The Preggo files #3

NO ONE PANIC. Kate is sporting a bump. PHEW. I wonder how she gets her hair so shiny?


Meanwhile back in Titsville Tennesee I can report that there has been another growth spurt in that general vicinity. At this rate it’s going to be a race to the finish line between tits and guts with my pin head somewhere in between.

Again thanks to your recommendations I purchased myself a pair of Mavi Maternity jeans and I am VERY happy with them. They are just like normal skinny jeans but gut friendly! And growth friendly! Thank you kind people of the inter webs. The other ones from GAP are also doing the trick although they are still falling down a little.

I give you Exhibit A and B for tits and jeans situation:

IMG_3552 IMG_3554

Today I am also wearing a Bohemian Traders frock as a tip because it’s WAAAAAY too short for what I have on offer at the moment and a top from Sussan that Mrs Woog insisted that I get because it’s comfy, cool AND it hides ALL OF THE GUTS. I am NO Fashion blogger…this business is tricky when you don’t have a 5 year old photographer around.

Speaking of that 5 year old…last night she lost her first tooth! MY BABY IS ALL BIG. Daise lost her first tooth at 4 and Harps already has the two big ones coming up which pushed these out in the first place so they were well and truly ready. I tell you what I SWEAR she was just eating farex and now this. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Insert other cliches here:

So now that I have moved on from the dreaded vomit/all day hungover malaise I have moved into another step that I had forgotten about. The all day dull headache. Anyone else get those? They start the minute I open my eyes in the morning and last all day and no matter how much water, how much rest, how much whatever they just don’t seem to go away. Anyone suffer from these and have any tips?

Craving: Frosty Fruits

Drinking: More fucking soda and lime. I’m a little over it I must say.

Dreaming: That Nikki (Styling You) was actually the singer Merril Bainbridge but she never told us. Woke up singing this song and it lasted ALL day. Along with the headache, that was not a good day.

Worrying: About ALL of the things. Mostly from 2am – 3.30am.

Cheers from me to you with a big glass of milk just to mix things up a little!


Tell me your preggo headache remedies ploise!
And go eat a Frosty Fruit. Preggo or not, dead set they are the business!


  1. Frosty Fruits got me through my last pregnancy. Rumour hast it they have the same calories as a large apple. Therefore they are totally the same thing. NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE!!

  2. All I want to eat is cold fruit too.
    I have been making a pseudo Dole Whip thing that is amazing…frozen pineapple and coconut milk and a bit of mint.
    I have also been making what I call a cherry ripe smoothie.
    The poor baby goes nuts when I drink really cold things…but it is too hot up here to actually cook anything so smoothies it is!

  3. Yep, I to suffered from the constant bloody headaches. I found that moaning and sooking about them didnt help at all and trust me I did plenty of that! If you have a preggo friendly chiro it may be worth a shot? Glad you found some decent jeans! And now I will be singing ‘to make it easier….!’

  4. sandra Jennings says

    have you had your iron levels checked? I was so fuzzy and light headed with my 3rd preggo and was low in iron and that helped heaps when I was put on supplements..just a thought!
    Oh and cold milo…approx half milo and half milk worked wonders with my 2 nd prey..I think..that was a while ago ha!

  5. Cola or lime zooper dupers. I’m not sure if they will fix the headache but they’re yum.
    Ps jeans and stripey top/dress ftw.

  6. Frosty Fruits rock!! What a bugger about the headaches. Do they usually last the whole pregnancy? That sucks. Sorry I can’t help with it. Jx

  7. For the headaches I took Magnesium. I use a powder from the health food shop called Endura , it comes in different flavours ( orange or strawbs for me thanks). Just mix it up in some water & you are good to go. Or also from the health food shop you can get these little homoeopathic things called “kali phos” they are tissue salts & you put them under your tongue. They work well too. Even my kid takes them.

  8. Oh I love it all! Especially the Nikki/ Merril thing. I am living vicariously through your third pregnancy – the Gods realised I was too old to have my own! I seem to recall pineapple juice and lots of ice in the blender, was on high rotation when my due in December baby became a January baby! As for that March lad (who was due in Feb – yes, there’s a pattern), god knows what I ate, I was too busy chasing the two year old!
    Wow to big teeth for your 5 year old, my lad is nowhere near losing a tooth yet.

  9. All day dull headaches here too. Daily Panadol my only tip. May invest in a box of frosty fruits. Have just wrapped up the 1.5 ‘hour of power’ insomnia sessions though & VERY glad to see them leave.

  10. For my headaches I use a roll on essential oil combo from Ikou – there is a shop in the QVB with really informative staff but you can buy on line too. I don’t know if it’s preggie friendly so check it carefully. Maybe try a pregnancy friendly massage?
    My third arrived in a 40 + heatwave just before Christmas 16 years ago ! Cold watermelon was good for me at the time. Crazy vivid dreams with all 3 pregnancies for me and so much worrying!

  11. Lisa Mckenzie says

    sorry I can’t help with this headache cure for you,I didn’t get them but I’d try the magnesium cure or go to the Dr and get checked out Beth.Your new jeans are very nice.Love frosty fruits they are yum!

  12. Merril Bainbridge! Loved her album circa 1995/96. Totally forgot about it.

  13. What the heck is going on with the head of the chick the blazer in the background of Kate’s shot? They both look like their noggins have been knocked off centre. THAT pic is going to keep me up from 2 – 3.30am.

  14. For the headaches I took two panadol just before having a pregnancy massage. HEAVEN!!!! My therapist was a one-of-a-kind find though- she was a beautician/massage therapist & doula, training to become a qualified midwife. Her massages were so heavenly I could have cried with relief…probably worth a weekend trip to Newcastle to see her at Endota Kotara as she only works sat/sun/mon 😉

  15. Strange remedy but worked for me. My GP suggested I fill up a deep mixing bowl with ice and water. Plunge your forearms into the water and hold until you can’t stand it anymore….well, actually, keep it in beyond the point where you can’t stand it. Can’t remember the explanation behind it, but this would break the cycle for me! Give it a go.

  16. When pregnant last summer I got through an awful lot of cordial. Am still justifying it whilst BF incessantly… current favourite is Bickfords lemon lime & bitters. Also a pink grapefruit one that I can’t remember the brand of but that came from the IGA.

  17. Wow first tooth gone! My six-year-old still hasn’t lost a tooth and there have been a lot of “It’s not fair!!!”
    I got pregnancy migraines which never went away. Bastards.

    What week are you up to now??

  18. Haha gotta love the weird dreams. I heard that song the other day in a shop and the memories of late primary school came flooding back – a time when we had her other song Mouth on repeat (along with a choreographed dance).
    Must say you are looking gorgeous!

  19. OMG! I haven’t heard this song in ages! Gosh Nikki is talented!

  20. Beth, I had yucky headaches every day when I was preggo with my first son. Acupuncture really helped, and then, at about 19 weeks, they stopped! Hope it’s thd same for you, but could be worth checking out acupuncture? May the force be with you!

  21. Ohh haven’t had the headache business but have been all swoony and fainty which is SO not my style. Also restless legs??!! faaarrrrrking annoying! Ive heard magnesium (bath plus epsom salts) is good for them.. if only I had a bath.

  22. Katie Elliott says

    I am also currently “up the duff” and for the incessant headaches I use Migrastick ( a small roll on consisting of peppermint and lavender oils- you can get it from a chemist for $10) a cold washer across the eyes and a rest. This at the end of an exhausting day of teaching teenagers. I can also recommend a simultaneous foot rub by your partner!

    • It’s funny you mention that one of my mates at Harper’s gymnastics today pulled that very stick out of her bag and I thought it was great!

  23. oh my gosh – frosty fruits! I haven’t thought about these in forever but I can immediately taste them. Must look for these on my next grocery shop!

  24. Yes to the frosty fruits! I have been rocking them too this pregnancy:)

    With the headaches I never cracked the code but they did ease after a while & I hope yours do really soon for you.

  25. Hey…

    You look great!!!!

  26. Pregnancy massage therapy. Its a necessity…because, pregnancy is an actual stress on your body. It got me through my third pregnancy. You can find qualified therapists via Pregnancy Massage Australia.
    You are looking fab…btw!

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