Full & thorough reporting

You guys! It’s been busy as ever around these parts AND I have been on a plane again! Best I give you all a full & thorough reporting on what’s been going on – whenever it’s something more glamorous than home and supermarkets I will report!

Let’s start here though. It would be remiss of me not to mention the triumph of my pissweak world birthday cake I made for my brother in law (the ex-chef) now landscape gardener. I went onto Pinterest for inspo and came out of that with a vision…execution? Well execution was a little rough. The cake, the use of excessive green food colouring, on pointe for sure, but my lawn mower? Well Paul & Mary, it let me down. Here’s my show stopper:


The lawnmower does look a little like it’s out of a horror movie (as my sister pointed out) but can we discuss the rich, lush southern highlands lawn? So good!

Another angle, if you will.


Girls loved it, and it’s another notch in my home made baked birthday cake repertoire.

Anyway, let’s now fast forward to my whirlwind trip to Brisbane for pretty much, dinner on Friday night. Rob was up there doing a job with Nikki and I thought I would tag along in the afternoon. It was WHIRL wind and it required organisation unlike anything else having all 3 girls off to various locations for the night. Getting out the door on Friday morning, to get Mags and Frank to my sisters, the girls to school, bags dropped off here and there and people picking up this one, then dropping this one, it was a business. But I did it. Got in that car at 9am and hightailed it to the airport.

Took my standard photo to remember where I parked the car.


Landed in Brisbane around 3pm and before I knew it, it was wine time on Styling You’s side deck. Pleasing stuff really.


We didn’t shut up talking, barely taking a breath but eventually doing so when I got to raid Nikki’s wardrobe for something to wear. You see, my strategy when visiting Nikki is to bring NOTHING. Well perhaps some jeans and underwear but pretty much nothing else. Works a treat every time.

Pulled together an outfit where Nikki instructed me to pose for an #everydaystyle shot. I looked just like her. Subtle, stylish, understated.


No really, I nailed it.


I tend to get excited when I miss out on feral time back home. And when I am in high heels.


We had a great night out for dinner (we went to Les Bubbles food great, service shite) then went and had a few cocktails at a rooftop bar where we felt completely and entirely ancient. Got to bed not too late as to ensure we could enjoy some of the non baby/no children waking us up for the first time in 16 months and were back out the door before 9am the next day. Whirlwind!


So much fun to be an adult with Rob by my side and with other adults! Exhausting but fun. Saturday we were back to grab kids, pick up other kids, drop other kids to sleepovers and get back to normal life. And can we discuss the fact that Nikki gifted me not one but TWO pairs of her hot shoes that she no longer needs. TWO! I am so the annoying little sister she never had!

I’ve been making this chorizo chicken again a bit lately…it’s funny how you forget to make things and then when you do you remember just how good it is. You should make it, here’s the recipe again. I added in some capsicum for good measure as well.


So now it’s back to creeping to the end of the School term…it’s meltdowns a go-go from the almost 7 year old especially…a school term is such a BIG thing for little ones. Mags is running then cracking it that I am out of her sight, and Daisy is pretty relaxed and happy. Bring on next week for some quiet time without running around and schedules and drops offs and ins and everything in between that a school term brings.

Are you on holidays yet?
Got any plans to go anywhere good?
Been on a whirlwind trip to anywhere lately?


  1. You are hilarious. I love those snaps of you playing it cool on the deck. I’d be the same away from my 3 cherubs. So rare. The cake is fabo too. Well done!!!

  2. Oh have been wanting to go to Les Bubbles, good to know what to expect.
    Looking hot lady.
    Already on holidays here, but no trips away, just spending time in our new home tarting it up. Xx

  3. Beth your foodie photos are doing crazy things to my preggo brain. Last night it was baked Camembert (wrapped in salami for good measure) for dinner. I think I now have to go get ingredients for your chicken chorizo dish – looks so good!
    Feeling hungry xo

  4. Lol Les Bubbles service is always awful… 🙁

  5. Been spending a lot of time in Bondi as the business takes shape. Thought it was go time yesterday after 3 hours of Braxton Hicks and feeling like I wanted to vomit/push…but it ended and I am still here. Just really need to hold out until we get through the little dude’s birthday party that my husband insisted on having.

  6. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Gorgeous Beth and I love the cake Xx

  7. I felt exhausted just reading that !
    The cake is great, i’ld love someone, anyone , to go to all that trouble for my birthday !! Lucky BIL.

  8. Aww you had me at Brisbane, my home….. Going back for Christmas to melt all makeup off and create a frizz mop called my hair. It’s always a whirlwind even if it lasts 2 weeks. loved the cake.

  9. Where is the white/cream top from?

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