Saturday in Queenstown

My head and heart are FULL this Saturday night my friends. What a day I have had. Exploring the most gorgeous part of the world (seriously how is this 3 hours from Sydney and literally SO other the side of the world breathtaking?).

I have learnt SO much. Out of my comfort zone, learning, refining, getting better, learning some more…it’s so good to feel all these things and to be able to ask questions and get tips from really clever, creative, smart and generous people. I will be sharing more of the details of everything we have done, where we’ve been, what we did, my learnings on the camera etc, but right now I wanted to share some pictures (I took over 400 photos) from the day. Little snippets. Imperfect. But lovely little moments from today.

Saturday in Queenstown.

Have you been to Queenstown before?
If you haven’t, may I suggest you add it to the list ASAP?
It’s all my favourite things in one place: snow capped mountains, rolling hills, deep valleys, raging rivers, babbling brooks, forests and trails. Absolutely stunning.

I am here as a very lucky and grateful guest of Olympus. And you can check out little snippets from everyone’s day on Instagram under the hashtag #OlympusQueenstownExcurison


  1. I haven’t left Australia but I sure have itchy feet seeing all the fabulous posts from NewZealand this weekend. I’ve wanted to explore other Countries for so long but it has never happened. Fingers crossed 2018 is my year for travel x

  2. We went a few months ago (with my husband’s work – reward for goals set, best reward ever) – so special, and so beautiful – we’d been years ago in the summer and it just wasn’t the same as the magic of the middle of winter. I walked up a track (can’t remember the name) and got amazing breathtaking views at the top (and snow) – honestly, I’m not a soppy person, but after what had been a tough couple of weeks, being alone, high up in the snowy hills, dead quiet, amazing view – it was like all the stress just dropped away. Amazing place.

  3. I was there four weeks ago! Stunning! I can’t believe how the scenery has changed in 4 weeks! Much more snow on the mountains when I was there. Not only was the scenery fabulous but the food was also amazing! Enjoy!

  4. We went to NZ for the first time last year and spent time on South and North Islands. We stayed in Wanaka (an AMAZING place!) for 4 days and drove over to Queenstown for a day. It was not long enough!! We are desperate to go back and spend way more time and do a lot more exploring. Then drive over to Dunedin as well. I literally CANNOT wait to go back, and we have friends there too. Your photos make me crave it so badly.

  5. LOVE the pig shot!!! (And love love love Queenstown – another place that makes me smile just thinking about it)

    • That pig LOVED me…got up and came over and gave me a little rub against! Stunning part of the world…similar to some parts of the west of Ireland & the Highlands of Scotland…rugged and wild! My favourite!

  6. Glad you enjoyed! I am from this part of the world! An amazing country and would be loving there with my family now if I could. However I am a new resident to the Southern Highlands and feel there are some similarities with exception of lakes and mountains 🙂

  7. yes queenstown is a stunning place beth!
    new Zealand has spectacular scenery!
    I love their different take on things too!
    much love mxx

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