Ladies lunch: Salt & Pepper Squid

I really must stop watching cooking shows at night. You see, because we always eat early with the kids at Grandma o clock, by the time 8/8.30pm comes around and if I am watching something tasty on TV I can be found wiping the drool from the side of my mouth. This happened to me earlier this week when I was watching Luke Nguyen whip up some salt & pepper squid on the side of an old port somewhere in France and it all looked so easy, and delicious that I vowed out loud to Rob that I WOULD make that for us this week.

So when I caught up with some mates earlier in the week who were all a little, shall we say frazzled, by the end of the School holidays, I suggested we catch up for a little lunch in this unseasonably warm weather. There was talk of here or there, when I suggested “stuff it! Come here” (easier for me with Mags anyway) and I knew there was only one thing to cook for us: Salt & pepper squid!


Now I have had a crack at this a few times before but I always used the wrong flour and only ever seasoned the flour prior to cooking. Luke showed me that the real seasoning happens out of the pan and with a few extras too of course. I fanged it into Harris Farm at about 10.45am after my deadline was in, grabbed some beautiful fresh squid that was on special and was back home cutting that up at 11.55 just before the girls arrived at 12.

Salt & Pepper Squid (feeds 6)

1.5 kgs fresh squid (the fishmonger cleaned them for me removing the sacks, pen, eyes etc)
500 grams potato flour
1-2 tablespoons White pepper
1-2 tablespoons Salt
1/2 bunch shallots (spring onions)
2 red chillis
2 garlic cloves (minced)
1 bunch coriander
4 lemon cheeks
Rice bran oil (for frying)


1. Cut the squid into whatever size you want. I cut them into lengths rather than wings and because I was running short on time I didn’t really bother taking the skin off the squid to make it perfectly white. These were fresh so I was happy with that. I placed the cut squid onto some paper towel to soak up the excess moisture

IMG_6793 IMG_6799

2. Into a zip lock bag add in a good amount (say about 150 grams or so) of the potato flour with 1 tablespoon of salt & pepper and throw the squid in in batches until it’s dusted. Do this in sections adding in extra flour as needed

IMG_6801 IMG_6804

3. Heat the oil in your fry pan/wok until hot. I use rice bran oil as it has a high burning point. I always test to see if the oil is hot enough for frying by putting the end of a wooden spoon into the oil and if there are bubbles, it’s good to go! Fry off in small batches adding extra oil if needed and placing onto paper towel again to drain off the excess oil


4. Cut the shallots, chilli and coriander and grate the garlic and throw it into another wok with a little drizzle of olive oil for a minute or two

IMG_6803 IMG_6807

5. Toss in the cooked squid and add in another 1 tablespoon of pepper and 1 tablespoon salt (this seems a lot of seasoning but believe me it needs it!) Literally toss this through and that’s it you don’t want to lose any of the crisp of the squid in this mixture

6. Serve on a big platter with a couple of lemon cheeks


We sat out in the sunshine with a crisp glass of rose and LOTS of ice and ate the entire platter. Not a kid in sight (well a cute whinging baby at my heels) and toasted ourselves for getting through another school holidays.

IMG_6814 IMG_6810 IMG_6815 IMG_6818

Simple flavours, quick cooking, good company and good friends, there’s not much better is there? I don’t think so at least.

[gmc_recipe 17605]

Are you a fan of this delicious treat?
Watch as many cooking shows as I seem to?
Happy Friday friends x


  1. We’ve been catching our own squid lately Beth. They’re fun to catch, but the cleaning takes f o r e v e r!
    Love salt and pepper squid.
    Have a great weekend,
    A x

  2. Hi Beth, do you think this would work with the squid tubes? My mouth is watering.

  3. thankyou beth! loveliest of country women’s young and inspiring cooks!
    it all looks great! … have to say yes to all of above!
    oh I just can’t resist salt and pepper squid nearly every time we go out!
    I like to test which is the best you see!;))
    I have cooked it from scratch too! … long tendrils etc. I can do it if i’m inspired!
    we had it once with semolina coating … twas nice and crisp!
    I must try the potato flour! … I usually use rice flour have used cornflour!
    thanks again hun! love m:)X

  4. Yummy squidilinks! My favourite. Tony always cooks our squid (just tossed in cornflour and deep fried) and I make up a mix of pepper, salt, Chinese 5 spice, and sugar which we toss over the top. Amazing flavour and so easy. I always have squid in the freezer cos my darling goes and catches it for me – he’s the best. Glad to see some nice weather – it’s freezing and wet in WA this week. 🙁

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yum my husband and son sometimes catch squid now I know what I’ve been doing wrong…the flour I wonder what I could replace for coriander as I hate it? Parsley maybe as I love it!

  6. This looks amazing Beth. You are quite the host. Love reading your posts. xx

  7. I just get so inspired by how easy breezy you can whip up a gorgeous meal with the perfect setting and not let the little details get in the way of what’s the most important thing, having fun with the folks who matter. I just may try my hand at what we call Calamari myself, as I always order it when we’re out but have never wanted to try it at home. Now Im very very tempted! Love you posts, I have been a follower for a few years and consider you one of the best!

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