This is Christmas: The joy of baking

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Maccachef Xmas

Christmas day is the Grand Final in the Kitchen. The ultimate cook off as you juggle tiredness, over excited children, extra family members, hot weather and a desire for perfection that would meet Mary Berry’s Christmas special.

Of course inevitably something goes wrong. Sometimes all of the things go wrong. As Westfield are reminding us this festive season….all everyone remembers is joy. All the good bits, the bits that make you laugh….they are the bits that people will remember. As Julia Morris says, it’s perfect just the way it is.

What better way to showcase the pressure of the day, the sheer challenges and obstacles that can be faced…then in the Macca Chef Kitchen.

What have been some of your best Christmas day cooking challenges?
Ever tried something new on the day that went horribly wrong?
Keen to add a Christmas cracker to your plating up this year?

I’ve got one $250 Westfield Gift Card to give to one lovely person. Just head over to Instagram, or share in the comments below, a photo of your Christmas. It can be when you tried a new recipe that went horribly wrong to a messy table following the feats. Tag your photo with @babymacbeth @WestfieldAU #THISISCHRISTMAS to be in the running.

Giveaway open from Tuesday 8th December 2015 until 10pm AEST Tuesday 15th December 2015. Open to Australian residents only. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.


  1. Hooray for the return of Macca Chef!
    I LOVE these videos! You’re a very funny bird. xx

  2. I think you should win your own voucher or get a Logie or something. That is pure gold!

  3. So much laughing.

  4. LOL tears running down face! … you are hilarious hun!
    missed your calling! … comedy company stuff!
    more entertaining than anything on the tele!!!
    i’ll have that on replay! love m:)X

  5. SO freakin funny!!! Thanks Beth and Merry Christmas!!! Those Prawn cocktails WINNER!


  7. I just laughed out loud so loud that the cat got a fright! Oh how I love these videos! What a hoot. 🙂

  8. Classic!

  9. hilarious.
    I’ve got a few stories – too funny.

  10. You are literally the best! x

  11. You’re awesome! That was so funny ?

  12. I wanted to see the steak stuffed in the quail.

  13. Thanks for that Macca Chef. I so needed that laugh/cry ???

  14. You need your own show! I feakin love this! Xx

  15. I love your squail – I’m going the tofucken (that’s the tofu veg turkducken option). Loving Maccachef xx

  16. This is fantastic. Love the squail surprise and love your gorgeous straight face.


    Please please legit cook that one day. Squail surprise. Soccerball ham. Good ole iceberg lettuce. I want to eat all of it.

  18. See Insta for my gingerbread cookie fail late last week. Not only did I not have enough brown sugar or golden syrup to bake the actual biscuits, the kids lost interest about two cookies in to the decorating, leaving it all up to me. My efforts looked much like theirs anyway. Uninspired and messy. Not crafty and proud.

  19. Laughed out loud! Christmas is family!
    ?Wishing you and your family a good one

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