Just call me Bev: Chorizo Chicken

Oh dinner! What a repetitive MOFO you can be. You are relentless. You can be exhausting. And when you occur on the days of Monday-Thursday you just plain suck a little soul out of my day. I should meal plan. I should venture off the normal meals we make week in, week out. I should cook organic free range meals from eco friendly butchers and my vegetable garden, but I don’t. I usually cook the same 6 or 7 meals on rotation, that is until I forget to do the shopping, or do the shopping and completely forget to buy any meat and have to pick up something on the run. Like um, yesterday.

I saw chicken thigh fillets on special (bone in, skin on) and at $3.69 a KILO I picked up a pack and knew it just had to be Nigella’s spanish chicken. Easy, delicious, one pot to wash up and in this case…CHEAP!

Spanish chorizo chicken
: 6-8 pieces chicken thigh (bone in skin on)
: 2 chorizos
: 4-6 new potatoes
: Oregano
: Salt, pepps and oil
: Zest of 1 orange

: In the bottom of a (cold) roasting pan drizzle in olive oil, salt & pepper. Put the thighs in skin side down and massage in the seasoned oil, then flip the pieces over

: Chop the chorizos into 4 cm pieces. Do the same with potatoes (cut them in halves or quarters depending on their size). If you have wee new potatoes you could throw them in whole

: Wedge the potatoes and chorizo between the chicken and sprinkle with oregano and orange zest (which I of course forgot to get at the fruit shop)

: Throw into a 220 degree hot oven for an hour

: I made a simple rocket and parmesan salad to go on the side

: Serve up and enjoy! The girls love this dinner and why wouldn’t you?


  1. Looks yummy, very Spanish. I will try it. My dad makes something similar but adds fried capsicum and onion and no chorizos. We traditionally only eat chorizos in a BBQ with bread or sometimes in a paella. I love the salad, and rocket and parmasen go so well together!
    Do your girls eat the salad too?

  2. Fantastic, ticks all the right boxes for me!

  3. Looks delish! We are currently going through a phase where EVERY dinner I put on the table gets “that looks yuk” after 4 weeks of this it’s breaking me. Might have to give this a whirl. Thanks, ma’am.

    • I know that face all too well. Daisy is SO hungry after being at School that she will generally eat most things I put in front of her which means that Harper will too. Good luck! x

  4. You had me at ‘one pot wonder’

  5. Thanks, that’s what I’m having tonight now!

  6. Oh you lifesaver, I hate thinking of what’s for dinner. This looks so good, and one pot is always a winner.

  7. Love a one pot wonder. will be trying this! Thanks Bev! x

  8. This is my go to recipe when I have visitors for dinner and just can’t be arsed spending hours in the kitchen. It’s a winner. I usually finish with baked peaches and ice cream. Another meal dead easy and so impressive.

  9. I would happily eat the 7 meals you have on rotation – everything at your house always looks so damn delicious!

  10. I’m not much of a cook, but i’m going to try this one! Looks yum.


  11. Winner!

  12. Yum…looks great to me! Your first few paragraphs really spoke to me though…i am so over dinner and i even meal plan lol! At the moment trying to keep twin toddlers, a teen and two adults happy at mealtimes is sending me a little barmy!
    Thanks for sharing (and what a bargain that chicken was!!!)

  13. I agree with Jode above – that first paragraph could have been me writing it. So easy to eat the same stuff day in day out. I’m trying really hard not to do it and it’s so nice to eat some different meals! Love this one. Thanks for the tip x

  14. Thanks for the dinner idea – gave it a whirl tonight & it us a keeper! Cheers

  15. parmesan and rocket salad makes me cry sweet tears of salad joy. Sometimes, if I haven’t eaten a piece of fruit in about six months (sounds pretty normal, actually), I put sliced pear in it and feel so DAMN SUPERIOR!

  16. Yum! A favourite at our house too

  17. LOVE your recipes and wanted to send a thanks! Tried this Friday night (when I have zero ‘bebotheredness’ and it took me less than 5 minutes to prepare and everyone loved it. The kids have named it BabyMac Chicken. πŸ™‚

  18. My lady love just cooked us this for dinner tonight! Yum! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thanks for this – my in-laws are leaving my place tonight after a 10 day stay and I simply CAN NOT come up with another 3 course gourmet meal, so I’ve told them it will be simple, and it will be chicken… all the while knowing that this will still impress big time AND I won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. YAY!

  20. Anonymous says

    Cooked this for dinner last night thanks to you. A winner all round especially with my little girl who only likes cheesy pasta and has a mini meltdown when anything else is served. Thanks again. Georgia x

  21. yummy yummy just cooked it tonight!
    chucked in some carrots with about 10 mins to go (and skipped the salad cause was feeling lazy)

  22. Off to cook this now, just what the dr ordered after a trying day (missing cat, dead snake – has to equal disaster me thinks). Wish I had some rocket for a salad!

  23. And it was damn good. Triple thanks

  24. Anonymous says

    do you need to boil the potatoes first? thanks ):

  25. Anonymous says

    Absolutely delicious – entire family raved – thanks for this πŸ™‚

  26. Beth I would be interested in hearing more about your same 6 or 7 meals on rotation…especially if this one is anything to go by the kids will love it!

  27. Making this tonight! πŸ™‚ I hope the kids love it. x


  28. Lisa Aherne says

    I am definitely going to have a go at this recipe, sounds delicious. I will have to improvise and try to cook it in a casserole on my induction plate. I don’t have an oven in the caravan. This will be rectified before we take off on our next trip! I want to have a go at your scones too.

  29. Tried this last night as it is similar ingredients to an open pie i make. I really liked this especially for its no fuss prep, but the ingredient combo of the pie would make it even better. Give this a whirl: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/29037/chicken+chorizo+potato+pie we adapted it and fold all four corners in to make parcels. Absolutely divine! My boys inhale it every time.

  30. I made this for our family dinner tonight. So easy and yummo! Thanks for posting it Beth. This is definitely going on high rotation. We also love your easy sausage pasta. πŸ™‚

  31. Winner winner chicken dinner. The one pot wonder was delicious.

  32. It’s only been in 10 minutes and it smells divine. Thank you. Sausage pasta tomorrow night… S x

  33. Madeleine says

    Delicious! Made this for dinner tonight, added red onion and rosemary (as I was out of oregano) and squeezed some orange over at the end. Fantastic, easy winter dinner! Thanks Beth.

  34. littlemissneutral says

    Giving this a crack tonight! No chorizo so swapping that out for more veggies… Fennel and Capsicum πŸ™‚

  35. This is awesome – we have made this every week since finding it. So easy and quick to throw in during the crazy hours of afternoon. Thank you!


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