

  4. I can really see the difference in your photos since your ‘Nursery” session. Awesome.

  5. How divine…..really what a great idea! The images are so cosy… is everything xo

  6. it looks like a warm, soul-filling time. wonderful!

  7. Must know shade of nail varnish on card reader recipient, it is divine (and I am a freak for nail varnish!). Looks like you had a splendid weekend – that cake, those drinks and the photos!! Good for the soul!

  8. Beautiful Beth…just beautiful. Lovely to see such a family coming together. D

  9. Perfection!! And your pics are divine xx

  10. Oh I always love your photos from the stitch and bitch lady. They’re gorgeous and it looks like a beautifully warm and loving time was spent together. That cake looks too good for words… I’d be heading back for multiple slabs of that baby too!
    What a wonderful tradition xo

  11. Beautiful photos of a beautiful tradition.
    And have you ever read the book The Red Tent. It is one of my favourites…all about women coming together for support and encouragement and secret women’s business!

  12. Divine. Pure and simple.

  13. What a gorgeous way to spend some time with family. Your photos are looking more and more beautiful, some very clever tricks there.

  14. Gorgeou photos, especially that cake!

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