Sunday arvo baking session: Lemonade scones

Daisy is about to start her annual 2 week swim school program at School tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s a small country school thing, but every year for 2 weeks they go swimming every day and get their swimming skills up. It’s one thing I have completely dropped the ball on…swimming lessons. While both kids can swim in a pool for hours, throw in some actual technique and they tend to look like drowning cats. Anyway, tomorrow! Swimming! So of course that meant that late yesterday afternoon she fell off the playground at the park and completely stuffed her ankle. A trip to ER this morning showed that it’s just a bad sprain, perhaps a fracture in the growth plates, but in any case she is completely off it…with no swimming in sights. Sigh…

So while they were at the hospital, I was anxious Mother duck at home and did what I do best when a little anxious. I baked. So naturally I could then eat baked goods. Der.

These scones have been made that many times round here. My Mum gave me the recipe and they are just too easy and too damn delicious not to whip up. Anxious or not.


Lemonade Scones

4 cups SR flour
300 mls thickened cream
300 mls lemonade

This made 24 small scones (the way I like ’em) but will make a dozen big ones.

IMG_4195 IMG_4197

1. Into a large bowl add the flour, cream and lemonade and give a rough mix. I didn’t have any SR flour so just added in 2 teaspoons of baking powder for each cup of flour to make a SR equivalent. Cool huh?!


2. Mix until well combined and a thick dough has formed


3. Flour your bench and tip the dough onto it giving a very quick knead with your hands…softly as she goes…just enough to get it into a ball

IMG_4204 IMG_4205

4. Press down into a flat 1 inch thick dough, patting away like a babies bottom


5. Get your scone cutter out (if you don’t have one you can totally use a glass with the end dipped into flour so it doesn’t stick) and cut away and place onto a lined tray


6. When you have cut out all you can, re roll that dough, then press it back out flat to get more scones out of your dough


7. I place them all onto a tray quite close to each other. They will all lean in together and join a little while cooking but easily enough that you can pull them apart

IMG_4214 IMG_4215

8. That’s it! I don’t add a milk or egg wash, just whack them in a hot 180 degree oven for about 15-20 mins or until golden brown on top


9. Time to whip some cream into soft peaks, and get that strawberry jam ready too

IMG_4221 IMG_4222 IMG_4227 IMG_4230

10. Pull apart and serve immediately with a good dollop of jam and cream. You can freeze extras left over (but that very rarely happens)

IMG_4233 IMG_4237

[gmc_recipe 10873]

Are you a scone lover?
Anxious baker?
Poor swimmer?


  1. Poor Miss Daisy! I’ve dropped the swimming ball too so plan on popping the kids back into private lessons in the new year.
    That is how we make scones. Although I am super lazy. I just wash my hands really well, scoop the dough out with a dessert spoon, roll into a rough ball and pop it on my tray. Free stylin’
    You have made me crave scones now… we have a torte caprese in the oven and it smells delish.

  2. Lemonade scones! That is inspired.

  3. I made 200 of these last weekend for a fundraiser for our small school Knocked the whole lot out in under 2 hours – so easy. My kids do 2 weeks of swimming at the beginning of each year too.

  4. I brush them with a little milk and sprinkle with some sugar cause I want to hasten The Diabetes.

    I showed my old neighbour how to make these THREE EFFING TIMES and three times she lovingly presented me with a plateful of hokey pucks and watery but over beaten whipped cream. Have no damn idea how she managed to do it, but the woman owns a PIZZA SHOP and makes AWESOME pizza… go figure.

  5. Poor Daisy. Hope she’s on the mend very soon..

    I’m sitting bedside with my 3 year old in hospital and could gobble those scones up in a flash. Have bookmarked for another day. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That’s a rotten thing to happen to Little Ms Daisy.

    I lived in Adelaide many years ago, and did volunteer work at Meals on Wheels. I loved it when an old bloke (he was nearly 80) was in charge of making morning tea when we had finished our work. He made these scones, my mouth waters thinking of them.

  7. Ouch poor Daisy! Hope her ankle heals quickly.
    Ella has a school swimming block on now too.
    And we’re slack asses with swim lessons – we did it when they were bubs but weren’t very persistent once winter kicked in. We’ve been lucky to have a pool at our last 2 houses so we do ‘swimming lessons’ at home – but there is no grand technique skill whatsoever. As long as they’re capable and confident in the water, I’m happy.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Lemonade scones.
    Have a great week ahead Beth.
    C x

  8. Poor Daisy! That was my daughter last year when she was 6 … Thigh-high plaster due to a skiing injury. She’s raring to go for swimming every day this week so I imagine Daisy is feeling rather sad & sorry. Fingers crossed she mends quickly! Scones look delish!!

  9. Ow that sounds painful. We’ve been slack with swimming too and we have a pool! They have lessons at school but it’s not Australian quality. Kids need stroke correction, etc. One day…

    I’m in the foulest of moods today and I could devour a whole tray of those. But I’m also on a diet so can’t and won’t. Bugger.

  10. Poor Daisy! I saw your photo of her foot earlier this evening and it looks very swollen, hope it heals swiftly with minimal fuss.

    We make a similar scone here, oh so very good with lashings of jam and cream. Enjoy Beth! X

  11. Weird question, but do you think they’d work with diet lemonade? That is all I have here.

  12. Hey Beth – do you think these would work as well with double cream? I bought a pot for a dessert but we ended up going with ice-cream (as if there is ever a choice!). Now I’m stuck with a pot of double cream and not much to do it. Although if I used it to make the scones I’d have no cream left to go on said scones. OH GOD. First world problems.

  13. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Poor Daisy ,I hope her ankle heals fast.I love a good scone I haven’t made them for a long time cause I eat them all,maybe soon xx

  14. So the cream goes in the scones along with the lemonade? (Confused Yank here.) And assuming thickened cream is what we call heavy cream? Like what you would use to make whipped cream? Or is it more like the Mexican cream?

    I need to make these….I love lemon.

    • That’s it Renee – it all goes in the bowl together! That’s exactly the cream I’m talking about too. Good luck and let me know how you get on with them!

  15. I suck at scones, but this recipe makes me actually think I could get it right for the first time! Definitely filing this away πŸ™‚
    Hope your daughter recovers soon x

  16. Right I am trying this again. I’m one of those hopeless people who stuffs up this very simple recipe. Delicious scones, you will be mine!!

  17. Domenica says

    Just made these tight after wanting to try them forever. De-bloody-licious. Thanks, Bev!

  18. F%%k*d it Royally I did. There’s always one isn’t there? I have tiny little rock cakes that even the lorikeet rejected! Jaysus! Scones and I have never got on- do not know what possessed me to make them this morning! I am not a ‘Bev’ that’s for sure?


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