Saturday arvo kitchen: how to make homemade gravy

It’s a little cool and drizzly and grey here today (YESSSSSSS) with the fire roaring and a glass of bubbles imminent as my little sis and her family are staying down for the night. What better than to whip up a roast?! And as Harper always asks me when she can smell a roast bubbling away “IS THERE GRABY?!”

Yes Harps, there will always be gravy.


When I was little I would always help my Mum stir the gravy in her roasting pan while she got the old electric carving knife out…the smell! I’d be drooling. Her gravy, however, involved adding some gravox and water in rather than the old way of adding flour and a little stock/water. I got the hot tip from Rob’s step mum a few years ago (dead set she makes the very best gravy of all) and have never looked back.

This video is a few years old now, but hopefully will show you exactly how I do it. Works a treat every time and keeps that Harper happy, which we all know in this family, is very important.

Happy cooking/eating/sitting/drinking this afternoon. May your gravy be lump free and your children happy. It’s not much to ask is it?! Enjoy your Saturday arvo x


  1. I love graby too..and your recipe works EVERY time. Thank you thank you thank you ? No store bought for this little duck anymore!

  2. That’s how my mum made gravy, too.

  3. Yes that is how my grandmother, my mum, aunts all made and make gravy now it is my tradition to pass to my girl. Wow!!! Just reading this has got me salivating for a roast chuck and gravy and potatoes of course ?

  4. omg those roast vegies look delicious thanks bev!
    you are soo good with your video’s … missing a calling there!
    just sayin!
    however feeling sorry for sue right now! … about her gravy as she is an excellent cook too!;)) … old school is definitely the best gravy though!
    i say honour all cooks! … love m:)X

  5. In Paul Kelly’s words “Just add flour, salt, a little red wine and don’t forget a dollop of
    tomato sauce for sweetness and that extra tang”.

  6. Knew I should check in everyday! I so needed this post yesterday. I always hung out with my Dad while he made the gravy in the roasting dish — but obviously didn’t absorb as much as I thought. I decided to make roast lamb yesterday because it was cold and drizzly but the gravy was baaaaaad. Lumps, lumps, lumps. Luckily I had enough pan drippings to start again – but this is definitely a skill I need to work on.


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