Bonkers in Honkers: Part 1

Rob and I have arrived in Hong Kong for a shoot for Frankie4 Footwear and a very exciting new shoe that is coming our way soon….BETH! We thought we better put Beth to the test with a good travel session so booked the flights on the cheap when we got back from NY earlier in the year and now here we are! Little did I know at the time that there would have been trips to the Maldives & NZ…man it’s been a crazy fun year.

It’s been about 9 years since we have been here last. We visited on the way back from Christmas in Paris which we did celebrated with Mum & Milts and my sis & brother in law before Daisy turned 2. I love the pace of this city. The sheer scale and volume of people, smells, tastes, buildings, lights, you just can’t help but feel a part of something being here.

We left Sydney at 10am yesterday, landed here 9 hours later, got to our hotel (we are staying at a Boutique place near Causeway Bay called Tuve) then hit the streets for a walk and essential dumpling session before crashing out early. This morning we were up early (we are 3 hours behind home) and spent the morning & early afternoon shooting me in Beth in this amazing city. We caught the train to Central and wandered up to Soho, through Graham Street, Peel Street and the like seeing the food markets come to life with people buying their fresh meat, seafood and fruit & vegetables.

Such great colours here…everywhere you look…so much to take in.

We caught up with an old High School mate who lives here for brunch and the best almond latte I have ever had. So good to catch up with old friends where you can pick up exactly where you last left off, even if it was years ago.

Before another wander through the markets…

And then heading up to The Peak for a look on a gorgeous Autumnal afternoon.

Tonight we’ll hit the streets again, maybe a bar…who knows where we will end up on our adventures. What fun! And with all this walking…it’s helping for #notafatmoleforchristmas…or as I saw today…

No, you are a fat ho!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween if that’s your thing, and I hope your kids aren’t too off their faces…sorry Grandma!

We had a coffee from the Cupping Room (Shueng Wan).
Brunch and coffee at Grassroots Pantry on Hollywood Rd (Shueng Wan).


  1. jt’s been a great 40th festival hun!
    the smell of asia! … great shots!
    enjoy guys!
    much love mx

  2. My spiritual home. 17 visits and I can never get enough. x

  3. Jacq Lives Here says

    Off to Honkers again in early Jan (after spending New Years in Taipei) – staying in Sheung Wan again so these hot tips for foodie spots are well timed!

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