Soup for one: Mushroom, pea & spinach


Those preggo cravings are at it again and (thankfully) this time it’s veggies! GIMME THE GREEN STUFF. I fed the family leftovers the other night which left me to my own devices so I could eat all the thing that they won’t. I made this up as I went, and it was delicious so thought I better share it with you. Sometimes you just want to make a batch of soup for one right? And sometimes you want soup in under 10 minutes right?

This is the answer!


Mushroom, pea & spinach soup for one

Handful mushrooms chopped
Handful baby spinach
1 clove garlic
Butter for frying
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup stock (I used chicken but veggos use veggie stock)


1. Into a small frypan add in the butter and crushed garlic then add the mushrooms and fry off until you get the colour you like. For me that’s about 5 minutes as I like them to get a little crispy (be patient the mushies will let liquid out, and then if you wait it will suck back in and you can get a crisp)

IMG_5814 IMG_5817

2. After about 5 minutes add in the cup of peas and give a quick sautee with the mushrooms and butter for a minute or so. I use frozen organic peas but if you have fresh then use them!


3. Add in the handful of baby spinach leaves (you could use any leafy green)


4. Add in the cup of stock and bring up to a simmer (should only take a minute or so). You could also add in a drizzle of cream at this point (which I did the other night but not today for lunch because I was feeling a little healthier)


5. Transfer to a bowl and eat immediately.


[gmc_recipe 12374]

Do you like foods that the rest of your family don’t?
Ever whip up a soup for one?


  1. Oh yum!! That’s definitely going on my “to try” list 🙂

  2. Yummo!! yes please! Have put this in the recipe file. Jx

  3. New go-to meal for Thursdays after I work I think. I come home to be greeted by two HANGRY children who have been looked after by a grandparent all day and often no husband, as he’s working late and I generally make a bad food choice, which is often fish chips and fish and chip regret is real, god damn it. Can make kids cheese toasties/eggs on toast and have this for myself! I feel broccoli could work too, in place of either peas or spinach or just as an extra ingredient. But that’s just because I love broccoli. Would Kate approve of a grating of parmesant to finish off?

    • I ALWAYS get fish and chip regret (on the few times I have it) it always makes me woozy! Kate would approve of parmesan….it would be PERFECT!

  4. on the job again, thanks hun!
    I love the look of your food as I’ve said before! lovely if I could just press a button and it came through the screen!;0
    lol m:)X

  5. Mmmm that looks good! You are a clever little sausage. xx

  6. Looks great! Love a lazy soup!

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Looks good Beth xx

  8. Busted this one out at lunch today – so easy and super yum! Now if only Miss 2 and a half would be happy to sample it (happy to help make but not so happy to eat, oh well). Thanks!

  9. Hi Beth, just a thank you note for your lovely recipes, they’re always a winner. I make this soup often, and crank the Fat Mole Salad our at high frequency too. It’s all mega yum, so thanks!


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