Never Stop the Journey: A wedding in Windsor

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Most days for me are pretty run of the mill for a Mum of three girls. I get woken early (and often angrily) by a toddler. I make breakfast and lunches; do the shopping, cooking and washing, busily running a house, family and job. Months ago in November, a seed was planted for a most extra-ordinary day. To take in a moment in history and bring you all along for the ride, taking us all out of our everyday lives, even just for a moment. That seed was planted and developed, pitched and worked on with a great brand and partner, Olympus, who got it. The idea of never stopping the journey, no matter how impossible it may seem, came into fruition. They trusted me, and months later here we are, ready to take on that most extraordinary day (and week): the wedding of Prince Harry to Meaghan Markle.

Me and my camera.

The day started bright and early, which at this time of the year is a good thing as it starts to get light well before 5am. We caught the first train out of London from Paddington to Windsor. Excitement was mounting with lots of groups of women (mostly), fascinators, chairs and picnics. We had no clue of what we would find at the other end, the crowds, where we would be…all part of the adventure!

As the sun started to rise, we found a great spot near Terry where we had done our reccie on Tuesday. He had been camping out for 4 nights and here we were, just behind him. We knew it would be a good spot!

We had a long wait ahead of us (like 8 hours) until we knew they would do the procession after the ceremony, but there was so much to take in. Media, people, super fans, police! I have NEVER seen so many police and so much security in all my life in the one place. It was unbelievable and certainly made the waiting around all the more interesting.

Although it was just me and small camera ( OM-D E-M10 Mark III ) and there was a LOT of competition around, I don’t think it made one ounce of difference. I was shooting with my 2.8 12-40mm lens that is the perfect travel camera lens….plus! I could whack it in my handbag! A little more discreet.

The atmosphere is what I will remember most about the day. Everyone happy to be there, waving their flags and enjoying every part of it: the sunshine, the love, a celebration and of course all of that pomp and ceremony that comes with it.

The security was next level, as you would expect it to be. I have never seen so many police anywhere; it was a little scary and yet reassuring. They knew EXACTLY what was going on at every moment. Unbelievable.

A special thank you to them all for keeping us safe.

After all those hours and hours of waiting, the big moment was happening and the wedding started. We couldn’t see a THING, in fact I was relying on text messages of screen shots of our TV back home to even see what everyone was wearing and doing. The networks were completely congested, I couldn’t upload or do anything, but some of Rob’s texts were coming through and were the main source of contact for us all there…even those sueprfans who were relying on them to see what the tiara was etc. They were all very grateful for them! See? Lucky I was there!

We listened to the ceremony as it was piped out to the crowds through huge speakers. People sang to Stand by me, crowds sang the hymns and we all cheered when they said their I dos. I loved when we watched it back that they could see that they smiled when they heard us from inside the chapel.

How was that dress? Those flowers? These photos are not mine, but are some iconic moments from the day.

Out on the street in the hot sunshine the moment we had been waiting for was here…the carriage procession. It was SO exciting! I was so nervous to get a shot!

And just like that…it was done.

You get a better sense of it all from this video here:

What a thrill it was! I still can’t believe that we were there. THERE. In a moment in history, at a time in the world, a million miles away from my normal Saturday mornings at hockey.


When we got home we sat and watched the entire wedding, cried, laughed and squealed when we watched the footage and could see ourselves. US!

And now the adventure is over, just as Haz & Meghan’s is about to begin as they step out into their married life together.

I hope that in years to come and Megs is making her own kid’s sambos that she remembers that day that was very extra-ordinary. Or perhaps that when she wakes up in her high end bed linen that she can look around and think…huh. Look at what CAN happen when you have an adventure. No matter how big or small we are, it’s always time to continue our journey and stories, creating memories as we go. Sometimes you just have to make them happen.

And boy do I have so many from this trip.

In the hundreds of photos I have taken on my OM-D E-M10 III.
In the blog posts I have written.
And in the memories that have all been locked away in my heart.

I won’t ever forget this trip, these moments, this adventure.

Now, back to lunches and shopping. And that’s alright by me.

Thanks Olympus.

I am here in London to cover the Royal Wedding thanks to Olympus and my trusty OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera which is the perfect travel accessory. It will be working hard to bring you all along with us on the adventure, capturing every moment perfectly. Thank you Olympus for trusting me with this, it’s going to be a LOT of fun.

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  1. Natalie Arditto-Duncan says

    Hi Beth,

    What a wonderful adventure you have had. Thank you for your informative, witty and funny posts (I almost spat my Pimms over my phone with your statement about what Harry was going to do to Meghan that night).

    Your beautiful photos seriously transported me to London and Windsor and I loved seeing your perspective of what was going on around you.

    Wishing you a safe trip home.

    Natalie xx

  2. Sad it’s over!

  3. Thank you for a fabulous perspective. Loved your posts. x

  4. Your excitement rings through in every word and photo! Thanks for taking us on the ride x

  5. What an amazing experience! Every time an event like this is occurs, I surprise myself by how much I embrace it and become excited! I was squealing at the TV so I can only imagine the joy and excitement you felt when you were there. I am so happy for you that you had that adventure! Right now as I feel a bit run down with the daily grind, this inspires me to remember to look for adventures – big or small.

    YAY for you! xx

  6. Such a great adventure, so many gorgeous photos and insights I didn’t get from the TV coverage, which gave no idea of the extent of the security or that people outside were singing the hymns during the service. I did wonder why the bride and groom smiled after they exchanged vows and now I know it was because of the crowds cheering! Of course it was. Thanks so much for being such an excellent royal correspondent! Very well done and travel safe.

  7. What a great wrap! Love your photos and that you were able to have such an awesome adventure. xxx

  8. Katie clews says

    Have loved all your posts pics etc and am so sad it’s all over 😔

  9. Thank you for being there for us Beth! I’ve lived vicariously through you over the last week and loved everyone of your photos and posts and videos. Safe travels home. xx

  10. I’ve loved sharing in your adventure, so many wonderful moments brought to life through your posts and gorgeous photos; and by far my favourite coverage of the week before and the event itself.
    Thank you Beth and thank you Olympus!

  11. Great reporting, Beth. Thank you for bring8ng us your excitement and photos. x

  12. our woman on the job! thankyou beth!
    some great moments captured for sure!
    ab/fab and those doors!!!
    well done you! much love mx
    I had a box seat at home!!!

  13. Just loved your coverage, you truly are my favourite foreign correspondent.

  14. Thanks for letting us tag along on such an amazing adventure, your commentary was fab!! The photos are wonderful what a great camer.

  15. Elise Schaefer says

    Thanks for the great adventure you took us all on. Loved it!!

  16. you bloody nailed it. NAILED IT I say! Welcome home x

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