Taking tea with Mrs C

You may remember my friend Mrs C from back home in Burrawang who puts on a very good afternoon tea herself. She has moved back to the middle east and London and when she heard that we were coming over for the Royal Wedding she immediately told me that she would take us to Claridge’s for Tea. Not high tea, but tea. Apparently you don’t say “high” but just tea. But just so you know, we’re talking cucumber sandwiches, teas, cakes and champagne. That kind of tea.

As soon as you enter Brook Street in Mayfair and walk into Claridge’s you know you are somewhere special. Built in the 1800’s it started out as a hotel in a single house and then grew into an art deco masterpiece favoured by royalty and celebrities.

You guys, THIS PLACE. Amazing. Art deco to die for, floral arrangements like no others I had seen, shiny black and white floors and the most superior people watching you can see. It was so good to see Mrs C and catch up, especially when it looked this good.

First of all…the POWDER room. With a dressing room and tables where to sit, an attendant who TURNS THE TAP ON FOR YOU, you get the idea about this place. High end. And obvs my natural habitat.

Then you turn into the room where tea is served and it looks like this.

And then you are seated at your table and they bring over a cart that MUST be in heaven too, but looks like this:

After much chatting and catching up (a group of 4 women from Burrawang can be a little rowdy for the room’s usual crowd I’m sure) we scoffed our champers and sipped (ok guzzled) the glasses of French champagne.

Next up were the cakes, tiny morsels of deliciousness, so perfect and neat and JUST SO. Scones were perf too, don’t get me started on the clotted cream.

And then when you think you can’t possibly eat anymore, but you don’t want to waste a bit they suggest to “box it up” and they put the cakes into amazing Claridge’s boxes. Handed by a handsome Frenchman nonetheless.

Every moment of our time here was an absolute joy to behold. SUCH a treat and so kind and generous of our friend to give this to us. I will never forget it as long as I shall live.

Just another magical moment during this week of wonderfulness!

Have you been to Claridge’s or any of the fancy places in London for tea?
What’s your favourite part of tea? Scones or sambos?
Or French champagne like me?!


  1. Oh wow, amazing!!!! I am loving following along on this trip! Enjoy xx

  2. Oh I’m hoping to squeeze in a high tea when we’re in London. My favourite is Fortnum & Mason – they have a number of options including a savoury one – and everything is top notch. It looks like a similar set up to Claridges and I love going to the cake trolley and getting a box to take home! It’s such a wonderful experience, isn’t it?!

  3. Robyn Jokic says

    Oh my how beautiful and elegant! My daughter was living in Hong Kong and took me to the Peninsula for High Tea what a treat. Enjoying your trip bet you girls are having a blast, enjoy the wedding, I’ll be at home with my champers can’t wait……

  4. My first trip to London in 1990 my friend and I booked months in advance to have Tea at the Ritz! It was amazing, Iโ€™ll always remember it ! We were only 20 at the time

  5. I lived in London for 5 years and I really do miss it. It is big and bustling and busy but also it is friendly and cute and quaint. There are so many wonderful places for tea. The Ritz is amazing and the Orangery in Kensington Gardens was always lovely too.

  6. What a beautiful place! Sounds like the perfect afternoon! I looked in the window of The Ritz once, when I was in London in my twenties – couldn’t afford the tea experience, but I will have to go back someday!

  7. Tamara Crowe says

    WOW…..just WOW ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  8. Beck Berger says

    This is glorious Beth, what a fabulous treat x

  9. Very late to this party but what a party it was – lucky you! And your photos are so very beautiful. All the deliciousness. I can never choose between savoury or sweet treats at tea time. Itโ€™s the balance of all the good things with tea and champagne that make tea so special. I was a poor student when I was last in London (a very long time ago) so no teas for me. I did walk through a couple of fancy hotel foyers for the ambience and wandered around Fortnum and Masons to gawk at the amazing food displays. Lots of virtual eating I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Oh what a delight, my mouth was watering, French champagne yes please. Those cakes and the scones and clotted cream – Im drooling here.

  11. Oh Beth, shut up!!!! You found your people!!!! I want to go there right now!!!!

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