Pounding the pavements in London

We have well and truly hit the ground running since we landed – with the weather being as good as it has been, it’s been impossible to not to be out in the sunshine, especially with everything looking SO good. We’ve had just one day where it was FREEZING and grey and dark (much like how I remembered London to be) but the rest has been amazing. Boy does it look good over here! Here’s some of what we have been up to over the past day or so.

On the cold and dark morning we hit Borough market down at London Bridge. I have seen this iconic place so many times over the years on TV cooking shows so was thrilled at the opportunity to check it out in person. We were there early so it was pretty quiet and it was blowing a freezing cold gale down there but all those colours and sights and smells? A visual delight! I also got to catch up with my friend Pip who works down there too for a decent coffee at Monmouth.

Loved this place SO much and cannot wait to get back there – it will definitely be on the list of places that are a must see in London.

From there I took myself on the Tube down to Westminster to check out that iconic Abbey that I have seen so many time, as well as The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben who is all covered up while it’s being restored. Still so pretty down there amongst all that history.

I walked back up through Trafalga Square and into Covent Garden via the National Portrait Gallery – I love being able to just walk and discover as you go…my favourite thing to do especially by myself!

In Covent Garden I stumbled across the most fabulous shop and restaurant Petersham Nurseries where I took myself out for lunch, perched high on the bar overlooking the kitchen. This place was GORGEOUS and is a must see for something to eat and drink and a spot of stylish interior and garden delights.

After Tea at Claridges (post to come on this tomorrow) we finished off at a cool bar in Soho for some tasty cocktails before hitting bed. All those km’s sure do make a gal tired – especially when I have been waking SO early every day.

Yesterday the sun was shining again so we ventured off to the river where we were lucky enough to enjoy some Pimms in the Spring sunshine. How good does London look?

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night and got to bed MUCH later than I have been (although I was still up at 6!) I think a Nanna nap may be called for at some stage. But that sun is shining again, and I can sleep on the plane on the way home right?

Big day tomorrow friends…we’re heading to Windsor VERY early and I will be sure to update on all my socials as much as I can. Until then, I think coffee and a walk is in order.

Happy Friday friends x


  1. Dead set, this camera is NEXT LEVEL. Can’t wait to see all the fun and frivolity tomorrow! I’ve got the champagne chilling and a treacle tart on the way. Bloody great.

    Good luck!

  2. Love everything 🇬🇧

  3. Katie clews says

    Loving all your posts etc Beth !!!!! Doing a stellar job x

  4. Love this Beth. I left London a week or so ago after my Dad’s funeral. I’m feeling so happy and sad as I check out your posts. I have my Meghan and Harry masks ready to go tomorrow!

  5. I’m off to Scotland and London for a wedding in September and this makes me SO excited! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  6. Elise Schaefer says

    Been busy today but kept wondering if you’d posted anything. Haha
    Looking forward to your coverage tomorrow. 😊😊

  7. Lovely pics, you really get a feel for being there. Enjoy tomorrow!

  8. all good thanks beth!
    was wondering when the nude pumps would feature?
    then I saw on insta!!! … go girl!
    anybody else doing that wave in London town?
    lol mxx


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