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You guys! MY LITTLE SISTER’S BABY IS DUE NEXT WEEK. I know! I am so excited! And I am sure she is too, albeit it slightly over the whole thing. Hit us up with your best labour inducing tips so she can get this baby out and I can give it a cuddle!


You know what else I am excited about? CHRISTMAS. For some reason I have been touched with the ghost of Christmas present and am so pumped for the big day. This weekend it means we can get our tree (although it will break by pre-December rules by a day) but Rob is away next week and I can’t very well wait until the 2nd week of December now can I? Tree! Wreaths! Christmas ham! LOVE THIS SHIT.

IMG_3537 IMG_3358

Have you started some Christmas baking? I have made 2 fruit cakes like a mad woman and am thinking about some mince fruit tart action too. Hit me in the direction of the best recipe in which to do this ploise. I may or may not have purchased a box and eaten 1 from Bakers Delight this week. They are VERY good. If fruit cake isn’t your thing perhaps this Norwegian cake I made 2 years ago might be more it? Pretty isn’t it?


Oh my goodness the hydrangeas are coming out everywhere too! All those amazing colours! The pretty, crisp whites, the pinks and dark purples and blues. I have almost had a few accidents as I admire them as I drive past. Note to self: plant more hydrangeas.

With all this festive season happenings upon us, I have a hot tip for you for your next drinks event or soiree. Cheat sauso rolls and then sprinkle with some sesame seeds on top or even some dukkah for an extra layer of deliciousness! The fancier your base sausage is, the more fooled everyone will be about it. Onto it!


Speaking of soirees, if you are from the Highlands I would love to see you at The Bookshop Bowral on Friday night at 6pm for a champagne and chat with Nikki for a signing of her book! I will be introducing her and would love to see some faces there so come along. You just need to contact the store to grab a ticket ($15) their number is (02) 4862 1634 or you can see them on Facebook here.


You know last week I forked out SO much cash for 4 new bloody tyres on our car? Well, that very same car needed to be registered yesterday. MAN it sucks to be an adult sometimes. Note to self: don’t purchase a new car before Christmas because you will have to register it just beforehand and it’s an entirely annoying expense at this time of year.

Have you guys entered the cushion giveaway on the blog yet worth $129. Closes Sunday at 4pm so make sure you get onto it.


Someone sent me a link to this article on 11 perfectly good reasons to drink more gin. And while this may not work out for me right now, might I point you all in its general direction. I do miss gin. Oh I miss it. Did I mention I miss it?

Today I am off to Sydney for a work Christmas gathering! I know! Colleagues and the like! I am thrilled that even though I get to work from my own dining room table every day that I am part of a group of some amazingly clever and supportive people at The Remarkables Group. We are catching up for some planning, some workshopping and then I get to watch them all drink champagne and get silly. I also get to share a room at The QT tonight with Nikki, so all that ends well and all that jazz.

Got some labour inducing tips for my little sis?
Have you started the Christmas decorating at your place yet? Touched by the spirit?
Ordered your Christmas ham from your local butcher?
Coming along to Nikki’s event on Friday night?
Paid any ridiculous annoying adult bills?
Me too!

Have a great Thursday friends x


  1. Lisa mckenzie says

    Beautiful I really have to get the Christmas shopping done ASAP and make the cake etc etc.I love hydrangeas too every colour!
    My best tips for getting a baby out are raspberry leaf tea and sex.
    Enjoy the the QT Beth xx

  2. Try Nigella’s Cranberry Mincemeat for your pies. There’s no going back! They’re amazing and every year I increase the amount I make. It’s also my ‘go to’ gift for the teachers at school at the end of the year. You won’t regret it πŸ™‚

    Best getting baby out tip is having a water birth, for #3 I laboured away for a while before the midwife filled the pool, got in and 10 mins later baby was on the outside!

  3. Oh wow, I love ham straight off the bone. The look of that ham on toast is irresistible!! I’m always the one who eats nearly ALL the ham at Xmas.
    I always need to be medically induced with my babies. Ruddy squatters! With that said, I loved acupuncture and had a few treatments to try and get them out. There is 80% chance of inducing labour after the due date (I was in the unlucky 20%) through acupuncture. If she gets a good acupuncturist, they will take your sister through a meditation which can be used during labour and I found this the most beneficial part of the entire thing. It really centred me during labour and zapped the panic. Best thing I did. Exciting times for your family!

  4. Fiona Guglielmi says

    There it’s always room for more hydrangeas …just love their colors. You have a great Thursday as well.

  5. thanks beth, baby talking …
    sing it out! … move it, move it, move it! groove it, groove it, groove it!
    go for a long walk and have a hot shower … not too hot!
    I like lisa’s recommendation funny! … but a bit risky!
    dad’s ordered the delicious ham! … tooo good!
    decorations happening! presents well I’m being distracted! … must focus!
    that’s why I come here! … organization! with a sense of humour! cheers! m:)X

  6. Adult bills suck. Do you realise you can register your car for 6 months? Too late for this year, but next year do 6 months and then in June do 12. Problem sorted!

  7. Coming to you from the QT … see you later my friend! x

  8. bouncing on a fit ball for half an hour, three times a day worked for me. The doctors got me into it.

    And to avoid having to pay rego near Xmas just pay 6 months next time, then when June rolls around pay the whole 12 months. Problem solved. It’s what we had to do too. Damn stupid bills.

  9. Gibbergunyah says

    Remembering that babies are “due” between 37 and 42 weeks, and thinking of 42 weeks as the time they’ll definitely be here by helps. It’s also a good way to avoid induction through impatience! That being said, mine were BOTH born on their due dates. I know. Due to the above thinking I never got to the “over it”, and had all sorts of things I planned to do. After the second time I did have a couple of friends say; “You know, you might want to pay attention to your due date next time.”

  10. My 3 year old helped himself to the Glad Cute’s Christmas cake that I made. Took a chunk out, wrapped the foil back over it, then left a trail of crumbs leading to under his bed. It wasn’t pretty! The only solution was to dig into the cake. It was delicious (although a little crumby). That Norweigan cake looks fabulous. No labour inducing tips here- my boys have always come early- I’m hoping this one will stay put for another week so I can attend day care Christmas concert, husband’s work Christmas party, my baby sprinkle and a thanksgiving dinner with family- and come up with a name my husband and I can agree on! Enjoy your newborn cuddles x

  11. I was all set for fixing up the final room in our house and a new sofa and then BAM. Dog has displaced hips. CHACHING! Vet Bills! Just pop that new sofa back to the bottom of the list. Le sigh. (Not to mention the car seat, pram, general bay STUFF that needs to be purchased.) Ahhh adulthood. I too am excited about Chrissy but not even sure where to begin this year!

  12. “Note to self: don’t purchase a new car before Christmas because you will have to register it just beforehand and it’s an entirely annoying expense at this time of year.”

    Easily solved. We had 2 car and 1 motorbike rego’s due at the same time one year, so I staggered them. Over here in the West we have the option of paying for 3 months, 6 or 12 months. So I paid one for 3 months [then paid it for 12 when it was due again], one for 6 months [and again paid it for 12 when it was due again] and the motorbike for 12 months. Instantly and forever staggered πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy your work get together tonight x

  13. My middle son had to be evicted a week before Xmas! My tree also going up this weekend as I’m sure most will be – we’re all rebel rule breakers. Have a remarkable evening!

  14. This could be slightly awkward that’s why I’m slightly anonymous. But I was 9 days over with my last baby so before I went to sleep I gave myself a lil click of the ol’ mouse (please google that if you don’t get what I mean! Haha) and woke up 90 mins later with my first contraction and had a 40 minute labour. If she tries this (We’ll try anything when we’re over it!) then definitely call the ambulance haha I gave birth in the ambulance! I think the reason it worked is because it’s the same as getting an oxytocin drip – which is a method of induction – only the hormone produced is natural not synthetic. That’s why they say tweak nipples or have sex… all roads lead to Rome I guess πŸ˜‰

  15. Labour tips are all pointless really – usually baby won’t come until baby is simply cooked and ready! But… sex brought on labour for me within 10 minutes, obviously I wasn’t far off anyway. My husbands’s cousin’s wife (you with me?) drank a WHOLE BOTTLE of castor oil which is apparently quite dangerous but it worked… went into labour.

    Those sausage rolls are making me salivate! Mmmmm xx

  16. I miss gin too. As soon as I pop this sucker out I’m having a big gin sipper with lashings of tonic and ice and lime, with a blue steak and a platter of sushi. And runny eggs. It will be quite the feast.

  17. This Christmas is the first in three years that I haven’t been preggers! We put our tree up last weekend and I can’t wait for the food fiesta to begin! As for getting babies out? I had to book c-secs for mine so no tips. Just hope it comes earlier or on the due date because those last weeks are so uncomfortable!

  18. My Grans scones will bring on labour!! My kids put the tree up yesterday after school, all by themselveses!! Im not even going to touch it, there are no decorations or tinsel on the top third but it doesnt even matter!Had to renew my drivers license on my birthday this year, over $200 for 5 years. That sucked!! Enjoy your grown up time in the big smoke! πŸ™‚

  19. September has become our big bill month now, as that’s the month we set up shop in Dubai. Two car regos + insurance, rent (we have to pay our rent in one lot a year in advance), school fees. We are so poor come October!

    We have some days off next week, so the kids will kill some time putting up the tree even though we won’t be here for Chrissy.

  20. Not sure about the gin but the whole Christmas and Hydrangea thing I am into with you! Happy Merry Tree setting up! Mine is up. Well I cheated as it was a live tree. Delivered. In a pot. So I didn’t have to do much to it, just place a few delicate decorations on her πŸ™‚

  21. My labour inducing tip is – nipples! Put a breast pump on for 10-15 mins on each breast before bed. All that nipple action will make your body produce oxytocin. It feels weird but it works. I did it before I went to bed when pregnant with my 1st and woke up in the middle of the night in labour, my daughter was born 6 hours later. When I did it with my 2nd child I only had the pump on for 5 mins and then started to have contractions. My son was born 3 hours later. It worked for me 2 out of 2 times with both children arriving on their due dates. Good luck to your sis.

  22. I have a tip about your registration. My rego was due last week and I thought it was ridiculous that I have to pay such a large bill just before Christmas (because as we all know its not just the rego, it’s also greenslip and inspection and randomly I also always need a new lightbulb!). SO, I only got SIX months registration instead!! (you can also get 3 months rego, who knew?!?). When I get the next rego bill I will pay for a year again thus changing my due date to the middle of the year instead of just before Chrissy!

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