Sunday arvo kitchen: how to carve a roast chicken

Last week I showed you guys how to make gravy using the pan juices from your roast and this week I thought I’d share with you how I carve my chook. It’s more of quartering the bird and breaking it down from there.


Using this method I find I can get more from the bird, less waste on the carcass and still being able to use it for stock. Once mastering this, you won’t look back!

Anyone having a roast this afternoon/evening?
Eggs on toast here!


  1. My chicken is roasting in the oven right now! Perfect timing!

  2. Phillipa Palmer says

    Roast lamb on the BBQ as we speak, veggies in duck fat in oven!!

  3. merilyn says

    on ya beth!
    always on the job hun!
    noticed HRH has a new job!!!;))
    she does carry things off well!
    love m:)X

  4. Had to carve 8 of the bastards last night for dinner! I don’t need to see another chook for a good while. I was thinking this video may have helped me before then but I think I do it exactly the same as you. Although my husband is actually better at it than me, but turns up after I have finished. Thanks – always lovely to see your happy face.

  5. I had a roast on Sunday but my cutting up was so bad I turned it into pulled chicken, so thanks, this is very timely. Just what I need, ha!

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