Roasted pumpkin soup

Yesterday morning I was doing the post lunch wipe down of the kitchen when I saw a butternut pumpkin sitting on the bench that my friend gave to me last week practically BEGGING me to do something with it. Even though I am the only bastard in this family who will eat it, I decided to whip up a pumpkin soup as the weather was on the Tina Turner which called for some comfort food. What better than some home made pumpkin soup?

This version was a bit of an experiment really, I wanted to roast it to get that caramelised flavour, and the end result was a hearty soup that basically was like a roast dinner, but in soup version. It was THICK, perhaps a little too thick, and Harper said it was like eating gravy, which she LOVES, but it gives you an idea of the kind of soup we are dealing with here: put hairs on your chest, hearty, MANLY soup. You just need a mug of this on a cold winters day and your cockles would be instantly warmed.

Roasted pumpkin & garlic soup

1 butternut pumpkin
3-4 cloves garlic (peeled & kept whole)
1 brown onion (peeled & quartered)
3-4 sprigs thyme (stripped off the stems)
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
1 litre chicken stock (you could use Veggo)
150mls cream


1. Into a roasting pan throw in the peeled and chopped into large chunks pumpkin, quartered onion, garlic cloves and thyme. Drizzle generously with olive oil and salt and pepper and place into a 180 degree oven for an hour (or until crispy)

2. After an hour (or when you have good colour on the pumpkin, garlic & onion) add in 1 litre of stock into the roasting pan and let it simmer away for another 45 minutes


3. Once it’s been simmering away and the stock has reduced a little take out of the oven ready for blitzing


4. I transferred it to a stock pot and used a stick blender to whiz it up. I added in the cream too, you can add some more cream or stock if the consistency is too thick for you (as I said this was creamy and hearty and delicious but quite rich) the roasting gives it a real depth of flavour


5. I served it up with some crusty rolls (Harps had a little, Mags ate some but everyone else turned their noses up at it…WHY DEAR LORD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!). I also had some pesto in the fridge which I dolloped in which cut through nicely…but you know…you could add some more cream too!

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Do you love soup as much as me?
Why are husbands and children so anti soup?
What have I done wrong to make them hate it so?


  1. Rowena/VintageNobility says

    Your soup looks delish Beth!
    I threw in a whole pumpkin to roast while I cooked the lasagne last night!
    I really Love this time of year – for all the roasting (aka the chuck it in a pan and walk away for 3 hours) that I can do to impress the family!
    Roasted up a glut of onions the other day – sweet caramelized onions are within my grasp for every other meal this week! Gave me a head start on last nights dinner too – now that Rubes is a hip-ster baby – overseeing everything from my hips – one handed cooking is my thing again – if only I could tap dance and spin a plate on my nose too!

    Maybe I’ll marry some of my onions with my pumpkin for lunch today!
    Cheers to hearty lunches xxx

  2. what is wrong with them indeed! … good one thanks beth!
    I have a glut of butternuts at the mo so I am going to roast them
    next time to make my soup! I do love making and eating soup!
    indeed soo hearty! versatile, comforting and warming! … love m:)X
    maybe put out fetta, some ham or bacon things they can add!
    no way to please everyone hun!

    • Make sure you give that deconstructed pumpkin salad a go too – just google it or write it into the search bar on the blog for the recipe….it’s delicious!

  3. Soup is the best !~! I cannot wait to try this one. My family is not so soup-friendly either altho the neighbors love to indulge when I make a crock pot full. Five or six quarts of soup will bring the hungry on the run.

    As to your family–well, more for those who love it is my theory on what to do when they don’t like what I’ve made. Freezing soup for later is good too-altho potatoes are not the best items in the deep freeze. Holding the spuds til the night of the thawed dinner and then adding them in at the last minute has been my solution to the vexing frozen potato issue.

    Thanks for the recipe !~!

  4. how good is creaaaaaaam in roast pumpkin soup. hot damn.

  5. We love pumpkin soup. Will have to give this a try. My husband will not eat pumpkin in anything but loves pumpkin soup! Go figure!!

  6. I adore a good thick pumpkin soup!
    Luckily, my family all love it, and I made one last week that was the first for the season, and it was devoured, and they even TOLD me they loved it! Miracles do happen!
    Enjoy it all to yourself, and bugger the ones that dont love it!

  7. We love pumpkin soup and this version sounds delicious! p.s. drinking a whole jug of gravy would be right up my alley too 😉

  8. Hi Beth, just wanted to say a big thank you for this recipe! Hubby says it’s the best pumpkin soup he’s ever had and I would have to agree. We’ve had it twice now in as many weeks and I’m sure it will be on high rotation in our house this winter xx

  9. Hey Bev,
    I love pumpkin soup but always think it’s too hard, too much mucking about and I’ve got to be in the mood. But the idea of throwing it all in one pot caramelising it , then throwing in the stock is pure genius! Not to hard after all. Lots of love from Kegs long lost friend from Washington and co in Orange. 😂😂


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