How to make a simple Bearnaise Sauce

There’s nothing more special at home than creating something restaurant quality that will make everyone think you have gone to trouble. When really, there’s been no trouble taken at all. That happens to me every time I make a simple cheat version of a Bearnaise Sauce to go with steak or rare roast beef.

This version is not traditional (as it doesn’t have tarragon or a reduction with peppercorns) but it is easy and do and follow and still creates a thick velvety sauce that is hard to refuse when made.

Cheat Bearnaise Sauce (serves 3-4 people)

2 egg yolks
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
100 grams melted bubbling hot butter

Now this sauce can be made bigger by just bringing all the amounts up to scale. On the weekend we had 6 of us (3 adults and 3 kids) so I used 3 egg yolks and 150 grams of butter. For more people I would double. There are always left overs which is a GOOD THING believe me when you can make eggs the next morning.

1. Into a glass mixing bowl (or whatever bowl you have) add in the egg yolks and white wine vinegar. You can actually use any of kind of vinegar – I have even used rice wine before and it worked out fine. You could add in finely chopped tarragon here too if you like

2. In a jug heat up your butter (I just do it in the microwave) until it is bubbling hot

3. While whisking the egg and vinegar mixture, slowly add in the bubbling butter whisking the whole time so that it slowly thickens

4. I usually find that the sauce is too thin at this stage so will put a small saucepan on the stove with a little water in it and place the bowl on top creating a double boiler making sure that the bowl sits on top and doesn’t touch the water. The gentle heat will thicken the butter & egg mixture until you get a good thickness. Keep whisking. When you have the thickness you are after, take it off the heat and saucepan and sit on the bench

My mother in law gave me a great tip on the weekend that you can pour the warm sauce into a thermos to keep it warm and make it ahead of time.

I also keep any extra sauce out on the bench covered in cling wrap (because we live where it’s cold) if you put it in the fridge it will go hard (the butter and split) and to re-heat it you will need to get that double boiler out to slowly re-whisk as it warms up.

Leftover sauce is a great addition onto eggs the next day. Or you know, straight off a spoon, whatever.

I usually cook roast beef (rib eye, scotch fillet etc) when I make this (or you can serve onto a well cooked steak). My guide for cooking any kind of roast beef is 15-20 minutes per 500 grams for rare and 20-25 minutes per 500 grams for medium rare. I cook at 200 degrees fan forced (so HOT).

I simply put some good quality mustard, salt, pepper and a drizzle of oil over my meat and bake on a high heat. Also ensure that the meat rests for at least 15-20 minutes wrapped in foil before serving to give it a chance to let those juices settle.

Serve with some crispy potatoes or home made chips, a green salad with vinaigrette and you are dead set creating Steak Fritte at home that would be seen in any French Bistro. Delicious!

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Do you love a little Beef & Bearnaise too?
Got an even easier way?
I have seen blender sticks do it no time before as well.
I suppose thermomixes do it like 34 seconds right?


  1. Yum-o. I have an even easier method that only requires a stick blender. Melt butter till bubbling in microwave, then add to remaining ingredients and blitz in a tall mug. Voila, no whisking or double boiler required.

  2. And I need to add that yourroast beef looks awesome. I will try your temp/timing, because I always manage to over cook roast beef.

  3. I usually make Neil Perry’s bearnaise, which isn’t hard but takes some time. Gonna try this version tonight, thanks Beth!

  4. Thank you so much Beth 😊

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