Never Stop the Journey: London is ready for a wedding!

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It’s now been a few days since we arrived in London and everywhere you look, excitement, preparations and general pre-wedding buzz is at an all time high.

Everywhere around this fair city you will see national pride blowing in the breeze of every corner with red, white and blue bunting blowing in the Spring sunshine. There’s unofficial (and official) merchandise for sale, streets being swept, barricades being put up ready for the wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle this coming Saturday the 19th May at Windsor Castle.

My Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera has not left my hands and has been busy working hard capturing everything as I go.

This little powerhouse is such a great travel camera. It’s size and weight makes it easy to throw in my handbag and grab easily. The lenses quick and easy to change, the stabilisation and Wi-Fi game changers for being on the run and making sure that nothing is missed. It has completely changed my travel photography for the better and has been such a joy to use. I know you guys agree with all your fabulous comments over the week.

It’s been so exciting to be a part of it all, to watch history unfold live in a city that has seen all kinds of celebration and ceremony in its day with the Royal Family. All those years of watching this stuff so far away at home, and here I am, taking it all in myself in person. It’s been so exciting.

I spend far too often wondering about what Kate is up to with the kids around the corner from our Air Bnb at Kensington Palace. My jetlag and over active imagination kicking in and keeping me awake when I hear helicopters coming and going down the road. When we went to Buckingham Palace all I could think of was the rooms behind those curtains from watching The Crown, craning my neck to see who was in those Range rovers that were driving fast past us with their tinted windows and security cars keeping close guard.

In every store you walk into there’s royal Merchandise to be found. Tins of biscuits, totes, mugs, cups and saucers plates, you name it, there’s something for everyone.

On Tuesday we travelled on the train up to Windsor to get the lie of the land for the big day on Saturday and try and work out the best place to be and vantage points. They are expecting over 60,000 people to come and watch the celebrations at Windsor, billions more watching on their TV’s at home, just like I did myself as a young kid in the 80’s. It was impossible not to get swept up in the excitement with camera crews on every corner, reporters and cameras trying to get every possible angle of the story.

I was star struck when I saw 83-year-old Terry who I had seen over the years at every single Royal event, in the flesh, resplendent in his Union Jack suit. He was setting up camp for the big day making sure he got the perfect vantage point for the carriage procession. Terry has seen every royal wedding, the births and deaths of so many through the years, most recently camping outside the Lindo Wing for 14 nights before Prince Louis was born. What a treat it was to meet him!

We were lucky enough to get inside the grounds of the castle that was still open to the general public and especially see the media frenzy that was being set up for Saturday. I have never seen extension cords and cabling quite like it!

The real highlight for me though was going inside St George’s Chapel where there was a HIVE of activity going on. Chairs piled up ready to be stacked for the 600 guests attending the wedding, volunteers and workers polishing the brass and silver and wood throughout the chapel (of course I asked them what products they used…Brasso for those interested) and seeing exactly where the Queen will sit in just a few days time. All of the framework set out for the florists that were ready for installation. It was honestly such a privilege to be a part of.

Anticipation continues to build this week in the lead up to Saturday; I cannot wait to share the big day with you all on my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera. I know that the ceremony and procession will not let us down if what I have seen over the past few days is anything to by, and whatever the case you can count on me clicking away and trying to bring you all along for the journey as I go.

There’s nothing like an adventure, even for an old girl like me! As Olympus say, never stop the journey, and this week has only proved to me how important that is.

I am here in London to cover the Royal Wedding thanks to Olympus and my trusty OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera which is the perfect travel accessory. It will be working hard to bring you all along with us on the adventure, capturing every moment perfectly. Thank you Olympus for trusting me with this, it’s going to be a LOT of fun.

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  1. Siobhain says

    Loving your photos and following you on your Royal Wedding journey, I’m curious as to how easy your Olympus would be to use for a camera novice. I’ve got a trip overseas coming up and after seeing your pics I’m thinking my phone camera won’t cut it but I don’t want to be intimidated by a camera and settings and stuff.

  2. It is so CRAZY exciting and I’m now officially less than six degrees of separation from the Royal Wedding – I’ve met you, and you’ve STOOD in the place where Haz & Megs are getting hitched, so I’m practically an invited guest!

    I am loving your London adventure Beth. Cannot WAIT to stalk your hashtag while I’m watching it all unfold on the TV here in Melbourne.

    Please tell me you’re going to try a Facebook Live cross from your vantage point!!!!!

  3. Oh how joyous! It looks so jolly! Is that a royal wedding Christmas decoration I can see? I collect Christmas decorations on my travels so I’m hoping I can pick one up cheap after the event when I get there next week! It all looks amaze and I love the snap of you and Terry!

  4. Enjoying all the beautiful photos, I can feel the excitement from just looking at them!
    I’ll be making a lemon elder flower cake to celebrate at the Wedding party I’m attending.

  5. How fabulous Windsor looks! Your photos are glorious – blue skies, green, green grass (beautifully mown) and those amazing historic buildings that have seen so much over many, many centuries. I’m loving the journey. TV and magazine coverage isn’t personal like your reporting and they certainly don’t convey the excitement in the lead up to the wedding. The bride and groom refrigerators with your reflection between them made me smile. Lovely work Beth, thank you.

  6. It’s SO great having you there, it just makes it even more exciting!

  7. Kate Potts says

    Giddy with excitement for you! Love the photos and all commentary. Thanks Olympus for sending such a wonderful correspondent!!

  8. Alex hills says

    Your photos are amazing Beth, very impressive ! London is tiring it on for you alright !! Enjoy 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  9. Alex hills says

    Your photos are amazing Beth, very impressive ! London is turning it on for you alright !! Enjoy 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  10. Loving your photos – can feel the excitement. Very happy for you that you’re enjoying it all so much. That camera is fantastic, such a good size and I’m not up on the latest cameras – can you upload to your phone straight from the camera?

  11. What a treat for me to see all these photos and hear the inside goss! I’ll be looking at these pics again and again for a long time to come xo

  12. Bloody marvellous I say.

  13. Such an exciting experience and sponsored by Olympus. What a treat. You make me want to take a photography class!

  14. OK.. I’m sold… I need an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera!… Your pic’s are stunning!

  15. Best Royal Wedding correspondent ever! Thanks for taking us on the ride (huge snaps to Olympus!).

  16. Love love love your pics Mrs Mac. That merch is top shelf stuff. Disappointing lack of merch here in Oz. I can’t believe you go into St George’s Chapel. Were you tempted to snuggle down somewhere for the duration and hope no one found you? Maybe under a pew?

  17. didn’t know I was that interested until you caught me up in your enthusiasm darls!
    love the gorgeous way you are interacting with terry!
    delightful! … <3 mxx


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