Monday Meal ideas: Autumn favourites

I know it’s been 2 weeks since we have been home but I STILL can’t get back fully into the swing of things. I think School holidays have thrown me completely. I cannot get my cooking mojo back, I have been eating pretty badly (Easter), drinking too much (school holidays) and generally just feeling a bit blah. I manage to fall asleep on the couch every night at 9pm on the dot…it’s all a bit boring really. But this week I think we can start to get back into it, slowly, slowly and I suppose on Wednesday when school is back and Anzac day over.

I’m going to look to the season for cooking inspiration, and here and some of my favourites for what is good right now, and what I feel like eating in Autumn.

Sticky apple cinnamon tea cake
Charred fennel
Brussel sprouts with chorizo
Roasted pumpkin soup

I hope you have a good week ahead. I hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy the magical weather we have been having: misty mornings filled with sunshiny, warm days and cooler nights. It’s such a beautiful time of year around here…a feast for the eyes. Hope you can enjoy a little too!

Happy Monday friends, let’s do this.


  1. Thank goodness I’m not alone, I’ve just got back from holidays, eating and drinking too much, feeling very blah!!
    Onwards and upwards from here…..#marvelousmagicalmay

  2. This is the only pumpkin soup I make these days – have made it twice in the last two weeks and have ingredients ready for another batch. We double it now so there are leftovers. It is simple the best pumpkin soup recipe ever. The roasting of the vegies just makes everything taste richer and smoother.

  3. The soup is on my must-make list. Thanks for inspiring my often dodgy kitchen mo-jo Beth.

  4. thanks beth!
    it’s not a wonder you can’t get your cooking mojo back!
    I lost mine years ago and didn’t really find it again!
    i try because i love to eat! i watch all of the cooking programs!
    much love m:)X

  5. I am setting myself the challenge of trying a new veggie dish & I choose brussell sprouts!!!
    I joined Weight Watchers last week because my weight has gotten SERIOUSLY out of hand & that means I am consuming SO.MANY.VEGGIES! I want to try & switch things up a bit so I don’t just east the same thing every day & considering cabbage is pretty much my fave BS can’t be that bad can they?!

    • Time for me to refocus AGAIN. It’s been a month since we left for NYC can you believe that?! And I have not stopped eating or drinking since…today it’s time to STOP.

  6. All the lovely Autumn produce inspires me. I love your Apple Cake recipe it looks like a cracker. Thank you for sharing – it’ll be perfect for Mothers Day.

  7. Thanks so much for the inspiration 🙂 Ive been following you for a couple months and love all your tips and recipe ideas ( and your trip to NYC, thinking I might do that for our 10yr wedding anniversary ) .. today Ive made the pumpkin soup.

    Just wanted to say thanks xx

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