Monday Meal Ideas: Master class lessons

Hello Monday! Always here so quickly too. Hope you all had a good weekend? We had a very quiet one at home doing lots of chores and spending lots of time in PJ’s. Rob wasn’t working so we had the first normal one in what seemed like a very good time. But here we are again, at Monday, looking at some meal ideas in my weekly post.

I know that I am a little sweary in my blog posts, and yes, even the cooking ones. But I try my best to give instructions in the easiest most normal way that I can, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by some stuff that can sometimes seem completely out of your skill level. Here’s a few recipes for some simple, basic stuff, like sauces and the like, but hopefully in a way that makes it seem simple to do.


How to make gravy
How to make Chicken Stock
How to make Red Wine Jus
How to carve a roast chicken

Happy cooking this week! Hope that it’s a productive one for you all. I’ve got no real plans, can’t wait to get organised with work so I can spend some time with my feet up when Maggie is asleep because I NEVER do that! Have a good one friends x


  1. I love these thanks beth!
    you are a wag too!
    I love the carving of the chicken hun!
    glad you did it on the bench!;))
    btw I’ve always been a bit challenged carving the b chicken!X

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