The evolution continues with the revolution

Today I have ticked another item off my cooking bucket list…bread! The evolution of Beth continues…first jam and now BREAD. Next I’ll be skinning my own flipping rabbits! OK, not really. My friend Ruth, from Gourmet Girlfriend has started a baking revolution with her interpretation of the well known NY times No knead bread. I set myself a challenge to whip up a loaf this weekend, and you know what? I did! Bread! For my family. Sure I called her in a panic about some of the steps…but I DID IT.Flour.

This is the kind of stuff I want my kids eating. Does it mean I’m going to make it everyday? Who knows – probably not – I’m not organised enough to work in all that timing with the proving here and there. BUT…it took just 5 minutes work. Yes, 5. All I do know is that I want that smell of fresh bread cooking in my oven again. I want to see steam rising from a cut slice, and butter melting into it again. I want that crunch, that taste. Yes, it won’t be last loaf I ever make.

She’s a little wonky, but here she is.

Grab the recipe from Ruth’s blog here, and if you are on Instagram take a snap and use the hash tag #ggbreadrevolution.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to be smug. BECAUSE I MADE BREAD. And that totally balances out all the screaming from me going on around here at feral kids pepped up on chocolate.


  1. That looks really good! I am far from being a Susie Homemaker (I wish I were!), but this seems like something I could do. And I bet your house smells AMAZING!

  2. Oh wow!! Congratulations on your bread making 🙂 you’re right, this is the stuff we should be eating.
    This long weekend, my parents and I made sausages. We know every ingredient in the sausages and the ingredients are local. Lots of fun too.
    A great post Beth.

  3. i am loving sick the #ggbreadrevolution.
    apart from making five totally awesome children, this is up there with things i am VERY proud of.
    Thanks SOOOO much for taking part in and sharing the joys of baking REAL BREAD.
    Vive La Revolution.

  4. I teach kids how to make bread at work quite often, but rarely do it at home. Might have to crack out the bread making next weekend.

  5. I make mine using the recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and it is even easier than GGs. Sorry GG. Same ingredients. And we have a fresh loaf every couple of days. It’s awesome.

  6. I made this same recipe a while back and I loved it…I am determined to figure out how I can fit the timing in with my schedule which involves working every other day.
    Work is such a hassle!
    Note to self, figure out how to be a lady of leisure so you can bake loaves every day!

  7. It looks gorgeous. And I can imagine the smell. And so easy- thanks for reminding us!

  8. Oh yum. Damn you stupid gluten. I am drooling looking at this bread and would LOVE to make and eat. Would all be gone in minutes with lashings of salty butter Hmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. I cheat, I have a Kitchenaid, chuck all ingredients in turn on machine. Let rise, turn machine back on, let rise again, cook. No hand kneading involved, I can even multi task and hand up the washing while my homemade bread is being kneaded. Love it. Jam has always tempted yet scared me off.

  10. Anonymous says

    Looks amazing and so earthy! I think I may just be doing that too. Love the time factor too. First jam, sheets and bread. Next you will have your own show woman!!! We would all watch it.
    Just thought I would say as well that I love that you blog everyday. Well it’s back to work for me tomorrow but I’ll definitely be planning that bread making day, but maybe with some dipping oils and bubbles mmmmmmm
    Rachael Herkes

  11. Sooooo. Yummy,

  12. good on you Beth! I love bread making…just wish i had more time to do it! Yours looks divine xx

  13. Bread is awesome! Try this recipe, makes a sort of Ciabatta loaf. 1kg High Grade Flour
    1T Salt
    1T Granulated Yeast
    900ml Warm Water (wuite warm)
    Mix together, cove and leave for at least 4hrs. (You can put it in the fridge overnight). Line a tray with baking paper and flour the surface. Tip dough onto tray in two lots and form two long loaves. Pat into shape with lots of flour. Put into cold oven and set to 220 fanbake for 50mins. I usually halve it and just make 1 loaf. People think I’m a genius (they don’t see my Hot Cross Buns attempts!).

  14. You’re totally like an earth mother now, did you try some of that jam on the bread?

  15. Kairan Hanson says

    I make the Jamie Oliver brunch breads … they are so delish and pretty easy … one is stuffed with egg, parma ham, cheese and basil and the other with choc, hazelnut & banana. They are so, so good!!

  16. I love making bread! We usually crack out bread rolls for lunch on the weekends, and I love making focaccia, but I’m going to try some of these new ones – thanks for the info to the ggbreadrevolution. can’t wait!


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