Preggo files #5



Rob was away last weekend back for a few days and then again from Thursday (getting back tomorrow night) so you can imagine how well we have been getting along.  I am the very first person to tell you that I am no good at solo parenting, although I have gotten better over the last few years as the kids have gotten older. Somehow I have been getting back into old habits of me versus him and imaginary tally’s and all that pointless stuff you do when you are a pregnant, hormonal mole.

The hormones have been KILLING me. First it was the morning sickness, then the headaches and now? The hormones. Urgh. No one knows where any moment will end up…especially me! There’s lots of heads down, avoiding eye contact until the situation is gauged and then when they or I know that things are OK, we move on with trepidation. So many times things that I didn’t even KNOW that were bothering head to the surface and even though I know they are irrational and crazy I seem unable to stop the freight train of crazy that will be unleashed. Hoping that the glowing, calm, happy part of pregnancy starts to kick in soon. For everyones sake!

Look at my little sister!


She is now officially overdue. Or due today, I can’t remember. But it’s all stations a go-go. I came and stayed with her last night for some distraction for her and me (!) we have been watching Christmas movies and eating delicious food prepared by her husband and then frozen mars bar ice creams. It’s been the BEST. So much wondering…if today will be the day? Or tomorrow? Will there be a baby this time next week? Whatever will be, will be. The very first lesson of motherhood that you have to learn now hey?


Did you see Kourtney K’s pregnancy shoot this week?


She’s loving herself SICK when she is pregnant, and that’s great. No need to get worked up, I do not, so there will be no shots of me in wet cheese cloth any time soon. I am always amazed at the beauty of a woman pregnant…did you embrace your body and take photos?

Craving: summer fruits….mango, cherries, nectarines and peaches…can’t get ENOUGH. I don’t think you have to be pregnant for that though!

Drinking: Fancy Tonic water. You hardly miss the gin! Ha. Totally do.

Dreaming: Tigers outside my window? I’m sure that means something.

Worrying: About where my mood will take me in the next 34 seconds.

Cheers to you friends with some of that fancy tonic water. I have it on good authority that the ginger one is good…time to start amping up the mocktails over the festive season.


Been on the emo freight train lately? Me too!
Did you take lots of photos of you when you were duffed? Do a naked preggo shoot? All power to you!
Got any good mocktail mixes for me?

Today we are off to Mums for lunch. It was my brother’s birthday during the week so we are having an old school Sunday lunch….pork belly I believe! Hope these bloody storms piss off though…we had one hairy ride up here yesterday afternoon! Hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. I’ve been working on the parenting tally scoreboard this morning myself. I think I’m a breastfeeding mole. So so tired. Needed to read this this morning xx

  2. I have a (clothed) photo a mate took a day before the Big Sister was born.
    It seems a physical impossibility that your body can stretch like that and return to (somewhere near) its previous form!
    I’m more on the fence about birth photography than pregnancy photos. I would have loved a photo of my husband’s reactions to seeing our girls for the first time, but I didn’t want the intrusion of someone else in the room. I wonder how people manage that?

  3. I got a friend to take some bump shots with my 3rd – it’s amazing to look back on them! The baps weren’t out though, they were in their usual place, close to my belly button. Solo parenting must be so hard, a mum at kindy has her hubbby away for 6 months, she’s not doing well but we’re all trying to support her a bit.

  4. no pretty preggo photos of me, I could never get organised. And sadly now I’ve missed my chances!
    I did do a boudoir shoot six weeks after Eve was born that was fun.

    Hope the hormones settle down for you soon and your lovely new niece or nephew arrives soon.

  5. This post made me laugh hard – because I could have written it. I am 1/2 way with number 4 and I’m a bit concerned for everyone in my house at the moment. There have been tears. I thought 2nd trimester might have brought some relief. I was wrong! I’m also loving the summer fruits right now. Hoping to drown the heartburn with them!

  6. Lisa mckenzie says

    No back in the day when I was pregnant that wasn’t the done thing you hid under tent dresses though I wished I did take pics. Do it Beth even if no one else sees them and I do hope your sis has the baby soon and make fancy fruit cocktails without the booze they are yum ,I hope you go into calm mode soon Xx

  7. I’m 34 wks and just don’t have the patience for shit.
    If people don’t learn to pick up after themselves then they are gonna cop it. And because of this I feel I’m at war with my 4yo daughter for the last month.
    I saw her at her dance concert yesterday and blubbed like a baby because I was so proud that she remembered her routine that the whole last month of shitty arguing just melted away.
    I feel stabby ALL the time and someone could just breathe the wrong way and it pisses me off.
    My husband has gotten off lightly although he needs to step it up a bit in the back rub department.
    I know I’m totally moody and I know it won’t last but I love the fact that there is someone out there that is as crazy as me at the moment.
    Bring on the mocktail recipes!!

  8. You are hilarious and adorable Beth! I feel that it’s every pregnant woman’s right to be volatile and hormonal. In fact every woman’s right – with or without the pregnant.
    If you cut up strawberries and slice a bit of lime and add them to any drink, ever, it will taste amazing and feel just as wild as a cocktail. X

  9. I remember with my first pregnancy I threw a video, yeas a VIDEO, at the husband because he would not take it back to the shop RIGHT NOW!! I was mental!

    As for photos, bub 1 & 2 were born in the dark ages – no digital photography or social media- so there’s one belly shot 2 weeks before they were born. With 3 i took a pic every 3-4 weeks from about halfway & shared on Insta & FB. Totally clothed. It was nice for my family back east to see my belly growing. Then when number 4 came along so quickly I tried to do pics at the same time so I could compare it to 12 months earlier.
    I looked back on Insta a few months ago at those photos & got all nostalgic for my lovely round belly. Then I quickly slapped myself. I will not be having a fifth baby! I am far too sleep deprived for that craziness.

  10. I think I can relate to everything on your list!
    Solo parent – I have been for the last 7 years whilst working full time
    Drinking – I got sick in August and I’m no longer allowed to drink gin (or anything else for that matter). But do try four pillars australian gin when you can. I’m drinking soda water with cidering ginger cordial.
    Preggas photos – I had done both times, first one was in my back yard, a few topless and one totes nude and the 2nd I did at new farm park. I did do one topless and the gardners couldn’t stop looking, so much so that they were using there tools as leaning posts.
    Tally – we all do it, even if it’s against ourselves.

    Good luck.

  11. I have a nude shot of me, (a la Demi Moore shot, no ‘rude’ bits showing) when I had just started labour with my first child. Husband and I are the only ones who have ever seen it I think, but it still amazes me that my belly could grow so huge!

  12. I hardly took any photos during my first pregnancy, so I hope the next one I remember to record that kind of stuff (I only want two kids so it would be my last chance)!
    I had a dream last night about a raging bull at my window so now I am super curious about what that means too! I am sure your dream is about pregnancy somehow, but I dream like that ALL the time hahaha.
    (also, creepy – the first time I tried to type this comment my computer slowly erased the whole thing – looked just like if I had been holding the backspace key down – WTF)

  13. Definitely no pregnancy photos here, I loved being pregnant (the whole growing a baby miracle ) but did not ever feel glowing enough for photos.
    Just when the pregnancy hormones finished (2 weeks ago) I then picked up the breastfeeding, lack of milk and boobs torn to shreds hormones. The joy!

  14. Definitely no photos! When avoiding the booze (which we try to do on weeknights) I like a lime cordial with soda water, slices of lemon /lime and a few bits of mint. Bit like a virgin mojito (who am I kidding?! But it’s better than a plain water). Also, after the obstetrician told me I should be drinking 3L/day whilst BF (3L?!) I started chucking some slices of lemon/lime/orange along with some mint leaves in a big jug of water in the morning and then it infuses nicely throughout the day and if you leave it on the bench/table where you’ll see it then you’ll remember to drink it.

  15. I hated my pregnant body. I looked 9 months and ready to burst when I was only 5 months. Hated it! Moody as hell and ate everything I could get my hands on, especially if it was cold.
    As for mocktails……try some mineral water, lime wedges and juice with some mint sprigs. Mockhito! Otherwise any kind of fruit juice with some ginger ale and lots of ice. Hope you’re feeling better soon x

  16. Oh I hear ya! And I’m not even pregnant!!
    I’ve been solo parenting too and not handling it particularly well. Probably because we had 5 days off for National and I was hoping we could get away somewhere exotic (the past 2 National Days we’ve gone to Europe). Instead he went off away to work on holidays AND a weekend. So I spent the time feeling annoyed at looking after the kids on my own, worried that he’d get kidnapped or blown up (he was in Lebanon), and jealous that he was having a fab old time somewhere exotic.

    I hope the new baby arrives soon! xxx

  17. So disenchanted Beth…..let it go, let it go… your people and let them love you, love this little person as they are buoyant with your emotions. Why so angry? You got this, is it change I am wondering? I struggle with change x

  18. ‘Things you do when you are a pregnant, hormonal mole’….ah, you make me laugh. Being at the mercy of your hormones is the worst. I find when I have filthy PMT and I know I’m being a moody cow, I start thinking ‘and bloody hell, I’ll have to APOLOGISE later’ and that makes me even more shitty…

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