Thank goodness for ice cream

Today my 4 year old daughter who usually complains about having to walk to the bathroom for a bath because it’s too far walked up a bloody mountain! I never thought that she would do it, but you know what? She put her little head down and led the way for hours up to the very tippy top of Arthur’s Seat 250 metres up. The views were amazing. The complaining was NIL. The tears were from Daisy who is a little afraid of heights and the joy was ALL of ours.

IMG_9326 IMG_9328 IMG_9329 IMG_9331 IMG_9332 IMG_9334 IMG_9335 IMG_9337 IMG_9345 IMG_9350 IMG_9352 IMG_9357

Mum, this is where we made the birthday call from! Literally from the top of the world!

After the walk back down and a recovery ice cream we ventured on foot again into Princes Street Gardens for a picnic in the sunshine with some delights from M&S. Oh how I love the picnic options you can pick up for next to nothing. The park was green and oh so beautiful. And the view? Not half bad!

IMG_9363 IMG_9368

Somehow we then managed to get them up the hill again to the castle for a walk around. There are steps and hills everywhere and not one complaint!

IMG_9372 IMG_9376 IMG_9378 IMG_9381 IMG_9382 IMG_9385

The delivery of another ice cream saw us manage the walk back down the Royal Mile to home where we have all collapsed for the afternoon. Superior sight seeing girls…it’s amazing where an ice cream can get you. Edinburgh you are seriously impressive and beautiful and your weather is ridiculously good!


  1. Sounds fabby – Bet the kids slept well after that.. what an effort!! Dedicated sight see’ers!

  2. Oh Edinburgh, love your pictures, thanks for sharing. I first visited with my mum and brother when I was 10 to visit family. I remember walking up Arthur’s seat and whinging and moaning the whole way. Poor mum turned around half way and we had a huge fight. What a brat! I then lived and worked in Edinburgh for two years. Many happy memories and it’s where I met my husband and finally got to the top of Arthur’s seat. My daughter who is 19 is doing her first solo trip at the end of the year and will be there for Hogmanay. Talk about full circle the last time she was there was when I was pregnant with her. Time flies Beth enjoy every second with your family on your amazing trip. Memories for a lifetime. That sun seriously you are so lucky!

  3. Oh bless her cotton socks. I am loving harpers dresses. She’s such a little doll in her dresses. I hope grace is a dress girl one day.
    Love love loving your travel news. Warms the cockles of my heart.

  4. Looks fab! Would love to go exploring there:) great piccies- thanks for sharing your trip with us all.

  5. What amazing weather. Loving the views from Arthur’s Seat. We had to wipe it from our agenda due to sideways rain. Edinburgh is just gorgeous though. A real highlight for me. It is amazing the walking kids will do on holiday. My kids amazed me every day on holidays.

  6. Stunning. Just stunning. We visited Edinborough in 99 and I can’t wait to go back again. How gorgeous is the weather you’re having! We fly out tomorrow morning, am BESIDE MYSELF.

    Looks like you’re having an utterly glorious time. Enjoy x

  7. Oh you are making me long for a trip to the UK again. xT

  8. Hi Beth, I’m a recent reader of your blog and this is my first time writing.. Hello! A good friend told me about your journey (she’s been following you for a while) after many discussions about me and my family’s desire to move from the Inner West suburb of Earlwood, Sydney, to the sweet, beautiful and amazing area of Milton/Mollymook – 3 hours south!!. It’s on the cards, it’s SO on the cards, it’s just timing and work that needs to align itself with us.. We’ll get there I’m sure. It’s an absolute must. I’m going back through your archives to read about your journey to move south (to the beauty of the highlands) which has entertained me and encouraged me further.. So thanks.
    I had to write on this occasion as your travels have my stomach burning with happiness and the desire to get on a plane and do it again! I’ve climbed that mountain (Arthur’s seat) with my husband during our time living in Edinburgh – isn’t it just DIVINE??! We lived there for 6 months and after having our first daughter we took her back there and visited a lot of the places you have been. She was not quite 2 so we climbed no mountain, although travelling with a 20 month old was like climbing a mountain every day – bless her. It certainly is a different experience travelling with a child but it does force you to slow down and smell the roses. It’s a beautiful experience (and hard and frustrating and long and unpredictable) but it’s a precious & special time particularly when you’re meeting up with old friends. Your photos are in my album and your experiences have brought back many fantastic memories.. It’s been 3 years since we were there. We now have 2 beautiful girls – my ‘traveller’ almost 6 and the youngest is 2 & a half and I have to think very long and hard about whether or not I should take her to Coles on my own so the thought of a long haul flight is terrifying!!!
    I’ve loved reading & will continue to do so. I’m hooked and I’m forcing my husband to get to know you too! Haha..
    Sorry for the long winded note, I have a habit of raving on..
    Happy happy travels! Xx

  9. Josephine says

    So phenomenally envious! I spent a short time around Scotland in my early twenties (13 years ago, eek!) and it remains a treasured time in my life. There is magic there for sure.
    I have two boys (4 and almost 2), they are a bit too little for an adventure like this at the moment, but we have long planned on doing it in a few years time.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope the rest of your holiday is just as fab.

  10. So funny about the ice-cream. We traveled for six months last year with our two (6 and 3) and I think the copious amounts of ice-cream consumed will be their lasting memory of the trip. They still talk about it and ask why they don’t get to eat so much at home.

  11. PS. Enjoy Scotland! My daughter was born there and it’s a very special place.

  12. Wow Beth your photos are amazing once again! Thanks for letting me know what your camera was the other day – much appreciated. I am loving reading your adventures every day and seeing all the beautiful places you’ve visited. I visited Edinburgh when I was 19 (a v long time ago :)) but remember all those hills very well! Your girls have done amazingly well, you must be so proud. Keep having fun……

  13. Wow, what a day!

  14. What a pair of little troupers. Great work girls!!

  15. Gosh that looks lovely. Don’t the little uns like to surprise us occasionally!! My 5 year old decided to run the cross country last weekend (anything her big brother can do she can do better). They ran in the under 9 race (my son is only 6). George waited for his little sister and chaperoned her round the course. Ingrid had tears streaming down her face at the end and said “mummy, it was hard for my little legs but I DIDN’T STOP”. I was so proud of them both. And Ingrid is going back for more next week. Bless.

  16. Whoa nelly! What a climb it is too. Well done to the little ladies. What a beautiful spot.

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